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Casino Reload Bonuses


There are so many online casino bonuses and promotions to enjoy these days. One of the most popular forms of promotions is the casino reload bonus. This form of bonus comes in different forms and is usually available to existing players as they continue using the casino.

If you’re interested in getting a reload bonus or you just want to understand what it is, you’ve landed on the right page. On this page, we will be discussing the following:

  • What a reload bonus is
  • Reload combinations
  • Separate Reload bonuses
  • Reload bonuses in welcome offers
  • Important details to know about reload bonuses

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What is a Reload Bonus?

By its name, we draw a clue that a player, after loading their account for the first time, a reload simply means a repeat of that first time process. Thus, a reload bonus is offered to existing players at a casino when they make new deposits.

It is a form of appreciation for players who continue to use the platform. They can be classified as a form of deposit bonuses as they always come after a deposit is made.

Reload Combinations

A reload bonus could come in a combination of bonuses from the casino offering them. Some of these combinations are thus:

  • Loyalty points
  • Deposit match
  • Deposit match with free spins
  • Cashbacks
  • Other rewards from the casino

Separate Reload Bonuses

There are also individual reload bonuses that are offered to players. Here, the casino awards this kind of bonus to players who return to their site, choosing to claim it. These casinos also put the regular reload bonuses on offer to be claimed only on some particular days or by depositing certain specified amounts.

This form of bonus encourages existing players to remain loyal on the site. It also attracts new users who would love to keep enjoying bonuses, even after claiming the welcome package.

Reload Bonus in Welcome Packages

If you’re a regular casino player, then you must already know about welcome packages. These are incentives that online casinos offer users who sign up newly on their site. The most popular casino welcome bonus is the cash offer, and it usually comes after the player makes his/her first deposit.

So, how are reload bonuses included in welcome packages? It’s simple. It happens when a casino offers bonuses for more than the first deposit. For example, a casino could give up to a 100% in deposit match right on a player’s first deposit. We take that to be a single welcome bonus. Alternatively, another casino could offer match deposits from the first to the third deposits carried out by a player.

The second example is still a welcome package, however, you can get more bonuses beyond the first deposit. The cash bonuses that come on the second and third deposits can be referred to as reload bonuses.

Separate Reload Bonuses vs Welcome Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses in welcome packages are usually bigger than the separate ones. Most welcome bonuses usually offer high percentage match. Some could be up to 200% bonus or even more. But in the separate reload offers, the percentage is usually small. It could be as low as 50% or even 20%.

However, both forms of reloads are important. While the ones in welcome packages help you start your experience on a casino, the separates ones keep you benefiting always. The welcome packages can only be gotten once, but the separate ones can be received as long as the casino keeps offering them.

Important Details

All casino offers, be it a no deposit bonus or free spin, always come with certain rules and regulations. Reload bonuses also come with terms. These can be located on the terms and conditions page of the casino or the bonus information page. These terms and conditions are important, and players who do not consider them may have an unpleasant experience.

Some of the most important terms to look out for are the wagering requirements and validity period. The wagering requirement is so crucial that it determines whether the bonus is worth claiming or not. If a bonus wagering requirement is so high, it might make it less rewarding as players may not be able to meet it.

Similarly, the validity period is also crucial. It works together with the wagering requirement. The time must be enough for you to wager the amount the number of times required by the casino.

If the time is too short and the wagering condition is high, you might end up losing the bonus balance and your winnings. The time may also not be enough for you to enjoy the bonus conveniently. Therefore, it is important to consider the terms of the bonus before claiming it.

Another thing you must confirm is if the offer is a mobile casino bonus or if it only works on PC. This helps you to decide what types of reloads to claim. However, most reload offers work on PCs as well as mobile devices.


Just as casinos offer reloads, other businesses also offer incentives to their regular customers. It helps to gives the customers a feeling of appreciation from the business. It’s the same way with reloads. Apart from the feeling of being appreciated, it is also a form of enjoying more gaming time and getting more opportunities to win.

Nevertheless, you must ensure that you choose bonuses carefully as a player. Don’t just claim any reload offers, check to see if the terms favour you. Also, check if you can play your favourite games with the reload bonuses. Overall, reload bonuses are great offers for casino players.

Who can get a casino reload bonus?

Reload offers are available to existing players. Depending on the casino terms, it might be available to all or just a selected few.

What is a reload bonus?

A reload bonus is an incentive given to existing players at a gambling site when they make new deposits.

When will I get a reload bonus?

It depends on the casino. Some offer it frequently while others on special occasions.

What are the wagering requirements for reload bonuses?

The casino determines the wagering requirement. You have to check the terms and conditions.

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