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A Casino Cashback Guide: Learn How to Win Even More and Get Your Deposit Money Back


Online casinos are always ready to invent countless promotions trying to encourage players to spend more time on their gambling sites, to play more, and, of course, to spend more money. An obvious truth is that while most honest casinos are ready to fairly reward you if you win, casino operators aim to earn more by beating the players. This is the only reason for all these promos like:

Leveled loyalty programs

  • Special high roller casino bonuses for gamblers, who make high stakes in poker or other games
  • Bigger deposit match and faster payouts the VIP player can count on
  • Personal birthday promotions for loyal clients

This undoubtedly alluring list can be continued. However, once you take a closer look, the hidden dangers are immediately revealed. These include additional terms, huge wagers, and so on.

Well, it is a fair game – you are trying to take some money from the casino, and the casino is trying to do the same to you.

But there is a unique bonus that you can get without any fuss – the casino cashback bonus. The coolest thing about cashbacks is that you do not have to bother about how to get them. If the casino cashback offers are in the list of your platform’s promotions, all you have to do is to refund your bankroll when you need it.

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Casino Cashback Offers: Modus Operandi

It is only logical to start the main part of our casino cashback guide with a general explanation about what a cashback casino bonus is.

Actually, the name speaks well for itself in this case. The casino cashback offer is a kind of reward to the players who spend money on an online gaming platform. Using this reward, bonus, or whatever you like to call it, a player can get back a percentage of the funds they deposited earlier.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. But it would be a fairy-tale, and not our harsh world, if we could simply get our hard-earned coins returned to us. A number of restrictions exist, of course.

What You Need to Know about the Rules of the Cashback Casino Bonuses

Let’s get to the interesting part.

First of all, more often than not despite the name of the reward, cashback casino bonuses do not let you get any cash “Right here, right now” so to speak. It is not as simple as this week you have spent 100 dollars in the casino, which promises a 10%-casino cashback, and here you are on Friday with $10 to cashout. At least, this form of refund of casino bonuses is so rare it could be called a myth. No, it is very likely that you will be rewarded differently.

Cashback casino bonuses can be credited to gamblers in several forms:

  1. Real money you can withdraw freely and spend on treating yourself with a cup of good coffee. It works exactly as it sounds. You spend $20 in a casino, then get $5 (for example) back, and you can easily withdraw this. This offers the most transparent deal possible, but the model is almost a myth in cashback casinos.
  2. Free coins or chips. Sometimes the gamer is rewarded with coins or another virtual currency used by the particular casino. You cannot convert them into cash but you can win some using them. A withdrawal will be the next step.
  3. Free spins as a cashback casino bonus. All seems quite clear here. The gambler spends $20, then gets free spins which they can use to enjoy slots. Sometimes the said free spins are assigned to certain providers (Netent, for example) or even some specific slots.

Bonus money to the player’s bankroll. This is the most common cashback scheme for today’s online casinos, and means that a set percentage of the money you spent/lost goes to your account as a bonus. And as a bonus, the money is subjected to some more or less strict wagering requirements. So, no payouts of your winnings are available until the requirements are completed.

How Do They Calculate My Casino Cashback?

Most frequently, the cashback correlates with the amount of money lost. Imagine that your casino claims to give 10% cashback. You deposited $100. Then, if you are unlucky and lost $20, you can get $2 back.

But it is possible, as well, to find some cashback casinos where the whole deposit amount is taken into account. With this approach, your cashback would be 10 dollars instead of 2.

I Don’t Mind Giving this Cashback Casino Bonus a Try! How Can I Get it?

You need to be a registered user to enjoy these offers. The rest depends on the casino of your choice.

In some casinos, you do not even need to claim your casino cashback. It goes to your account automatically and regularly. The most common are:

  1. Weekly recharge
  2. Monthly recharge.
  3. Daily cashback refund (this is rare but not impossible to find)

In other casinos, a client must be a VIP to get a cashback bonus offer. And the higher their level is, the bigger their cashback will be. The percentage can vary from 5% to 30%.

The last possible option (and as rare as cashback in actual cash might be) is the scheme whereby an eligible gambler can order their cashback at any point.

How to Choose the Most Beneficial Cashback Casino

First of all, you should read the terms of each casino. Every casino offers you the chance to read their User Agreement before your registration. No one actually reads it, we know, but we strongly recommend you to check it carefully. There should be a section about their bonuses. Read it once and read it twice to know what you are getting yourself into.

As for casino cashback offers, here some points to:

  1. The amount of cashback. If it is cashback on the lost money or your deposit in general.
  2. Wagering demands. Know them off by heart before signing up.
  3. The frequency of crediting.
  4. Limits applied to the cashback. Some casinos set no limits for the cashback, but others might cap the maximum sum that can be refunded.
  5. Games excluded from the deal. Usually, table games are excluded, so you will not be able to complete wagering requirements sitting at the blackjack table.

Benefits of Cashback in the Casino

We’ll be honest with you in this casino cashback guide. Cashback is an interesting promo, but it has one main aim – to make you spend more. The model where you can get some real cash as a cashback is a rare exception, not a trend. Not to mention that the cashback percentage is small and cannot be compared with the deposited amounts. The last one is a blow, especially for the high rollers.

The good thing is that you can use cashback as many times as you want.

Cashback Casino Reward: Conclusion

Now that you have read our cashback guide, you are armed and ready to go and choose the bonus that suits you. Enjoy your casino life but play responsibly!

Do casinos give free money?

No. At the very best, they return to you a part of your deposit. The popular no deposit bonus is not some free money, as you have to fulfill some wagering conditions before you can withdraw it.

Is cashback paid out automatically?

It is true that casino cashback can be automatically credited to your bankroll. But a withdrawal always should be ordered by a gambler.

Is cashback better than other bonuses?

All bonuses make you spend more, so they are equal in one sense. But if you play often, cashback is certainly a bonus, which could become the most useful to you.

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Former Casino Brand Owner

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Daniel understands customer needs and able to provide an objective evaluation for casinos he is reviewing. His main aim to guide new customers in the attractive world of online gambling.

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