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Gateway Casino is Not Afraid of Restrictions


Employees at Gateway Casinos & Entertainment said the organization is not worried about Ontario’s restrictive measures. Recall that not so long ago, a protocol on the protection and security of the region was published. A Gateway spokesperson said the new restrictions on the total number of customers will not affect gambling establishments. In particular, this applies to an institution called Starlight Casino Point Edward.

Not so long ago, regional authorities announced special documents that are directly related to health and safety. They are aimed at countering the growing number of coronavirus cases. At the moment, the province has closed entertainment establishments with a capacity of a thousand clients or more. Although the sports complexes, shopping centers, and gambling establishments operate under the close supervision of law enforcement agencies.

In his interview, the spokesman noted that local establishments will not feel the restrictive measures. Therefore, all the casinos in the area will be in perfect order.

According to an employee of the company, Point Edward receives an average of one thousand clients, although the total capacity is two thousand. The Sarnia facility accommodates six hundred clients, and Chatham one thousand.

Rob said the company has seen a slight decline in the number of customers. This is because Ontario has introduced new vaccine passports. However, the locals are used to it. With all this, the company is optimistic and moving towards its goal. The players feel safe; they are protected.

After the adoption of new restrictive measures, a local politician made a statement. He said that the clients of the institution still do not wear masks, even despite the requests of the administration. Although the representative of the institution claims that the locals listen to the company and do the right thing. Very few visitors refuse to comply with requests.

The company also spoke about the new Cascades Casino North Bay facility in the region. At the moment, employees are taking the necessary actions. In addition, the organization plans to hold a special job fair in real-time to recruit new specialists to the institution. This event is scheduled for January next year.

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