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Talking about the online casino industry, it is safe to say that it is quite exceptional because when it comes to software providers, anybody can be the market leader.

If you want to mention the software providers that are topping the market, then Net Entertainment, which is commonly known as Netent, tops the list of software providers for online casino games.

Casino games have since upgraded from normal walk-in casinos to online casinos where casino lovers can always play from the comfort of their homes. You no longer have to wait for your turn to play a game or drive several miles to enjoy your favorite casino games. Everything is happening online and the software providers are ensuring you get the best out of your money.

NetEnt has been in existence for years and you say they have not just made a good name for themselves, but they have also proven to be one of the best software providers in the industry. They make playing casino games online easier and swift. However, there are more things you need to know about their casino games.

Netent Online Casino Games

Pros and Cons


  • NetEnt is a software provider that is trusted when it comes to online casino games.
  • It ensures that new games are released often.
  • Just like other software providers, they also offers slot games that are compatible with mobile phones as well as touch games.
  • If you want to play quality games with top-notch graphics, then NetEnt is your point of call.
  • The software has been tested and it is known for being fair and accurate.


  • The software isn’t worldwide as it is not available for download in some countries.

Facts and Figures

NetEnt came into the business in 1996 and since then, they have not looked back. Since its inception, it has consistently grown and produced entertaining games for most casinos. The company has been known for excellence and their growth and success were given a supreme reward. It is one thing most software producers dream of despite all their efforts, but then seem to never reach their goal. How did they attain this height of success? They have dedicated their business to make sure their business deals are fair and transparent and the products which they deliver are continuously remarkable and they were able to win the hearts of their fans through their fairness.

The founders of NetEnt saw potential in the online gaming industry just when the internet had gradually started making waves, and it was realized that the online casino industry had lots of players, and the demand for swift platforms was becoming very alarming. NetEnt saw an opportunity here, which was grabbed with both hands and with time, they fell among the first 20 casino software providers.

After it came into existence, it decided to storm Italy’s new market and introduced new mobile-centric games to casino lovers. It later expanded to Danish, then in 2013, it reached its milestone of success where over 31 casinos had signed up for their games, and they became even more successful. Then as of 2016, they ensured their library had expanded, and new entertainment games were ready, and it also introduced its live dealer games that became sought after.

NetEnt Online Casino License Information

NetEnt is known to be a global online casino gaming software provider that provides games for various casinos, and it has offices in several countries like Malta, the USA, Gibraltar, Sweden, and even Poland. However, it is one of the active providers in a great number of regulated markets, and it is even higher than some suppliers that were in the market before them. The company has invaded so many countries, and it became a yearly ritual for them. They started with entering Italy and Denmark in one year. And in another, they entered Spain, then the UK, Portugal, New Jersey, etc. In all of these countries, NetEnt has the license to operate in each country, and they happen to form a close relationship with the local regulatory bodies so they can always be ahead of any issues that may arise in the industry.


NetEnt is known for its diverse and rich portfolio of games. They have live games with awesome characters that you would love, they’ve got nice graphics, sounds, and mathematics in their game that will keep you glued and entertained. Below are some of their products.

The company has provided various games to over 200 online casinos. The best part is, their games are not just large in numbers, but their designs are also top-notch, the graphics are superb, and it delivers the best games in the online gaming industry. The best part is, most of their games have become the best games that players long for, and you can also access the games from either your laptop or mobile phone.

Netent Casino Games

NetEnt Online Live Casino Games

For casino lovers, live casino games have become their favourite games as they deliver great performance and make them feel like they are playing in a walk-in casino. There are various choices of live casino games, which include live Blackjack, Live Roulette, draw Blackjack, and the various live rewards they also offer.

NetEnt Engage

The engage is another of their products that have become a tool that has a lot of hidden potentials, and operators are yet to exploit its full potentials. Some of its potentials are setting up free rounds of campaigns, rewards, and other enhanced features.

NetEnt Slot Games

They also have slot games that have become popular amongst players, and it has been able to improve the level of entertainment any casino has to offer due to its amazing characters that are not just loved but also quite easy to identify. Their popular slot games include Jumanji, Aliens, Planet of the Apes, Gonzo’s quest, invisible Dracula, Guns and roses, etc. In the history of online casino games, their games have been more successful and popular.

Netent Slot Games

Table Games

NetEnt also provides casinos with exciting table games, and poker is the highest and most demanded table casino game. Although NetEnt doesn’t produce poker games, they collaborated with one of the largest poker networks, which have become popular. Through their collaboration, they were able to offer their customers exciting poler table games. They also have Roulette and Blackjack, which many players also love.

Netent Table Games

Video Games

They also offer video poker games that will keep you entertained all day long. If you want to enjoy live video games that will make you feel like you are playing for real, then their video poker game is something every casino should try.

NetEnt Free Slot Games

Not every software provider gives out free games as they do. They have free slot games offered to many casinos, which is important to both players and operators of the online casino. The free slot games ensure that players get the chance to enjoy games played with real money for free, and the free games have good sounds, animations, graphics, game mechanics, and a nice winning combination that attracts players even more and makes them committed to playing the online casino games. As a new player, you get the chance to play some free slot games, and also even if you are on a low budget, you can as well explore the free slot games option.

NetEnt Mobile Platform

Every casino player wants to enjoy the benefit of playing their favourite casino games anytime, any day, and anywhere even in the absence of a computer or laptop. NetEnt is not taking chances, and they are even more committed than they were at first to give its players unique gaming content that is focused on ensuring it delivers great gaming performance to mobile phones. So even with your little screen, you can enjoy high-quality games with amazing graphics, animations, sound, and you can take control of any game whatsoever. It provides great mobile software that gives mobile users almost if not the same experience and feels they get from using a computer.

Bonuses and Promotions

Every casino player knows for sure that they stand a chance of getting bonuses and promotions when they sign up, and NetEnt is aware of this fact. Hence, since they have the interest of their customer at heart, they have also offered a range of valuable bonuses and promo products. They have special offers that repeatedly run across all of their casinos, and these bonuses range from welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, cashback bonuses, etc. And from time to time, the company ensures its loyal followers get some extra promos and bonuses.


NetEnt has been very successful since its inception, and it is safe to say they worked hard to get to the height of success they enjoy today. They set a policy to power a great online casino, and among many other things they did to achieve it was a great marketing strategy to win the hearts of so many customers they have today. Its designs and well-trained staff also made them top the list of best software providers. They never failed to help casinos with business intelligence tactics that will help them understand their players and also interact with them so they could understand their business even better.

Most people seem not to like NetEnt as such because they believe most of their games are filled with entertainment. That entertainment is what has kept them going and has drawn various customers to them.

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Former Casino Brand Owner

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Daniel understands customer needs and able to provide an objective evaluation for casinos he is reviewing. His main aim to guide new customers in the attractive world of online gambling.

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