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There is probably not a single gambler in the world with relatively serious experience in gambling who has no idea about the Amatic brand. This is not surprising – the Austrian company, founded in 1993, today rightly occupies one of the leading places in the virtual gambling entertainment market. It cannot be said that she dragged the online gambling business on her shoulders, but her great merit in this is definitely there – this will be confirmed by a whole army of fans of her toys. If you want to know more about the brand, this article will definitely be helpful!

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Facts and Figures

While most competitors create their companies just to enter a profitable market and grab a piece of the pie, Amatic was created at a time when online gambling did not exist yet, as well as competition in this industry. At the dawn of its existence, the management of the company set a completely different goal: to constantly develop, introduce new technologies into the production of slot machines, be it real slots or virtual ones, and tirelessly raise the bar of requirements for themselves. Austrians are the same Germans: if they do something, they do it well. The best way to make sure of this is to personally test Amatic gambling!

Today Amatic is not even one company, but several connected ones. Amatic Industries appeared in 2003 as a division of the holding focused on modern online gambling. In 2010, Amanet, a company working with online casinos, was born, and in the same year, the corporation began to pay attention to the development of games supported by mobile devices. This expansion of the assortment did not affect the release of classic slot machines that are not hidden in a smartphone – their company still produces them.

The key feature of this brand is that it does not try to drive itself into the narrow framework of any one genre. The company’s target audience is the whole of Europe, including Eastern and North America, and the management understands that it is not worthwhile to remove some of the potential audience from yourself with your own hands. This is why you will never get bored with Amatic games – simply because they are so diverse.

Best Casinos

A good three hundred online establishments are offering in the vastness of the worldwide network, among other entertainment, Amatic products. Among them, there are both very young, who are at the very beginning of their path to success, and quite famous, with a stable and rather powerful fan base. Therefore, our list of the best is quite subjective, and in no case can it be considered the final version – each of the readers can offer their own options, and we have only selected a few of the most popular ones.

  • Slottica Casino – judging by the set of currencies available for creating a gaming account, this institution claims to be international with a truly royal scale. Fifty top providers, including Amatic, have provided the platform with a full-fledged base of slots and other games, which allows the client to be interested seriously and for a long time. It is noteworthy that here the administration decided to reward newcomers not even for the first deposit, but for the very fact of registration – for this, they promise to reward a bonus of 10 euros!
  • All Right Casino is a casino for those who like to try their luck in every possible way. Perhaps a quarter of a hundred providers of gambling will not seem enough for someone, but then the administration proposes to dispel boredom with the help of bets on sports matches, virtual and e-sports. The scattering of available currencies is such that they simply scatter eyes – with such a variety, it is even difficult to imagine a country whose citizens could not get access to the institution due to existing restrictions.
  • PlayAmo Casino is the optimal solution for those who like to scrupulously choose each game, not wanting to settle just for baccarat or just blackjack but striving to choose the ideal option. A wide range of choices for each client is guaranteed by an impressive list of 70 providers, among which Amatic’s creations could get lost if they were a little less sensible. Luxurious tournaments with a generous prize fund, an excellent bonus program, the ability to play for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – right, it’s hard for us to even think of why this site cannot be considered a top one.

playamo casino games

Best Bonuses

Any advantages of this or that online casino are controversial – there are always disadvantages that balance the advantages, and there will always be a competitor who offers even more interesting conditions. The only advantage of an institution that can be clearly expressed in numerical terms and visually compared with competitors is the bonuses.

The welcome bonus is especially interesting for a new client because it is an obvious incentive for registration and helps get to know all the site’s possibilities without spending too much of your own funds. We have selected several options for you that may seem especially interesting.

  • Das Ist Casino. The institution with a typical German name offers to get hold of “only” 300 bonus euros and 150 free spins based on the results of the first three deposits, but the respected country of origin of the brand is captivating.
  • GreenSpin Casino. Who can be surprised with a welcome bonus of 100% of the first deposit amount up to 200 euros, even with 50 free spins, the picky client will say. And what about the bonus not having a wager, we parry! Moreover, bonuses are also given for the second and third deposits – already with a wager, but up to 1.5 and 2.5 thousand euros, respectively!

greenspin casino

Luxurious bonuses are usually a sign that a casino has just entered the market and wants to quickly gain a loyal audience. Hurry up to take advantage of the opportunity – when things go up at the site, it will certainly reduce the number of bonuses!


Given the popularity of the brand, it will probably seem strange to someone that it does not have so many games – literally a hundred and a half. There is nothing to be surprised at because those casinos that have many times more entertainment simply duplicate the same names issued by different providers. Naturally, Amatic does not copy itself because all its games have an original character and do not overlap with each other either in gameplay or in content.

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The developers, like any of their competitors, focus on slots, but this supplier has so many of them that some internal classification is appropriate. Experienced gamblers are used to dividing all Amatic slots into two global categories:

  • Hot & Wild – the good old classics, representing decades-proven solutions with sevens, fruits, and similar standard symbols on the reels;
  • Thematic slots – as the name suggests, they pursue a certain theme that is not initially directly related to the casino but may be of interest to individual players.

Even if it seems to you that some slots duplicate each other, in reality, this is not at all the case – perhaps the graphics are similar, but the rules will probably be different. That is why it is worth playing new games only after reading the detailed rules. In the case of thematic slots, the developers have tried to provide the player with maximum immersion in the process – to the point that even the sound should correspond to the declared theme.

In addition to slots, virtual table games are an important part of Amatic’s products. This is roulette and blackjack – entertainment, without which no normal casino is unthinkable. This gentleman’s set is complemented by video poker, allowing you to try not only your luck but also your own playing skills with thinking opponents.

Related Software

For gambling sites, Amatic produces not only the games themselves, but also related software – CMS, or casino management systems. The administration of such establishments needs a kind of operating system that allows them to combine a set of slot machines, track the players in detail and ensure the well-coordinated work of the entire site. This kind of software is designed for both small establishments with a small number of slots and large-scale online casinos offering visitors to experience a whole variety of gambling entertainment.

Considering how closely Amatic monitors security and protection from unauthorized access in its developments, there is no doubt that the playground management systems created by the company are the right solution for managing your own establishment!


If the main thing for you is the reliability and fairness of the game, even though the entertainment should be varied and not annoying, you will definitely like Amatic products. The nearly thirty-year history of the company’s presence in the market and its leadership status speaks volumes about how to perceive this brand correctly. For every online casino, having Amatic toys in its own assortment is already a plus that cannot be ignored!

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Former Casino Brand Owner

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