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Belarus is a relatively small country in Eastern Europe, the existence of which many people in the world do not even know. Belarusian brands are usually not known to a wide consumer in the far abroad, but there is one clear exception to this rule – this is Belatra Games. If you consider yourself a gambler and often spend time in various online casinos, then you have probably come across the products of this company more than once.

Facts and Figures

A couple of decades ago, all casinos were not an online interface, but land-based establishments that needed “real” slots that you can touch with your hands. At that time, Belatra Games already existed – founded back in 1993, the company began with the production of cases for slot machines and soldering boards. At first, the company, like any start-up company, focused only on customers from the immediate vicinity, but the transition of the gaming industry to the virtual space has radically changed the situation.

Belatra Games

In response to changes in the industry, Belatra Games has taken over the development of gaming software, which has had a positive impact on the well-being of the brand. Now customers even from other countries began to go to it, and the business quickly went up, although the company did not abandon its initial activity related to the production of “real” slot machines.

The company regularly transports its products to major international exhibitions dedicated to the topic of gambling, and each time receives a positive reaction from the jury. The secret of success is simple – Belarusian programmers try to always be in the subject, constantly use the latest technologies in the field of ensuring fair play and preventing outside interference in the game process. Even if experts evaluate Belatra Games products most positively, the average user should like it all the more.

Today Belatra Games is a solid software suite and has offices in six different countries, including the United States. The main target audience of the brand lives in Russia and Europe – that is, it is a rather demanding audience, putting forward serious requirements for the safety and fairness of the game. Before launching a new product on the market, the company necessarily tests it for the degree of protection from outside influences because its products are in demand even among establishments from very strict jurisdictions.

Best Casinos

Although Belatra Games would still be wrong to be considered the leader of the digital gambling market, upon closer inspection, it turns out that the brand’s software is represented on more than a hundred sites. This is not surprising, given the attitude of the developers to their work – they strive to do everything possible to successfully compete with the leaders.

There are no really big names among the sites operating Belatra Games products, but there are a lot of average online establishments that will surely attract the attention of a gambler with something interesting. It was not easy for us to choose from among them those that are more attractive. Therefore our list is purely for informational purposes – we leave each reader freedom to independently find the best institution with gaming products of the brand in question. And here are the sites that we liked.

  • 1xSlots Casino is a clear champion in the number of entertainment among all the casinos described, as it cooperates with more than sixty providers. Another striking advantage of this site, which allows us to mention it in the next subsection, is a gorgeous welcome package in the form of bonuses for the first four deposits with a total amount of up to one and a half thousand euros! They also add 150 free spins to the load – in a word, all conditions have been created to get acquainted with the whole variety of entertainment in the most detailed way.
  • Bitstarz Casino, even in its name, emphasizes that it is a platform focused on cryptocurrency gamblers. Only three fiat currencies are accepted here (although an instant automatic conversion will occur when credited from a card), but a game account can be opened in all popular cryptocurrencies. The choice of software suppliers, in this case, should be considered more than worthy.

bitstarz casino

Best Bonuses

There is only one way to attract a new audience so that it stops paying attention to any other nuances – these are bonuses. Places that host Belatra Games software lure their clientele with welcome bonuses, which in some cases are even very generous – and this is the main reason, forcing many people to try their own luck. We will not re-examine the offer of 1xSlots Casino – you have read its details a little higher. From the rest of the proposals, we will single out the following.

  • Slottica Casino. Here they give 10 euros for the very fact of registration. Once again: you don’t even need a first deposit – just open an account to get 10 euros on your gaming account! This is enough for the first acquaintance with the entertainment of the site.
  • Bonanza Game Casino. There is also a bonus for the very fact of registration, but they give it out in the form of free spins and quite generously – in the amount of one hundred pieces. Having tasted the entertainment of this establishment, top up your account – and get up to 1500 euros more as a bonus.
  • CryptoWild Casino. At this establishment, the offer is very easy to remember – its terms can be formulated as “two for 150”. On the first deposit, they give a 150% bonus, and in addition to it – 150 free spins.

Please note: the most generous and attractive offers are usually formulated by beginner sites that urgently need promotion. As soon as they achieve their goal, the number of free spins and the bonus percentage is sharply reduced, so hurry up to respond quickly and register at these establishments before they change their minds.


The range of entertainment offered by the developers of Belatra Games will find its fan, no matter what type of gambling you prefer. Targeting the general public, the company deliberately releases diversified software. The main mass is, of course, slots, but there are also game sets and jackpot systems. The studio’s portfolio also includes electronic versions of poker and roulette.

belatra games offered

Observers never tire of praising Belatra Games products for their brilliance. If you consider yourself a fan of ultra-modern graphics with the most realistic rendering, then you may not like the development of the studio, but for those who have vast experience in the game stretching for many years into the past, this software is definitely suitable. It is, first of all, bright, creating a feeling of a holiday, and the absence of heavy modern graphics will have a beneficial effect on the work of not the most expensive devices. The soundtrack, according to critics, is appropriate – it adds some kind of liveliness to what is happening on the screen or something.

The long presence of Belatra Games in the market has led to the fact that this company has managed to catch different levels of technological development. The very first online games of the company were released at a time when it was still difficult to imagine that mobile phones would evolve to the level of computers and even begin to surpass them in power. Thus, the older part of the brand’s software is not designed to run on smartphones. Later, the development team, of course, caught the new trends because, among the brand’s modern products, there are already many more games that were ported in advance for portable gadgets.

Related Software

Belatra Games is not engaged in the production of software that would not be related to the gambling industry – instead, the guys rivet hardware for slot machines in land-based establishments in countries where it is legal. But in the assortment of branded entertainment, there are enough positions that can hardly be attributed to a certain category of games – this makes it possible to consider the scattering of toys from the company to be quite rich and diverse.


A gambler who has not come across Belatra Games products may have a double impression: on the one hand, the company has existed for almost thirty years, but during this time, it has not become an unequivocal market leader. On the other hand, it still keeps afloat. All this time, it finds regular customers and fans; it simply withstands strong competition. From such a contradiction, we make a logical conclusion that the software of the Belarusian studio is a pretty good niche product that will leave someone indifferent, and someone will like it as one of the most attractive. The games of this company are certainly not superfluous on the market, and already they can be commended for that. Should you play them? Decide for yourself, but I would not advise you to conclude before you try!

Belatra Games Software Casinos list

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