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Deposit Match Bonus


In an industry where every casino is practically offering similar services, a little edge may be needed to influence a gambler’s choice. One standout feature bound to attract the attention and interest of a player or bettor is the deposit match scheme of a casino. A deposit match bonus represents the monetary bonus offered by a casino to a player on every deposit made into the player’s gaming account. The bonus is termed Deposit Match because its value is dependent on the amount of the deposit and is at a rate that matches a portion of the deposit. Although it is a feature common to all casinos, the scheme varies from casino to casino. More to know about this form of casino bonus is reviewed below.

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What is Deposit Match Bonus?

Simply put, deposit match bonus is that extra value a casino is willing to add to your deposits into your gaming wallet as a reward, either for registering with them or for continuing to bet with them. In any pop up online casino advert or homepage of the casino site, it is the most conspicuous message that usually reads; “100% up to £100” (or whatever percentage and amount depending on the site). Deposit match bonus can also be in the form of casino cashback, meaning that you will be rewarded with a percentage of the money you staked on a game. Gala casino has one of the best cashback bonus in the UK.

Here are few things to note about deposit match bonus and how it works:

  • The bonus is called “Deposit Match” because whatever the value of your deposit, the casino is willing to match it with a bonus that is a portion of your deposit amount. For example, if the casino offers a 200% deposit match, a deposit of £100 will earn you an extra £200 as a deposit match bonus.
  • Every match bonus has a LIMIT that says “up to (amount)”. In other words, a bonus that reads “200% up to £100” means that any deposit beyond £100 will only get the maximum 200% of £100 as deposit bonus, nothing more.
  • The deposit match can be used to play casino games for real money.
  • You may need to fulfill some wagering requirements in order to claim it.
  • It may be a one-time offer or offered in stages, i.e. successive deposits.
  • It may be offered regularly or at intervals. E.g. weekly, monthly, etc.
  • The offer may last for a specific period or exist as a permanent promotions program of the casino.
  • It may be offered according to the category of players. E.g. VIP, inactive players, etc.
  • It may be offered as a condition to using specific modes of payment such as e-wallets including Skrill, Neteller, etc.

Types of Deposit Match Bonus

Deposit match bonus is offered in various forms at a different percentage. The percentage differs as follows; 50% deposit match, 100% deposit match and 200% deposit match or even higher. These rates are offered in the following different forms:

Welcome Bonus

This is also called sign-up bonus as it is offered as a reward to new players for signing up with the casino. It is usually offered on the first deposit of the new player.

Multiple Deposit Bonus

This is offered on three or four successive deposits after the player’s first deposit. It is basically a reward to encourage players for their loyalty.

Reload Bonus

While welcome bonus rewards new players, reload bonus rewards existing customers for reloading their bankroll. It is aimed at retaining the loyalty of existing customers.

Free Spins

Sometimes, a deposit match bonus will be offered with free spins. However, the number of free spins is dependent on the particular casino.

VIP Bonus

This is also called High Roller bonus. This is a deposit match bonus specially designated for high-stakes players who make significantly huge deposits. A very common example is a 50% match deposit up to £1000.

Kindly note that it is possible for a particular casino to be offering all these forms of deposit match at the same time. You will often find them when you surf through the casino bonuses list.

How to claim a Deposit Match Bonus?

For every casino offering a deposit match bonus, whatever kind, information about how to claim it is usually clearly stated on the casino site or app. Although details may differ from casino to casino; generally, you can claim a deposit match bonus by doing the following:

  1. Open an account. You cannot access the offer if you are not registered at the casino.
  2. Make a deposit. Without a deposit, there is nothing to be matched. However, ensure it is the casino’s minimum deposit to be eligible for the bonus.
  3. Ensure that your country is not restricted from accessing the bonus.
  4. Fulfill the wagering requirements set by the casino.

Note that wagering requirements may specify the number of times you must bet with the bonus before it can be withdrawn.

In some situations, the deposit match can come with a special bonus code that a player must have to claim the bonus. In such situations, you can claim the deposit match by getting the code from the casino site or app and redeeming the code before making a deposit.

Factors to Consider Before Accepting a Deposit Match Bonus

For every money-making decision, one is advised to look before one leap. The most important thing to consider in choosing a deposit match bonus is the Bonus Terms and Conditions. By doing this, the following information can be discovered.

  • The minimum deposit required to claim the bonus.
  • The number of free spins attached to a bonus, if any.
  • The duration of the bonus and/or free spins.
  • The kind of games that the bonus can be used to play. E.g. poker.
  • The potential payouts.
  • The jurisdictional restrictions; i.e. countries allowed access to the bonus
  • The category of players it is designated for. E.g. new players or VIP.
  • The minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.
  • The wagering requirements.

The above information constitutes necessary factors a player must consider before patronising a deposit match bonus.


Deposit match bonus falls under casino promotions which are intended as incentives to attract new players whilst retaining existing customers. However, as mouth-watering as the bonus may be, it is important to take note of the above-listed considerations, and above all, bet with a trusted and legitimate casino.

What is deposit match bonus?

Deposit match bonus is the monetary bonus offered by a casino to a player on every deposit made into the player’s gaming account. It is that extra value a casino is willing to add to your deposits into your gaming wallet as a reward, either for registering with them or for continuing to bet with them.

Are there types of deposit match bonus?

Yes, there are. They include Welcome Bonus, Multiple Deposit Bonus, Reload Bonus, etc.

How can I claim a deposit match bonus?

Open an account; make the minimum deposit into your wallet and fulfill the wagering requirements.

What should be on my mind in choosing a deposit match bonus?

A lot of factors such as country restrictions, wagering requirements, potential payouts, withdrawal limits etc.

Do all casinos offer deposit match bonus?

Yes. However the scheme differs from casino to casino.

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