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PayPal™ is an excellent e-payment platform offering online transactional solutions such as instant payment, better customer convenience, higher payment security, low risk of theft, minimal processing cost, etc. Therefore, it is unsurprising that it is the favorite e-payment system for many online casinos as a verifiable deposit and withdrawal method for online gambling.

What is PayPal™?


PayPal™ is a digital payment platform with its headquarters in California, United States of America, and established in 1998. It is dedicated to facilitating online money transfers between merchants for different purposes such as online shopping, person-to-person money transfers, and debit card and credit card payments. It also provides storage to your banking information, such as account number and details, for ease of transactions, and at the same time, provide extra security to this information to shield it from unauthorized disclosure or leak. With over 365 million active users across over 150 countries, Its services extend across global industries, including financial services, digital goods, travel, entertainment, retail, social networks, and many more.

PayPal™ Gambling

Beyond facilitating digital payments across the globe, it has extended its business tentacles to the world of online gambling. It is a pioneer online gambling e-payment method widely patronized by online casinos. With the casino, online gamblers can fund their gaming accounts and receive their winnings in a single account without supplying their actual bank account information to the casino.


Gambling is made easy by following through these easy steps:

  • Sign up for an account by clicking the SIGN-UP link at the top of the site homepage.
  • Choose the kind of account you wish to open: e.g., Personal, Business, or Premier account. You can upgrade from one account to another later in the future.
  • Fill in your personal details, satisfy all other requirements and complete the verification process.
  • Link your account to a funding source. E.g., your real bank account or your credit card.
  • Link your account to any casino of your choice.
  • Deposit into your casino account using the PayPal™ deposit method. It immediately funds your account, and you can start gambling.

PayPal™ Casino Pros and Cons

The highlight of gambling on the casino is that it clears deposits and withdrawals with the casino faster than direct payment methods like bank transfers and card payments.


There are several advantages of using the casino, which are enumerated as follows:

  1. SECURITY: It offers secure transactions supported by end-to-end data encryption, two-factor verification and account login, email notifications, and so on. With this, you are assured that your information is secure and protected from even access by merchants.
  2. INSTANT FUNDING: It allows you to fund your online gambling account almost instantly to ease spontaneous gambling. Unlike direct funding channels such as bank transfers, credit cards/debit cards, which require days to clear transactions, PayPal™ casino does this within minutes.
  3. PREPAID CARD BENEFITS: It allows you to own prepaid cards if you wish to. They are like regular credit/debit cards that you can use to instantly access your funds and move them to any destination of your choice.
  4. WORLDWIDE OPERATION: It operates across different regions of the world, including Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, West Africa, and so on.


There are some buts in using the casino; they are:

  • CHARGES: Although it is free to open an account, conducting transactions via attracts some charges. Its charges include fees for purchases, fees for personal transactions, fees for withdrawals, and so on.
  • RESTRAINTS: It is not available in all the countries of the world. As a result, you cannot use it, especially if your favorite online casino does not accept it.

PayPal™ Casinos US

Here is a list of top casino sites in the US offering it as a payment method:

  • Unibet
  • Bet365
  • Bet America casino
  • 888 casino
  • Bet MGM casino
  • Caesars casino
  • Golden Nugget casino
  • Party casino
  • Scores casino

PayPal™ Casino UK

Here is a list of top UK casino sites accepting its services:

  • Betvictor
  • Play Ojo
  • HeySpin casino
  • PaddyPower casino
  • Pokerstars casino
  • Grosvenor casino
  • Lucky VIP casino
  • The Sun Vegas casino
  • Bet Regal casino

Bonuses and Promotions

The casino offers exciting bonuses and promotions to customers, which you can access for as long as you have an account. Although some casino bonuses may not be available, it is still the most widely suitable e-payment method for casino bonuses. A few of these bonuses are explained as follows:

Deposit Bonus

The casino offers you a welcome matched deposit bonus on your first deposit or first few deposits. This bonus is usually a percentage of your deposit up to a specified maximum account—E.g., a 200% match deposit up to $1000. There are required minimum deposits and terms and conditions to be fulfilled to access the bonus and your winnings from it.

No Deposit PayPal™ Casinos

This bonus allows you to play online casino games for free without making any deposit. All you need to do is open an account with the casino. It encourages players to play with the casino, though there are conditions attached.

Free Spins

The casino offers you bonus credits to play free spins without using any funds and earn real money. Free spins may be offered alone or as part of the welcome bonus or matched deposit. The number of spins varies from casino to casino.

How to Make PayPal™ Casino Deposits?

Learning how to pay online casino using PayPal™ is very easy. You can either link you’re account to your casino account for automatic deposits or manually make deposits into your casino account by filling in your details every single time. Regardless, follow these easy steps to make deposits:

  • Go to the cashier section of the casino and select PayPal™ as your deposit option.
  • Fill in the deposit amount and confirm it.
  • You are taken to their Login page to log in and authorize the payment.
  • Your deposit will be processed and confirmed instantly for your immediate use for gambling.

How to Cash in PayPal™ Casino Winnings?

To cash your winnings on the casino is much easier than deposit; no need to authorize transaction:

  • Simply head to the cashier section
  • Click withdraw
  • Enter the amount and click to confirm

How Long Does it Take to Receive PayPal™ From a Casino?

Doing this is very fast compared to direct payment methods such as bank transfer, cheque, or credit/debit cards. Upon authorizing your deposit or confirming your withdrawal amount, it takes 2-5 working days for the funds to reach the destination of your choice; either your casino account or your bank account.

PayPal™ Limits and Verification

Unlike many other e-payment platforms, the casino offers one of the industry’s lowest minimum deposits and withdrawals. For example, the casino allows you a minimum deposit of $5 and $10-$!5 as your minimum withdrawal limit. On the other hand, the casino is also the best bet for high rollers as it offers one of the best maximum deposit and withdrawal limits in the market.

What is The Best Prepaid Visa Card to Load with PayPal™ for Casino Deposit?

Another exciting feature of the casino is the Prepaid Mastercard. This is a plastic card issued upon registration and application for the card, and it is delivered to the address provided by you. Thus, the best-prepaid card to load with PayPal™ for casino deposit is Mastercard giving the excellent partnership between both companies. Here are a few things to note about the Prepaid Mastercard:

  • You can use the card for cash withdrawals at any ATM worldwide that supports MasterCard or pay in any offline or online shop that accepts MasterCard.
  • You can use the card to transfer money from your account to your Mastercard for shopping online or offline stores where Debit Mastercard is being used.

PayPal™ is an outstanding e-payment platform delivering excellent money transfer and online payment services across global industries, including the world of online gambling. The casinos offer you instant, simple, secure, and safe means of funding your online betting account from different sources using it as a proxy account. Deposits and Withdrawals are simple and straightforward, and completed at swift transfer times. Use it for a seamless gaming payment experience.

Posted by Sandra Bush
Gambling Addiction Specialist

Previously worked at an international psychological clinic. Now she is in private practice, helping individuals and families to get rid of gambling addiction. Excellent knowledge of player psychology makes the author’s articles much more productive for the reader.

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What has PayPal™ got to do with Gambling?

It is a trusted e-payment platform that serves as a secondary account through which you can fund your online betting accounts and also withdraw your winnings without the need for banks.

Can I use PayPal™ at all Gambling Sites?

No. Although it has extensive global coverage of its operations, there are a few restricted countries and some gambling sites that do not accept it.

Is PayPal™ safe?

It is as safe as any e-payment platform can get. There are stringent security measures to keep your personal information in a secure environment and prevent them from being leaked all over the internet.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals via PayPal™?

Deposit and Withdrawal methods are very fast when compared to direct funding options such as credit cards and bank transfers. Your payment requests are completed in minutes and confirmed within 2-5 working days.

Know Your Limits and Play Safe

For many people, casino gaming is exciting and entertaining. Therefore, they make decisions carefully and consider how much money and time they want to spend on gambling.

Here’s how to control yourself:

  • Before you even start playing, set a loss limit and stick to it;
  • Play with low risk and always remember that everything is just a game
  • Never borrow money to play;
  • Set yourself a time limit;
  • Take regular breaks from playing;
  • Balance playing with other activities;
  • Do not play if you are under stress, depression, drugs, drunk or other problems;
  • Only play with money that you have left for your free time, but never with money that you can use to cover your fixed costs (rent, electricity, etc.).