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Top Online Poker Casinos in 2022

online poker casino

Contrary to the opinion common among ignorant inhabitants, poker is not one game, but a whole scattering of related games that differ in some nuances in the rules. All varieties are united by one common detail: although the player collects combinations of cards, starting from what will fall out to him, he cannot and should not rely only on his luck. Instead, he must roughly estimate what falls to his opponents, and, starting from his conclusions, think over tactics that can lead to victory.

A huge number of people still do not know how to play poker, but for the whole thematic community, it has become a true favorite pastime. No wonder: although no one knows exactly where and when this game was invented, it is known for sure that five hundred years ago it was actively played in the territory of modern Italy and France. In fairness, it was not exactly poker in the modern sense of the word, but the principle was very similar. Scientists point out that the playing cards themselves in a form similar to the modern one were invented about two hundred years earlier in China, so the “ancestors” of poker came from the Middle Kingdom.

Given that poker was originally a gambling game, designed to receive material gains, the very first gambling establishments immediately included it in their program. With the transition of the gambling industry to online poker migrated to the Internet, it should be noted that it is fundamentally different from most other entertainment. Why? Because this game depends too little on simple luck because most players do not want to play against a computer that is theoretically able to juggle the cards in favor of the house. Although video poker (similar to video slots) exists, those casinos that organize full-fledged tournaments between live players are in high demand. In this article, we will consider sites where poker is presented in at least one of the two types while selecting only brands with a solid reputation.

Best Online Poker Casinos in Canada 2022

Maria Casino

  • Maria Casino is a large international platform focused on potential clients on all continents of the planet. It’s worth hanging out here, if only because there are no limits on withdrawing funds – therefore, high rollers will be delighted. The poker here is mainly in the form of slots and live dealer broadcasts, but in addition, there is a good selection of progressive jackpot slots.

Unibet Casino

  • Unibet Casino Canada is the local representation of the legendary Canadian brand. Although the business at one time began with bookmaker bets, over time, the office acquired alternative gambling entertainment – in particular, it began to offer poker to customers. For residents of the province of Quebec, there is extremely unpleasant news – this resource is not available in the region.

PokerStars Casino

  • PokerStars Casino is a real legend in the world of poker fans because it’s not for nothing that the brand added the name of the game to its name. The local administration regularly holds large-scale poker tournaments for players with different levels of preliminary training, so it will be interesting for both beginners and experienced players. In a good way, this institution should be in the section of each country, but we decided not to repeat ourselves.

Best Online Poker Casinos in the United States 2022

Sports Betting Casino

  • SportsBetting.ag Casino. We agree that the name is more likely to repel a poker fan because at first glance it is some kind of bookmaker and even an Argentine one. However, this is the best poker institution in the country, except for the international PokerStars. The site was initially focused specifically on the American market; Bitcoin is accepted here with pleasure. Poker is not a priority, but there is, and otherwise, the site is top.

BetOnline Casino

  • BetOnline Casino continues the tradition – as you might guess, it is also a bookmaker as its main activity. However, the casino part of the brand is considered to be a recognizable and big business, which, again, is predominantly focused on the United States. According to the characteristics, this is almost double of the previous institution.
  • New Vegas Casino is the nail in the coffin of the old Vegas, which is not so easy to get to during lockdowns. An establishment offering poker and a host of other entertainments attracts a wide clientele with a truly worthwhile loyalty program – whoever liked it here once will not leave here! The institution’s reputation is only “good,” but this is the only negative.

Best Online Poker Casinos in the United Kingdom 2022

  • Unibet Casino UK – the Canadian version of the brand has been described above, it’s time to move on to the British version. There are practically no differences between them: this is one institution that has an impeccable reputation with a very long history of work. It is worth trying your luck here in entertainment with live dealers – there are so many of them that it’s just dizzying.

Virgin Games Casino

  • Virgin Games Casino is a local establishment for which the UK is the main market. There are exactly two main trump cards: firstly, the interface is quite simple so that it takes a minimum of time for a beginner to adapt, and secondly, there are no limits on withdrawing winnings. The presence of poker in the live dealer variant looks like the last piece of the puzzle.
  • Betfred Casino is a purely British brand that a priori does not work outside the country. By name – a bookmaker’s office, but the administration realized promptly the need to diversify gambling everyday life and added poker. You can try your luck with a large number of live dealers, and if you are fabulously lucky, there will be no problems with withdrawing funds.

Best Online Poker Casinos in New Zealand 2022

Guts Casino

  • Guts Casino captivates at first sight – most of the users in the reviews note that they like the design of the site. The player who came to win poker and not to admire the design will also be pleased because his favourite game is implemented in the format of broadcasts with beautiful presenters. The absence of withdrawal limits and an excellent reputation appear as additional advantages.
  • CasinoMaxi does not focus on New Zealand at all, but is available in this country, therefore it naturally falls into our rating. Owners of apple gadgets can download a mobile application to their smartphone or iPad, and today this is a rarity. The withdrawal of funds is limited, but you are unlikely to get the threshold amount, while the variety of poker is worthy.
  • Adjarabet Casino is a brand from the distant Caucasus, which is in demand all over the world. First of all, this is a bookmaker, but you can also play poker with live dealers here.

Best Online Poker Casinos in Australia 2022

  • Lottoland Casino is a major German gambling establishment whose influence has even reached Australia. As you know, the Germans do not know how to do anything bad because the site has an unblemished reputation, and its administration can boast of an abundance of specialized industry awards. Poker is present, but we consider it necessary to warn you: the main focus of the office is on lotteries.
  • Yoju Casino is an international office, the main advantage of which is the ability to use multiple accounts in different currencies within one account. Otherwise, this is a casino with a good reputation and average characteristics. A nuance that you should know in advance: all deposits must be tripled before the withdrawal.
  • X24bet Casino is a platform that has a chance of success for those poker fans who are not looking for a welcome bonus. The good news is that you can play poker here, and you can make payments in cryptocurrencies. You should prepare for the fact that the support service is not around the clock, and even works on Central European time.

How to Choose the Best Poker Casino Sites in 2022?

To select the very best poker casino, test each potential candidate on a few important topics.

  • Is video poker only available, are there live dealer streams, or are live poker tournaments available? If the latter is not present, are you satisfied with what is?
  • What is the variety of poker in any of the varieties listed above? Is it only Texas Hold’em, or are there alternatives?
  • Is it possible to bet small amounts here to play practically for fun? A high roller is interested in exactly the opposite question: is it possible to charge a lot of money into the system in the hope of sky-high winnings?
  • Does the administration offer bonuses to poker players? How regular and generous are they? Can such a gift be won back, or does the “deposit bonus” actually turn into non-withdrawable free spins due to the wagering conditions?
  • What do fellow players say about the reputation of this venue? Should I trust the establishment? Is it possible that the office deceives visitors?
    Finding the perfect poker casino is quite difficult. In such scenarios, the most practical advice is to initially choose which quality criteria are important for you and which ones can be sacrificed.

Where to Play to Become a Top Online Poker Player?

There is no specific place that is guaranteed to turn young poker players into top professionals. Success in the game depends partly on natural data (the ability to quickly analyze the situation and calculate the development of events in the mind) and partly is gained during the game with approximately equal opponents. If your task is not just to constantly win, but to improve, then you should always choose a level of tournaments where victory is far from guaranteed for you. Therefore, the best casino for development is one that offers many tournaments for players of different levels.

Where Do Top Poker Players Play Online?

Theoretically, you can meet a real poker master almost anywhere. This is not surprising: a skilled player wants to play constantly but cannot always find equal opponents, so there is a temptation to practice on weaker players with a high probability of taking the win. If we talk about the platform that is in the highest demand among players from all over the world, then the most obvious contender for this role is PokerStars. The institution is dedicated primarily to poker, which is very rare, while it is available everywhere and does not refuse registration to players from any country. An avid poker player is simply obliged to have an account here, while an account in other establishments is optional.

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