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Also called back-office conversions, eChecks are just like paper checks, only that they are electronic. They employ tough security measures. That is why eChecks have been a popular online payment option for more than two decades. Similarly, casinos with eCheck transaction options are increasing in number. eChecks function similarly a conventional check would do for the payments or deposits you make at any casino.

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Online gaming sites that accept eChecks are referred to as eCheck casinos. These platforms are growing in popularity for punters who play online for real money. If you are looking for a reliable eCheck casino in Canada, here are some suggestions:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • JackpotCity Online Casino
  • All Slots Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Gaming Club Casino

How eChecks Work

There is no difference between the way eChecks and paper checks work. eCheck method is uncomplicated. Once you have a bank account, you’re ready to go. eChecks provide a private mode of payment, with communication being direct between the issuer’s bank and the gambling site. You can make instant eCheck casino deposits using a desktop or mobile app.

However, you should note that an electronic cheque deposit is not immediate. Normally, the funds can reflect on the recipient’s account between 1-3 days. Also, eChecks can bounce if the sender’s bank account does not have enough money.

Using eCheck requires you to provide the gambling site with your bank’s data. This information is protected with several security features and encryptions. The casino contacts your bank via a payment processor called Automated Clearing House (ACH) when requesting the funds electronically.

The ACH has solid encryptions that either allow or stop transactions based on the data it receives. The processor confirms whether the bank data is correct, whether the account has sufficient funds, and whether payment verification has been done. Also, the user can reverse the transaction as opposed to methods such as wire transfers.

To make an online casino eCheck deposit:

  1. Choose a gambling site that allows deposits via electronic cheques. It is also important to take note of the associated costs and the time it takes to process payments.
  2. Open the “Cashier’s” page of the casino and select “eChecks” as the method for depositing funds. Often, this option becomes visible only to registered members of the platform.
  3. Complete the details, including your name, bank account number, and the amount of money you plan to release to the recipient.
  4. Confirm the transaction when your bank calls you. This happens after the gaming website contacts your bank.

Most top online casinos that accept eChecks have minimum and maximum deposit limits set at $50 and $120, respectively. However, it is possible to expand these limits as the player develops a good track record of using the payment method at their casino site.

This payment method is also applicable in withdrawals. Every casino accepting eCheck payments should ensure that the withdrawal process is either as simple as making a deposit or even better. Players who want to cash out their winnings can do the following:

  • Access the casino’s cashier section and click on “Withdrawals”.
  • Underpayment options, select “eCheck.”
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Verify the information you have provided. Also, make sure the withdrawal request you place matches the requirements that the gaming website has placed on withdrawal amounts.

The casino and the bank will process your request and deliver the funds to your account. It should take a maximum of 3 days for you to receive your money.

Do Online Casinos Take Casino eCheck Deposits

Several online casinos do accept eCheque deposits. However, other sites do not accept, especially most of the gambling websites in the US. This method of payment isn’t popular there because United States banks prohibit payments to casinos. However, eChecks are a famous way of payment at casinos in Europe and Canada.

Some US casinos do accept eCheque deposits since the legislation is gradually changing and restrictions are lifting. Soon, more gambling sites will allow eChecks. However, it is unlikely that mobile casinos without a desktop version will accept this payment method. Similarly, cryptocurrency casinos won’t allow casino eCheck deposits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using eChecks

Payment methods have their advantages and disadvantages. For eChecks, here are some positives:

  • It is faster to clear eChecks (4 days on average) than paper checks (between 7-10 days)
  • The casino receives funds at a lower processing cost. Therefore, eCheck payment is a preferred option if you are dealing with large amounts of money
  • eChecks involve less invoicing and administrative work. Therefore, the billing cost is lower. Sometimes, the amount can reduce by 60%
  • They provide safe payments since the player’s bank verifies the transactions. eChecks are more secure than paper checks
  • Access to higher deposit limits compared to other methods of making deposits at casinos
  • There is no need to use extra tools and cards for transactions. This is especially useful for players who cannot use their credit cards or debit cards to transact over the Internet
  • Fewer errors occur since the eCheck passes through the hands of fewer people

On the negative side, eChecks have the following disadvantages:

  • The player needs to be patient before accessing their casino’s services. This is because the casino often has to clear the cheque before granting the registered member access. However, some casinos give players access to their services the moment they confirm the player’s account has sufficient funds.
  • eChecks may bounce because of insufficient funds in the player’s account.
  • Issuing parties can dispute eCheck payments up to two months after the date of issue. In this case, the bank will officially release a charge-back against the recipient’s account. The charge-back is similar to that of a credit card transaction.

Do Casinos Offer eCheck Bonuses

Usually, casinos don’t just give players bonuses because the punters have chosen to deposit funds using eCheck. While these rewards are there, they are not as common as those for using other modes of payment. Normally, the deposit bonuses range within the 10% threshold.

As a player, you need to find out whether your online eCheck casino offers exclusive bonuses on such deposits. If so, then top up your account and start playing. Usually, the more the deposit you make, the better the bonus. However, you may only claim the usual bonuses such as the Welcome Bonus and Rebate Bonus, like one would when using other payment methods.

Why Some Casinos Refuse eChecks

Most online payment methods allow for quick processing of funds. They allow players who are enthusiastic about betting to top up their accounts and begin playing the game of their choice. This isn’t the case for eChecks.

For this method of payment, the casino is forced to wait for at least a day to four for the cheque to clear. This waiting period can diminish a players’ exuberance. Besides, a player can choose to play at a different casino during this time. While the other casino received the funds, it is likely to lose future business.

Another reason why some casinos have problems accepting eCheck payments is that eChecks can bounce. This mode of banking is similar to paper checks. If a player has insufficient funds in their bank account, the cheque won’t go through. This situation gives casino employees more work. Most casinos envisage this problem and avoid it.

How to Use eChecks with Your eCheck Casino Online

It is very easy to use the electronic check method to top up your account. Once you know it, you’ll even wonder why it takes longer to find a reliable eCheck casino online. Here are the steps:

  • Making an online casino eCheck deposit begins with logging into the account of your electronic check provider
  • Choose your transaction size
  • Type in the recipient’s email
  • If the filing system has your bank account details, then one single click is enough to complete the transaction. However, entering your information shouldn’t take long.

eChecks are becoming more welcome modes of payments for online casinos. This is because they offer several advantages, especially for players. Today, finding a casino with an instant eCheck payment option (also called an eCheck deposit casino) isn’t a headache.

However, some casinos do not accept eChecks because of the waiting period for the cheque to clear. Also, some feel the cheques might bounce and create unnecessary work for their employees. As a player, you need to confirm whether your casino of choice accepts eChecks.

Posted by George Hansen
Live Games Promoter

Started his carrier as a casino dealer and was promoted to managerial positions. He is currently working as a consultant for different brands and advises how to promote their live games portfolio.

Now George Hansen also collaborates with us to help players make their best choice. He evaluates portfolios and operations and trying to find the most convenient brands where our players can start playing.

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Why Should I Use eCheck?

It’s a fast and secure mode of transacting over the Internet. Online casino eCheck payments are private between the gambling site and the bank.

Who Can Use it?

Anyone with a valid checking account can use this mode of payment.

Do All Online Gambling Sites Allow eChecks?

No. Some online casinos do not accept eChecks. However, the eCheck casino list is constantly growing.

Are eChe Better than Other Similar Options?

eChecks are faster and safer than similar options such as paper checks.

Is My Personal Information Safe?

Yes. The bank protects and encrypts every player’s details. Also, a standard check verification system ensures smooth transactions between the gaming site and the bank.

Do eChecks Involve Fees?

Your bank may impose a very small fee for using eChecks. Apart from that, no other party will charge anything extra.

Do eCheck Casinos Allow Withdrawals?

If your gambling site of choice accepts eCheck withdrawals, you can apply for cash outs via this payment mode. However, you must have deposited to the online website account via eCheck for your application to go through.

Know Your Limits and Play Safe

For many people, casino gaming is exciting and entertaining. Therefore, they make decisions carefully and consider how much money and time they want to spend on gambling.

Here’s how to control yourself:

  • Before you even start playing, set a loss limit and stick to it;
  • Play with low risk and always remember that everything is just a game
  • Never borrow money to play;
  • Set yourself a time limit;
  • Take regular breaks from playing;
  • Balance playing with other activities;
  • Do not play if you are under stress, depression, drugs, drunk or other problems;
  • Only play with money that you have left for your free time, but never with money that you can use to cover your fixed costs (rent, electricity, etc.).