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Cookie Policy

We use cookies and other web analysis methods to collect, store, and track information concerning your visit to our site and use of our services.

Cookie Policy casinobonustips

A cookie is a text file that contains pieces of information downloaded on your device, containing details about your usage and access to a website. On this site, we use cookies for various purposes. These include helping you to navigate through our pages easily, activate automatic features, storing your site preferences, and helping you to interact with our website more accessible and quicker.

Our site makes use of three types of cookies, as explained below

  1. Session Cookies: These are stored for a short while during a browsing session to allow the smooth use of the system and are removed immediately after your browser is closed
  2. Persistent cookies: This type of cookies used by our site. They’re stored on your device for a period and are not removed when you close the browser. We make use of persistent cookies to track repeated visits
  3. Third-party cookies: These are cookies used by other services connected to our website.  For instance, third-party analytics services help us analyse your website’s usage. Examples of these third parties include VWO, Hotjar, Google, and Clicky.

To remove cookies at any time, you can follow the instructions provided in your web browser. You can also disable the use of cookies. However, disabling them may cause some of our site’s features not to function well on your browser and limit your experience on our site. If you wish to know more about cookies, we recommend checking this website:

Furthermore, our site may use beacons, widgets, and other tools to obtain non-personal information connected to your browsing behaviour. We use such tools for regular operation, including collecting data on your use of our website and services. This helps us to adapt our services to your personal preferences. The data we collect through such tracking tools by third parties provide analytic and diagnostics information.