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Privacy Policy for

The Privacy Policy that follows (afterwards referred to simply as the “Policy”) in conjunction with our terms of service (injuncted herein) and Disclaimer, all collectively applying to the site’s use and the software, programs and services provided. Policy access can be found in every page’s footer section on the site, vis à vis a highlighted link that incorporates every detail, and this is always open to users.

Privacy Policy for CasinoBonustips

We treasure our clients and their continued support of our brand. Therefore we dedicate special commitment to preserving their privacy rights by ensuring all mandatory measures and directives are adhered to. To this end, this Policy has been created to inform our users on collecting, managing, and using the personal information on the site as a result of normal operations.

User terms are the criteria governing this Privacy Policy, of which they are being updated regularly. As is the case in most legal documents, changes take effect immediately. Therefore, it is in the user’s best interest to always review and thoroughly peruse these documents. Therein, it often contains the current features controlling activities on the site.

Important Notice on Minors

CasinoBonusTips is not open to use, nor is it marketable to minors and any individual not passed fit to take part in gambling practices online. Below the age of 18 is considered a minor and therefore highly prohibited from any activities on this site, including affiliated sites with related objectives and goals. However, there is no age-detecting software built to collect private information from those visiting the area under the legal age of 18.

Types of Private Information Collectable and Reasons

User data collected via visitors on the site and others accessing it for one utility or the other are classified under private and non-private information.

Private Information and Uses

Private or personal information is utilised when gathered, on fulfilling the user’s particular needs, instead of non-private details, which increases user experience and interest in It contains data that discloses several aspects connected to the individual’s identity, often provided voluntarily by the user. This is offered to or other third parties affiliated closely with the website for which a user must have been seeking a better-personalized experience in service. Simultaneously, non-private information uses such details to improve visitors’ overall experience on the site.

Information obtained concerning your identity or characteristics as well as contact information entails the following:

  • Your username and/or birth name
  • Your web address and/or email address
  • Your home and/or residential address
  • Your mobile and/or home telephone contact
  • Other private information provided voluntarily with preferences.

Private information can be accessed through various means such as subscription of newsletter submissions, contact forms, live chat platforms, comments on the webpage, records with our affiliates that possess similar information with us and other periodic features and information.

Private user data is stored securely for use in various purposes and manners. However, they are not to be disclosed or put on sale at any given time or way, third parties inclusive. Reasons in which information such as this could be used entail legit interests such as:

  • Publication: This is when users give explicit permission to publish articles using their names or something affiliated.
  • Contact Purposes: Communication and response between users on updates and other relevant information are utilised. These can be to complete subscriptions, partner/affiliate products, bonuses/service deals, or respond to submitted requests or queries from users seeking help or support.
  • User Preference: The user’s interest in certain sports, games and other means of entertainment, as well as other site operations, is received through such information.
  • Records: Interactions between user and site are documented in journals and saved, including other correspondence sources.
  • Tracking: With the usage of cookies, IP addresses and other means of technology.

IP addresses are often regarded as private information when generated automatically by a number sequencer allocated to your PC is in communication with another site able to identify your info. Concurrently, colonial cookies are conventionally used to track, gather, and save bits of data on the user’s storage devices using small text lines. This is distributed via browsers, often in combination with personal identification methods.

Non-private information and its uses

Overall, information concerning you or your activities on the site is gathered automatically without specifying your identity. Such information is collected from visitations to the site and usage and may involve:

  • The specifics of the time and date on which you visited the site.
  • Your activity and movement sequence on and about the website.
  • The domain identifier and/or unique server to process a smooth internet connection.
  • The computer type which goes as an interface for the internet
  • The general physical landmark where the computer is situated.

Every activity and movement of users on the site, such as time taken on different pages, bounce rates, all page views, the tendency for site traffic, click selections or preferences, overall browsing habits, etc., is contained and saved for future references. These future references may include research, tests, analysis, and improvement. The data pool is chiefly information communicated from the host web servers to your local software or web browser each time your internet connection is set up. It is impossible to determine a particular user from only the information given above; in other words, it is nonidentifiable and will remain unidentified until further information is provided.

The fundamental aim of collecting such data is to produce reports and gather statistics about users and their optimal utilisation of whenever they log on. This is primarily to aid our unrelenting efforts as we continue improving and redesigning for a great user experience and overall upgraded functionality.

Usage of Cookies Extension

Cookies are initially a form of updating statistical data from users who accessed the site recently – files downloaded, visited pages, and many other activities carried out on the site. Also, with websites accessed separately, before and after this site is visited, cookies stored in these sessions will help adequately promote its products and services to users. This will enable a more purposeful, personalised and enjoyable experience on every visit and navigation on the website’s pages. However, the most crucial intention is to allow immediate activation of features that are most user-applicable while making access more effective and efficient through recording and recognising interactions on the site by visitors.

Accepting the Policy, Amendments, and Updates

Visiting this site or its usage in any way or means validates the policy’s agreement with the user. possesses the rights to modify and amend the above privacy policy at any given time without consultation or notice to the public. Once republished, all changes and adjustments made take effect immediately and become directly applicable to users. It is, therefore, their responsibility to review periodically for any updates on the Privacy Policy.


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