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Goblin’s Cave Slot Review

Js07 Coblins Cave Game Screenshot

The guys at Playtech are big fans of the traditional slot games that were popular in Europe back when people had nothing better to do than sit around all day smoking cigarettes and playing cards. 


So they decided it was time for a new take on this old favorite, adding some modern bells & whistles while still retaining its classic feel with three rows filled up each reel upon row – just like you would find anywhere from $800-$100

Goblin’s Cave Bonus Features

The goblens’s cave bonus features include an immediate cash prize and wilds, which can be helpful to create winning combinations. The most distressing part about this game is the screeching sound each time you spin it; fortunately there’s also a bonus round with instant money pots for those who don’t want their ears hurting after playing 10 minutes straight!


If you are looking for a great way to make some money, look no further than Goblin’s Cave. This treasure trove of all things sparkly has red rubies as its most valuable gems and they pay 150x your stake when 3 identical symbols appear on an active vertical payline!


The Goblins’ Cave is a dark and foreboding place. However, if you find three lanterns scattered throughout these cavernous depths then your way will be illuminated by their light!

Goblin’s Hold Feature

The first thing that might come across as confusing here to players used-to the modern slot machines is how this machine has a symbol holding function. On each spin, only three bottom rows fill up with different symbols and these can be anything from low paying or wilds right up until scatters! 


You’ll then want to push the “hold” button underneath each reel of your choice so it’s held in place for whichever direction you’re going during spinning – and if there are two more identical ones showing above yours then great because now we’ve got our winning combination ready!

Goblin’s Cave Jackpot

As much as goblins can be magical, this one is also greedy and won’t let you win more than 150x your stake per spin. This could make it seem like a low-paying game with little chance at big payouts but don’t let that discourage you! It has been reported that the RTP score ranges anywhere between 94% – 99%.

RTP and Volatility

Goblin’s Cave is not a very volatile game, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful with your budget. Goblins love to hoard gold, and they’ll take your pennies when you least expect it. The RTP varies greatly from casino to casino, so be sure to pick one that has at least a rate above the industry average. Reportedly, it can go up to a staggering 99.32%, but realistically, you’ll probably come across an RTP score between 94.50% – 96%.

Goblin’s Cave on Mobile

Goblin’s Cave is one of Playtech’s slots that has not yet been adapted for mobile play. The best way to enjoy this game on your phone would be by tapping the hold button each time you want a new spin, but it becomes too much hassle when there are multiple players in competition with each other over who gets control over what device everyone wants their own space!

Posted by Ashley Robinson
Live Dealer

Acting employee of a live casino. The author manages to combine work as a dealer in a live casino of the largest European brand and authorship in our gambling portal.

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