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For Lucky Bets Casinos and Their Rituals are Alpha and Omega


If gamblers go bald-headed at lucky bets casino won’t ruin their faith in mysticism. But is there a lucky charm for gambling ensuring everlasting casino luck?

Accepting Lucky Bets Casino Doesn’t Squint at You

Some try to attract good luck using these signs and rituals.

  • Speaking of lucky number poker pops in mind first

Some symbols have a history rooted in far past, such as number 7 and number 13. And others possess deeply personal meaning for a player, like his own birthday, the date of a wedding, or another important event. When players have faith in a certain lucky number poker game hinges upon this figure every time. Maybe, trusting in a certain sign wholeheartedly really makes the fortune shine on you.

  • Victorious clothes

Wearing a red item or adding such a bright accessory to your outfit may be the key to success. It’s one of the longest-standing gambling superstitions, still relevant for casinos from Monte Carlo to Exeter. Also, when some gamblers win big, they wear the same clothes when placing the next bet. Imagine – sometimes people sprinkle salt on their attire to break a losing streak!

  • Handle the money right

You can put small coins next to you to dispel the dealer’s fortune. And when it comes to your funds, treat them respectfully – don’t count them in public. Fortune loves people taking life easily. That’s why among numerous gambling superstitions like the itchy hands myth we also have a farewell ritual for money. Put some banknotes in your pocket and forget about them. The key is to eliminate the fear of losing money. This ritual lets you bet dispassionately, but at the same time, it increases the chances to get your casino luck.

  • Want to scratch your palm? Think twice

Itchy hands superstition is worldwide; however, it depends on the nation how to decipher this simple nervous impulse. While in one country this phenomenon means that you’ll most probably lose your money, in another this itchy hands superstition motivates you to make a bet. As you can see, you should interpret this in different ways, depending on the location of the game, be it Bratislava or Exeter. You can’t even imagine what kind of interpretations of this «itchy hands myth» leading to countless lucky bets casino encounters daily. By the way, did you know that there’s also an itchy foot superstition? People find signs everywhere, even when they play at LeoVegas Casino!

  • Chinese gambling superstitions are for enquiring minds

Put aside the mythology of the western world and get to know the Chinese gambling superstitions, even if you’re making a bet in Exeter. 4 and 8 are incredibly important here. The conceptual core of the first number is a failure, while the second has the opposite meaning. Of course, there are more subtle signs hidden behind the combinations of these symbols with the number 3 (also 6 and 9). However, on a daily basis, most gamblers pay attention to the first two numbers, which are the cornerstones of this belief. 4 implies death and loss, 8 – great luck and infinity.

Bring a Lucky Charm for Gambling

What about dried rat paw, a well-known Indian amulet? Cast some spell over it before the games to guarantee luck. Rabbits also had the misfortune of becoming a part of the belief – their paws, as people say, are good mascots. Compared to these gambling lucky charms, a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe doesn’t seem so extravagant. Nowadays an ordinary lucky charm for gambling is much simpler – a bill from the first win or a photo of a loved one.

Gambling Superstitions and Choice of a Companion

Often, men take women to the casino… as a mascot. Well, it’s not a ship; they won’t bring bad luck here! A woman should be by her companion’s side for the whole night, but completely silent and uninvolved in the game.

Animals are also significant. Superstitious gamblers do not tolerate the presence of dogs in the room, as they believe that they are the cause of fights. It is also considered a bad gambling omen to touch a cat. So you should probably send your pets out of the room before getting on a roll at web casinos with no deposit bonus codes.

Whatever Makes your Gambling Pleasant is Fine with the Casino

Gamblers catch their luck by all means and they have particularly superstitious personalities. Perhaps, only in a casino, you can see so many examples of non-standard behavior, various ambiguous signs, or talismans. But be sure: the staff here witnesses such things daily, and as long as you don’t interfere with other players, they won’t look asquint at you. Do what you need to feel as good and confident as possible. While you’re placing your lucky bets casino won’t make you blush no matter what.

Posted by Daniel Velasquez
Former Casino Brand Owner

Previously owned his own small casino brand, Daniel Velasquez becomes an expert in the online gambling domain. He writing perfect reviews from a managerial perspective based on his own experience.

Daniel understands customer needs and able to provide an objective evaluation for casinos he is reviewing. His main aim to guide new customers in the attractive world of online gambling.

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