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The choice of theme is not the most commonplace
The study of the theme deserves respect - finally, no annoying card symbols, plus a pleasant soothing soundtrack
A huge spread in the size of the bet
The percentage of return at the level of 96%
Free spins exploit the mechanics of additional wild symbols
The jackpot which, with maximum luck, multiplies the amount of the user bet by only a thousand times


Geisha Slot

Today, every teenager knows that Japanese culture is probably the most distinctive of those that are the heritage of large nations. For many centuries, the Japanese lived on the islands of the Japanese archipelago, being reliably isolated from contact with foreigners, who were never particularly happy here. This allowed the development of an extremely unusual culture of the oriental type, which was massively admired by people familiar with it long before the appearance of anime, which today looks like the frontman of Japan’s promotion in the world. If classic Japanese culture with such manifestations as hokku, tea ceremony, and sakura blossom is close to you, then you will surely like Geisha Slot.

The development team at Endorphina put their souls into conveying the atmosphere of old Japan, not yet affected by globalization. A result is a slot machine that claims to be a time machine – it will take you extremely far from everyday problems and responsibilities, contributing to the complete purification of the spirit.

Pros and Cons

An inveterate gambler enjoys playing gambling games of any thematic orientation – it is not so important for him what deep message the slot carries and whether it has any moral content at all. Therefore, while positively assessing the choice of developers in the matter of choosing a topic, we understand that online casino customers ask other questions: is it possible to win here, how much, how interesting the gameplay will be. No one wants to spend their time and their entire bankroll on a game that will not be very pleasant. That is why we were not too lazy to study the opinions of Internet users who have already tested Geisha Slot and left a comment about it. It turned out that the audience likes the slot for the following reasons:

  • the choice of theme is not the most commonplace – such entertainment is more original and more interesting than thousands of identical fruit video slots;
  • the study of the theme deserves respect – finally, no annoying card symbols, plus a pleasant soothing soundtrack;
  • a huge spread in the size of the bet – both a very economical user with a small bankroll and a generous high roller can try their luck;
  • the percentage of return at the level of 96% allows you to count on the fact that with a successful coincidence of circumstances, the user will be able to gain profit;
  • free spins exploit the mechanics of additional wild symbols, which makes the gameplay more interesting.

Remarkably, there are practically no rough claims to Geisha Slot. 25 pay lines do not seem like a decent set of possibilities until the player learns that the playing field is only three rows with five reels, that is, more combinations simply will not fit. The only thing that looks somewhat strange is the jackpot, which, with maximum luck, multiplies the amount of the user bet by only a thousand times, but you must admit that even this happens very rarely in any slots.

Theme and Graphics

Modern Japanese culture has practically nothing to do with its roots, except perhaps for an impressive uncommonness. When creating Geisha Slot, Endorphina developers set out to show just classic Japan – the one that foreigners fell in love with a hundred years ago. The creators had enough imagination to completely abandon the card symbols; instead, they use gazebos and koi carps, geishas on a yellow and blue background, blue umbrellas and fans, hieroglyphs, antique teapots, traditional shoes, and a Japanese guitar, as well as coins with a characteristic slot for wearing on the neck. Isn’t it a charm?

Geisha Slot machine

The soundtrack deserves special attention. Probably, the average player would not add such music to their everyday playlist, but for a change, it fits perfectly, allowing you to abstract from the usual rhythms. It should be noted how the melody soothes – the result is a full-fledged meditation in the oriental style.

Geisha Slot RTP

The most important criterion for any slot is the return percentage – that is, how much of the spent bankroll the casino administration and the developer are ready to return to the public as winnings. Users with experience are simply obliged to know that no one guarantees one hundred percent return or, moreover, a profit, but it is clear that the less the administration has a commission, the more chances to accumulate profit.

When creating Geisha Slot, Endorphina decided not to deviate from a proven recipe. The fact is that this supplier has a standard RTP of 96%, and in the industry as a whole, such a figure is considered an unspoken gold standard – giving more is already unprofitable, and less is ugly. Thus, for this slot machine, 96% is paid out in the form of winnings, and 4% is spent on commission.

How to Win Geisha Slot?

Geisha Slot does not offer fundamentally new gameplay – on the contrary, everything is according to the classics since even the classic theme is involved. Each symbol has its price but does not bring profit by itself – you need to assemble a line consisting of at least three units. The developer has been loyal to making things easier for the players – it is not at all necessary for the line to be strictly horizontal, instead, it can be diagonal and even curve. The total cost of a combination is determined both by the price of its constituent symbols and by their number.

Geisha Slot Win

The role of the wild symbol is played by koi carps – you can make your combinations from them, but if necessary, they will complement someone else’s, collected from symbols of a different type. This option is convenient if you are missing the third symbol to win, or you just need the fourth or fifth to increase your profit.

Special Features of Geisha Slot

Winnings are never enough for a typical gambler, no matter how large-scale it may be. This is normal because the creators of Geisha Slot have provided an additional risk game that allows you to double your winnings (up to five times in a row). True, we do not recommend losing, because this will lead to a complete loss of money because those who are afraid can withdraw funds without additional risk.

The essence of the risk game is as follows – the dealer draws a card from the deck, and you have to beat it with your own. If you succeed, it means that your winnings have doubled, you can pick it up in this form or try your luck again. If the player’s card is lower than that of the dealer, he will have to say goodbye to the money.

Geisha Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

In Geisha Slot, the bonus game and free spins are combined into one common structure. First, you need to collect three scatters, which in this video slot are designed in the form of a Japanese gazebo. A line of them would bring a win by itself, but it is not necessary to collect it – it is enough for the symbols to be present on the playing field at the same time in any place. For this, the user is given a package of ten free spins.

During them, jokers can appear – geisha symbols on a red, blue, or yellow background, occupying their entire reel. The Joker is capable of acting as a wild symbol, replacing all other symbols, and its size in the entire reel contributes to the fact that the player will win something with an increased probability. Moreover, the “blue” geisha is a multiplier of 2x, and the yellow one – even 3x: this value will increase the winnings with the use of the joker. Two jokers can be involved in a combination at the same time – then their multipliers are summed up.

Overall Review

Of course, not all customers of online casinos can consider themselves to be fans of traditional Japanese culture, but there is no doubt that Geisha Slot is well-made. The team of creators worked hard to understand the local specifics – thanks to this, they managed to move away from the hateful practice of using card symbols. The gameplay should be called rather traditional, but the idea of Endorphina with jokers in the bonus game brings a touch of freshness and additional excitement. Against the background of the prevailing advantages, the only thing that looks strange is the jackpot size – 1000x, which makes this slot perceived as “greedy.”

What is the RTP of Geisha Slot?

Geisha Slot has a return rate of about 96%. We draw special attention of users to the fact that the RTP prescribed to any slot is always an average value: someone will gain profit, someone will spend all the money without winning anything. However, the relatively low commission in favour of the creators suggests that there are still chances for a profit.

What is the biggest win available on Geisha Slot?

It is strange why Endorphina, which has managed to develop a well-balanced slot machine, decided to give up on providing an opportunity for users to rely on huge profits. So, with unprecedented luck, the player’s bet will be multiplied a thousand times – this, of course, is also great news, but it is a little surprising that this is the ceiling. To qualify for a solid win in Geisha Slot, it turns out that you will have to be a high roller and charge large sums without fail, and many online casino clients are simply not ready for this.

How volatile is Geisha Slot?

The dispersion in Geisha Slot is roughly average. There is no need to wait for a large win for a long time, risking not waiting – instead, you can receive regular small payments. They will definitely not bring the player to a profit, but they will help to maximize the bankroll, and then, you see, a more solid profit will turn up. In terms of profitability, free spins are especially tempting – thanks to jokers, they are ways to bring in solid money.

Is there a free spins bonus in Geisha Slot?

To receive a party of ten free spins as a gift, the player needs to collect three scatters anywhere on the playing field. Not necessarily in a line – symbols can be located anywhere, as long as they are present at the same time. An unusual feature of free spins is that jokers often appear on the playing field, which can replace other symbols and participate in any combinations. Along the way, jokers act as multipliers, increasing the winnings.

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