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Zodiac Wheel

In the whole world, there is hardly anything more mysterious than the starry sky. They say that we are fascinated only by those phenomena whose nature we cannot understand, but over the past centuries, humanity has come close to understanding celestial processes, which has not diminished the mystery of the stars in the least. They continue to beckon us, and surely everyone at least once in his life regretted that he had not chosen the profession of an astronomer – he would now receive money for admiring the night sky through a telescope.

Just don’t fall out of your chair, but EGT offers to correct this injustice! Yes, this is not a mistake – in the slot machine called Zodiac Wheel Slot, a non-trivial design theme has been played, thanks to which you can feel like a person communicating with the stars. It remains to make sure that they are formed as expected, but it already depends only on luck!

Pros and Cons

The main advantage of this slot machine has already been briefly saying – its theme is fundamentally different from colleagues and thus attracts. The developers failed to develop the trend and create a game in which not only the design but also the gameplay would be non-trivial, but let’s be objective – everyone is already playing the same game, they just sometimes change the background picture so that the eyes don’t get tired. Zodiac Wheel Slot does an excellent job with this task because it leaves players the opportunity to play without learning the rules from scratch.

If the fact that the game mechanics are too similar to many other games turns you off a little, you should read the opinions of other users. So you will understand whether it’s worth trying this slot at all, or it’s okay if you never get to know it. Especially for you, we have collected user comments on thematic forums and identified stable trends. If we talk about the positive, then it lies in the following:

  • there are thousands of slots with approximately the same game mechanics, but there are few of those who are lucky enough to have a non-trivial design theme, and Zodiac Wheel Slot is one of the latter;
  • game mechanics are both familiar and simple, allowing you not to delve into new incomprehensible rules, and at the same time, it involves additional elements of excitement in the form of a bonus game and four jackpots;
  • the progressive jackpot is an opportunity to win a completely unpredictable amount of money.

If you wish, you can find fault with a lot of things. The main criticism is because the developers did not consider it necessary to add a bonus game or free spins packages – that is, it will not work out here. The maximum multiplier in the form of 3 thousand against the background of the bet amount seems to some users too modest – they are sure that there was no need to be limited to five pay lines. Again, the card symbols, albeit after undergoing some redesign, remained – that is, the element of novelty is absent, and the theme is lame from this. Finally, the soundtrack is an incomplete disaster – in an amicable way, it’s not there!

Theme and Graphics

In ancient times, people believed (and today many continue to believe) that our fate is predetermined, and it is precisely by the stars. Small night lights, folding in various combinations, could promise untold wealth or doom to hopeless poverty. It is noteworthy that it was impossible to outwit fate in any way – this is a kind of stable phenomenon, beyond the control of a mere mortal. However, one could try, know the future, which was also suggested by the stars, and one could also get rich by telling the rich about their future.

Zodiac Wheel Slot Machine

This is the theme that the EGT developers decided to develop in their Zodiac Wheel Slot. Your task is to look at the starry sky, which acts as a background in this game and look for combinations of stars there that you could beat in your favour. How to beat, you can already guess – you need to collect combinations in the form of straight lines or zigzags to earn a payout. Unlike ancient astrologers, who should have noticed the combination of stars and interpreted it correctly, nothing is required of you – if there is a combination, the slot will honestly inform you about it.

Zodiac Wheel Slot RTP

Stars are stars, but a successful person should not be a fool by itself. It’s no secret that online casinos do not entertain anyone for free – the site wants a small commission from the total bankroll and successfully collects it. The developers themselves act similarly – they would not need to create new slots if they did not make their living by doing this. Another thing is that there are greedy developers and casinos, and there are those who charge a small commission, realizing that if people appreciate all the advantages and come to play massively, then there will be no problem with profit.

In the case of Zodiac Wheel Slot, the supplier most likely chose the second tactic. At least an RTP of almost 96.5% looks like a rather pleasant indicator – if not a record one, but still commanding respect. At the same time, the volatility of the slot machine is not lower than average, which means that winnings will happen relatively rarely, but they will be quite pleasant.

How to Win Zodiac Wheel Slot?

Zodiac Wheel Slot is a typical 5-reel, 3-row slot with relatively few winning combinations. The developers considered that there can be only five winning lines – the combination should consist of either a straight line or a triangle, albeit incomplete but correct. Most of the symbols involve the collection of a combination of at least three symbols, and the win, respectively, grows depending on how many slots it was possible to collect. Naturally, the value of the symbols that make up the combination also affects the winning range.

Zodiac Wheel Slot

Among others, the symbol of the astrologer stands out – logically, it fell to him to be the most valuable among the usual symbols in the Zodiac Wheel Slot. The combination with it is valid even if there are only two astrologers. There is also the zodiac wheel, which serves as a wild symbol – it can be found exclusively in the middle reels and can replace any other symbol (except for the scatter) if it helps to collect a combination.

Separately, mention should be made of the scatters, of which there are two varieties at once. You don’t even need to collect combinations from books – if there are three or more of them on the playing field (in any place), the prize is guaranteed. The star map is useful from a different point of view – in principle, more than three such symbols will not be counted, but their appearance in the first, third and fifth rows promises a solid 100 credits.

Special Features of Zodiac Wheel Slot

If you like to dream, dream about the progressive jackpot Zodiac Wheel Slot – there are four of them in the game at once, and they are constantly growing until someone wins an award. It is noteworthy that there is no way how to manage participation in the fight for the jackpot – the bonus game appears randomly after one of the spins. Experienced players argue that the frequency of invitations to such a bonus game is directly related to the size of the bet – the higher the risk, the more likely it is to win big.

The principle of fighting for the jackpot is extremely simple – the player is shown twelve cards face down, three cards of each suit. Your task is to choose three cards of the same suit from three attempts. If you succeed, you will receive the jackpot of four that matches the card suit.

Zodiac Wheel Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

There are no free spins in this game – this is perhaps the most important omission of its creators. What we will describe next, perhaps, should not be considered as a full-fledged bonus, but we will try it anyway. The bottom line is this: you can risk a small win to double it or completely lose it. If, after winning, a button marked as x2 appears at the bottom, you can ignore it, but you can also click.

Clicked? Long live risk! The system will show you one card turned face down – try to guess if it is red or black. If you guess it, you will get a double win, if you make a mistake, say goodbye even to a single one.

Overall Review

Zodiac Wheel Slot is not in great demand by the general public and, in our opinion, in vain. In terms of gameplay, this is a rather interesting and unpredictable slot – albeit without free spins, but with four jackpots and a bonus game. He suffers from a lack of attention because there is a lot of entertainment with similar game mechanics, but when else do you try on the role of an astrologer?

What is the RTP of the Zodiac Wheel Slot?

The payout percentage is one of the strong points of Zodiac Wheel Slot – it is fixed at a level just slightly below 96.5%. We will not argue that it can be somewhat better, but this does not negate the fact that this indicator is not far behind the record in the industry.

What is the biggest win available on Zodiac Wheel Slot?

The bet made will be multiplied, at best, three thousand times. Some users sincerely believe that this is a huge flaw and disadvantage of this slot. We are not sure that this is such an omission because a decent percentage of payments will allow the user to stay with his friends, and the maximum jackpot in any slot machine is practically unattainable.

How volatile is Zodiac Wheel Slot?

There is no consensus about the volatility of Zodiac Wheel Slot entertainment, but more often than not, experts say that the variance is close to the average. The golden mean is just what you need: winnings do not happen every time, but they are not a huge rarity, they are not cosmic, but they are not funny either.

Is there a free spins bonus in Zodiac Wheel Slot?

The developers of Zodiac Wheel Slot surprisingly overlooked that a good slot should offer players the opportunity to spin the reels for free. However, the entertainment is not devoid of other useful and interesting options – which are only four different jackpots and a bonus game with guessing the suit.

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Now George Hansen also collaborates with us to help players make their best choice. He evaluates portfolios and operations and trying to find the most convenient brands where our players can start playing.

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