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High Roller Casino Bonus


While there exist standard casino bonuses tailored for every player, high roller casino bonuses are slightly different since they are tailored for a special group of players. These are bonuses specially offered for online players that wager a lot of money in a single session or wager more frequently on the operator as compared to the rest. They are referred to as high rollers, VIP players, or ‘whales’ in some cases. As a result, the operators go a step further to appreciate them by giving massive bonuses and other special treatment such as VIP Programs that provide exclusive rewards.

High Roller Bonus

Unsurprisingly, the casinos will go the extra mile to do everything to maintain such players. This is where a high roller casino bonus comes in. This also means that to activate the bonus, the players should settle for high roller casino games that accept high stakes. In a nutshell, a high roller casino bonus is a great way of making massive returns from an online casino.

How Do High Roller Casino Bonuses Work?

A high roller bonus will normally work as the other casino bonuses such as a welcome bonus, casino cashback, and a refer-a-friend bonus. Terms and conditions will be attached to the bonus but as stated, what differs from the other bonuses is that a massive bankroll can be generated. Players can win figures going up to £10,000 depending on the casino. This is different from other bonuses that offer bonuses in the range of £100 – £1000.

It is important to note that a new player is also eligible for a high roller casino bonus in some casinos. This should not be confused with a loyalty program or a bonus only tailored to existing players. Also crucial to note that this is an improved deposit bonus that can give bonuses in percentages of 1000%. Many casinos will not only offer the high roller bonus in the form of a deposit bonus but also in the form of other bonuses such as casino reload bonus, special invitations to events, among other exclusive bonuses.

Who is Considered a High Roller?

The definition is relative to different casinos. Remember, with the online casino setting, several limit caps are placed on the amount one can deposit and wager. These are terms and conditions that must be met. It is different from offline casinos, where players can work with an unlimited amount.

However, in a nutshell, a high roller will be a player that is consistent in depositing on a casino and wagers a huge amount of money. With the limit cap coming into the equation, some top casinos have offered a limit of up to £10,000.

Why Choose a High Roller Casino Bonus?

It is common knowledge that every player wants to get a more valuable bonus on any online casino. This is one of the sections that will see how new players are attracted and how players are retained. For new players, a bonus that is more valuable than a standard welcome bonus stands as a deal that is too good. This will not only increase their bankroll as they start their gambling journey but also enrol the player in a VIP Program in some cases.

While every player is eligible to be enrolled in a loyalty program, more requirements will be needed to enter the VIP section. This will include wagering a cumulative high amount before getting a special invite. Remember, a player can be automatically enrolled in a loyalty program after signing up for an account but might need consistent depositing of huge amounts to get to the VIP stage.

Getting to a VIP stage will see the player get various benefits besides special and exclusive bonuses. Some online casinos may assign the player a personal VIP manager. Others will give free perks, special invites to celebrity events, trips, and offer faster payouts with high limits. The first step to achieving all this will be playing on high roller casino games from top providers such as NetEnt. These are games with higher betting limits.

How Do I Get a High Roller Bonus?

Most online casinos are now offering high roller casino bonuses. However, it may be tiring going through the tons of them. For this reason, we have provided a list of the casinos our players can get high roller casino bonuses. After finding your suitable online casino, you should go through the terms and conditions under the bonus. A point to note is that most casinos may not advertise the bonus on their promo page, and in some cases, players are tasked to request a casino high roller bonus from customer support.

Some of the terms and conditions to always pay attention to include the wagering requirements and bonus validity. In some cases, the wagering requirements will be lower than the standard bonus wagering requirements. This is partly to retain the high rollers by easing the requirements. However, the requirements will be the same as those of the standard bonuses in other casinos.

What is considered a high roller at a casino?

A high roller is a term used to refer to a player who consistently wagers huge amounts of money at a casino. Also referred to as a VIP player or a whale, the player will keep on earning VIP comps/points and will be rewarded depending on the value of their points.

How does a casino bonus work?

A casino bonus is tailored to attract new players and at the same time retain the older/existing players. Remember, all casino bonuses will have terms and conditions attached that the players must adhere to for maximum profitability.

Can you make money from casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses may be offered in the form of cash bonuses. In this case, players can make money from the bonuses. However, a caveat stands in between. A player is required to meet the wagering requirements before they can withdraw the funds.

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