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Your success depends too much on what drops out on the reels


Napoleon Slot

Among other historical figures, there is hardly anyone who would be better suited to the role of an idol for gamblers than Napoleon Bonaparte. Judge for yourself: a native of a simple family, born at a time when the only chance for success was aristocratic status, managed to break out into the sole leaders of his country, and even conquered almost all of Europe! The majority of online casino players strive for about the same – by betting a relatively small amount of money, they want to hit the jackpot and improve their financial condition. Blueprint Gaming, rightly considered one of the leading providers of our time, decided to play on this similarity of profiles, and in 2018 presented users with a themed Napoleon Slot.

Pros and Cons

The modern range of gambling entertainment is so extensive that the average player is physically unable to personally test all slot machines. In order not to waste time on talentless and stupid slots, it remains to rely on the recommendations of colleagues, who, fortunately, often leave their opinions on the Internet about what they think about every entertainment. Since Napoleon Slot appeared far from yesterday, they also managed to leave many comments about it, which make up a detailed picture. We have collected such comments together and found out that the considered slot machine has the following advantages:

  • The graphics of the splash screen of this slot allows you to immediately understand that it was released at a time of significant technological development, and the colourful battle scenes only increase the excitement and remind you of the risk;
  • The volatility of the slot machine is estimated between medium and high – here you will not be able to win a little every day, but the win is always very pleasant and significant;
  • Thanks to the use of multipliers and additional free spins, the player can win even more than expected;
  • You don’t have to be a high roller to play Napoleon Slot – the minimum bet size is low enough, it allows you to risk money and try your luck without investing the entire family budget in gambling.

In theory, a picky and demanding user can find several flaws in Napoleon Slot, but one that struck us the most – the one that is mentioned most often in the comments. We are talking about a relatively small number of additional opportunities – your success depends too much on what drops out on the reels.

Theme and Graphics

Whoever should like Napoleon Slot is a fan of modern graphics. It’s no joke – this is a modern three-dimensional slot machine, the screensaver of which does not cause doubts in its drawn character but at the same time looks realistic. Of course, this slot machine does not provide the realism of the picture at the level of a full-fledged film, but still, the screensaver allows you to travel back two hundred years ago, to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The soundtrack only contributes to this.

Napoleon Slot Machine

In the meantime, realism for this slot is very important, given that the developer of Blueprint has chosen not the banalest theme. While fellow gamblers are looking for the treasures of the Maya or the ancient Egyptian pharaohs for the thousandth time, we are offered to plunge into almost modern times without flying further into the past than for some two hundred years. The existing borders are too outdated, some ruling regimes are rotten through and through – Europe is ready for its outlines to be radically redrawn. Anyone who leads a victorious army runs the risk of covering his name with eternal glory and providing himself with unheard-of wealth. Are you ready to test yourself in this role?

Napoleon Slot RTP

The return on investment for this slot is 95.96%, which is not a record but still quite decent. Being familiar with the policy of the developers of many other slot machines, we would say that the payments here are still quite generous because the provider and the sites in total retain only about 4% of the invested funds. Consequently, a persistent player can theoretically even turn out to be a plus, although it will not be superfluous to remind once again that gambling is not about making money but about having a pleasant pastime.

Given the average (or even slightly above average) volatility, the player should be smart about using his bankroll. In Napoleon Slot, the winnings are not stable, and they certainly do not happen too often. Most likely, your first win could significantly improve the balance of expenses and income from gambling, but it is important to reach it without spending everything in your account. Therefore, experienced gamblers recommend not to get carried away with big bets unless you have a solid supply of money.

How to Win Napoleon Slot?

The main symbols are cards (from nine and above), as well as horses, ships, warriors, bombs, and, in fact, Napoleon himself in the form of a wild symbol. The principle of winning is typical for many other games like Megaways – you need to collect a combination of at least two identical symbols in a row, but the more of them, the better. If Napoleon lands on a line of identical symbols in the adjacent reel, this will allow you to fix the combination and spin the rest of the reels – perhaps, thanks to this, the combination will become even more presentable.

Napoleon Game Slot

The ideal winning combination is five Napoleons in a row on five different reels. Such a coincidence means that you have won 100 thousand – it is simply impossible to achieve a bigger win in this slot!

Special Features of Napoleon Slot

Three rows and five reels – Napoleon Slot offers a rather large playing field, and yet the developer does not provide any special additional functions. The main thing that is needed, in addition to collecting combinations, is to hope for the “correct” fall of Napoleon, acting as a wild symbol and a wild multiplier. If the winning happened in the presence of the French leader, the winning will increase significantly.

Therefore, of the special features, we will only mention automatic spins – the player does not have to spin the reels manually every time. The descent will be triggered without human intervention, an infinite number of times – as long as there is money or free spins on the account.

Napoleon Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

The gold bonus provides a guarantee of winning for the player – there are simply no other equal options in the game. If there are at least three golden symbols, the player is entitled to ten free spins, and the automatic spins at this moment start by themselves – just watch whether you are lucky or not. If the gold bonuses are combined with Napoleon, then the reels will spin until there is at least some winning combination.

A scatter in the amount of at least three means that the player has earned the right to a series of at least ten free spins. Their exact number depends on the presence of additional multipliers – that is, theoretically, there can be much more rotations.

There is also a special version of Napoleon that screams. The battle cry (and this is the name of this symbol) should be considered a great success, especially if it fell out to the place. Combinations made with the help of a battle cry turn out to be especially beneficial.

Overall Review

If you are tired of monotonous classic slots, as well as boring thematic ones that exploit the same plots, a slot machine dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte will again come in handy. With relatively simple and intuitive gameplay, stunning graphics, and a mesmerizing soundtrack doing their job – the gambler simply won’t want to be distracted by anything else!

We will not argue – everyone has different tastes, and someone may fundamentally love only classic fruit slots. If you do not belong to such champions of unchanging traditions, then you must try this slot in action!

What is the RTP of Napoleon Slot?

The return rate in this slot machine is close to the maximum for the gambling industry – almost 96%. Some slots from other developers, including even popular and “unfading” ones, do not offer such an RTP! However, a visitor to an online casino should take into account that refunds are made in the form of large but relatively rare payments. If you don’t want to lose out before it’s time to win, plan your bankroll costs wisely and don’t bet a lot.

What is the biggest win available on Napoleon Slot?

The maximum winning in Napoleon Slot is set at 100 thousand units of your currency – at least if it is dollars, euros, or pounds sterling. In other currencies, equivalent values may be used, so the numbers may be completely different. At the same time, the rule works according to which it is impossible to win more than an amount ten thousand times the size of the bet made.

How volatile is Napoleon Slot?

There are various opinions according to which the Napoleon Slot volatility is called both medium and high. In any case, this is not a slot machine that will report winning some little thing after almost every bet. Rather, he will delight the player with a decent payout, but only after an impressive series of losses. Be patient and save your bankroll – this is the simplest and most succinct winning tactic for this slot machine.

Is there a free spins bonus in Napoleon Slot?

The developer of Napoleon Slot, represented by Blueprint Gaming, has provided the slot machine with a free spins option. Their minimum number is ten, and they are skipped without human intervention – automatically.

Posted by Joshua Mau
Gaming Mathematician

An excellent knowledge of number theory and random number generators led our author to the main advisory board of the largest slot machine providers. In this series of articles, you can find a lot of information about the structure and mechanics of casino games.

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