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Cookie Policy

The use of cookies is driven by our desire to provide the client with the most user-friendly website interface, specially customized to suit your tastes. Whenever you visit it again, it will be configured to fully meet your expectations.

What are cookies?

It is a small file that is tied to a specific domain and stored on the user’s computer. It records information about the user’s actions on a specific site, regarding the settings for its display. This is thanks to the cookies you can re-enter the sites without authorization every time. Thanks to the same file, the domain understands in which language to open the site, what should be the settings for the theme, fonts, and so on. Cookies work even if you do not have authorization.

Cookies and our website

The use of our website presupposes the automatic consent of the user to the use of cookies and their storage in their device. Access to the site is possible even if the user refuses to work with cookies, but then the administration cannot guarantee one hundred percent correct operation of all sections and functions of the site. In addition, rejecting cookies may mean a general slowdown in domain performance.

To refuse the use of cookies or delete an already created file with settings, the user will have to visit the settings of the browser used. Again: deleting an existing cookie will mean that the next time you visit the site, it will not “recognize” you and may display unusually.

Varieties of cookies

There are several reasons for pushing us to use cookies. Here are the main ones:

  • technical necessity;
  • ensuring a workable session without departures;
  • some of the cookies are provided by third parties.

Technical necessity

Some of the cookies are vital for the site’s performance – they take into account behavioural factors, without which the normal operation of the resource is simply impossible. If the browser does not have a strict prohibition on the use of cookies, such files are created on the computer automatically.

The other part of the cookies only improves the experience of using the site but is not strictly required. These files, in particular, record user settings – this is how the site “recognizes” the user and “remembers” how exactly the presented data should be displayed. In addition, using optional cookies, the site administration collects statistical data on visits to specific pages, which can be used to further improve the functionality.

Session and persistent cookies

Some cookies are created strictly for one session (one continuous visit to the site). As soon as the user closes the site, such files are immediately deleted or lose their relevance forever. Their use allows you to save settings for one specific session.

Most of the cookies are still persistent – they provide a stable login without re-authorization, remember the language settings, and so on. Thanks to such files, the use of the site is simplified – it acquires a display form that is most convenient for each specific user. Despite the status of “persistent,” such files are also sometimes deleted and replaced with newer ones.

There are also stream cookies – they are created specifically to provide a more convenient transition from page to page within the site. As soon as the session ends, they are immediately deleted. Despite being stored on the user’s computer, such files do not collect or transmit any information about the site visitor.

Third-party cookies

Own cookies may also be provided by third parties besides the user and us. In particular, hosting can collect its own statistics, separate from ours. In addition, the integration of the site with advertising services, inserts of content from social networks, and authorization plugins through them suggests that all these participants can also supply the user with cookies of their own design.

Web analytics and reach measurement

For the administration of any developing site, it is very important to understand exactly how users use the resource, which sections they visit, and so on. CasinoBonusTips has partnered with Google Analytics, the analytical service of the world’s leading search engine, in this regard. Depersonalized information about the user, according to the terms of such cooperation, is transferred to Google and stored on its servers. The collection and storage of such information are carried out solely for the compilation of statistical reports. Google reserves the right to transfer this information to third parties at legal request, but, again, it does not contain any personal user data.

Disabling Google Analytics on the user’s side is possible, but for this, you need to download and install a special browser blocker add-on. You can download it at this address: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=. This add-on disables the transfer of depersonalized data only for web analytics, only in this browser, and only on this device. Deleting cookies may cause this add-on to crash – in which case it will have to be reactivated.

CasinoBonusTips most often uses cookies from these providers:

  1. Google Analytics – we discussed in detail above what functions such a file performs and why our site needs it. The collection of information, in this case, is limited by the visit time and the list of viewed pages.
  2. Facebook Pixel – provided by the social network Facebook, created specifically to personalize advertising information, that is, to make advertising relevant to the interests of the user.
  3. One Signal – The purpose of this cookie is to remember users who have subscribed to push notifications. Personalized notification of visitors on behalf of our site is carried out thanks to this file.
  4. VWO is a cookie for user identification. It is engaged in the “identification” of visitors, helps to do without multiple regular authorizations.
  5. Hotjar – collects anonymized information. The main purpose of this type of cookie is to study your experience of using the site, detect problems with its operation and collect statistical information.
  6. Unbounce is another tool for collecting anonymized data, aimed at creating the perfect landing pages. The result is maximizing the user experience.
  7. AdWords is a cookie that helps a site receive payment from Google for every click on an ad.
  8. Double Click is another file that helps advertisers place their ads on several sites at once and get more detailed statistics on views and clicks.
  9. Cloudflare – a cookie aimed at storing customer information on how to securely log into an account. Thanks to this, the site “remembers” exactly how it is convenient for you to log in.

Changes to the cookie policy

CasinoBonusTips has the right at any convenient time to make the necessary changes to this policy, without specifically notifying users about it. Users themselves are obliged to visit this page regularly to keep abreast of any innovations. Any innovations will be immediately displayed and detailed here.