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The jackpot allows you to get a win that is a thousand times larger than the bet amount
Here they do not just give free spins - they completely lack "cheap" symbols
The developer added a bonus game to the gameplay that promises players immediate prizes
The maximum win is limited by your bet multiplied by 2500 times

Game Overview


Mega has always been a word with immense meaning, but in this case it really does live up to its name. The Mega Jackpot is set for anyone who plays at least one ball and hits the big six million plus mile win! And when we wrote about them before they were even £4m yet? It seems like just yesterday that you could still get your hands on those first three prizes – now there’s extra excitement as everything grows faster than ever…

I’m sure most people will be waiting eagerly with their computer screens ready if/when our next update comes through because chances like these don’t come around often enough or else everyone would take advantage of such opportunities while.


The potential for big wins is always there in any game of chance, but it’s even greater when you’re playing on an online casino website with progressive jackpots. Every time someone lands a winning combination within the randomly activated Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot bonus game – which consists of spinning wheels divided into colored segments and associating each segment to one specific prize value (from 1 million up until 10 thousand)-they could end up walking away handsomely rewarded!

The current value of the progressive jackpot is displayed in the game.

– The Mega progressive jackpot resets to 1,000,000 credits

– The Major progressive jackpot resets to 10,000 credits

– The Minor progressive jackpot resets to 100 credits

– The Mini progressive jackpot resets to 10 credits


The Wild Lion is a powerful symbol that substitutes for any combination of symbols. The payout on each win with it has been doubled, but you can’t get more than one award per game session!

Free Spins

The free spins are an exciting bonus feature that offers you the chance to win three times what your most recent bet was. During these special rounds, any Wild multiplier symbols will boost this total even higher! 

You can also activate it by playing for another round with their own unique symbol design – just make sure not too many people see how easy they were before betting again because then everyone else who wants in on all those great prizes would take them away from us ordinary folks (and we don’t want anyone forgetting about our interests).


Posted by George Hansen
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Started his carrier as a casino dealer and was promoted to managerial positions. He is currently working as a consultant for different brands and advises how to promote their live games portfolio.

Now George Hansen also collaborates with us to help players make their best choice. He evaluates portfolios and operations and trying to find the most convenient brands where our players can start playing.

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