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A non-trivial topic deserves to be mentioned as a dignity again and again
Fifty pay lines promise good chances of success
There is an opportunity to compete for the jackpot, and double each ordinary win
The mechanics of the game are classic
The use of card symbols and the standard game scheme which is boring fow some players


The Story of Alexander Slot

Modern mankind clearly shows admiration and even some admiration for ancient civilizations. It is difficult for us to imagine how one person, in the absence of industry and full-fledged science, could develop to such a level as to conquer its neighbors and decide the fate of the whole world. As for the leaders of such civilizations, who managed to come to power in conditions when the only valid law is the right of the strong, it is simply impossible not to admire these people. Such a person was supposed to become a real leader for his subordinates, and in the eyes of mere mortals, he looked almost like a god!

Among many other great figures of antiquity, The Story of Alexander the Great stands out more than others. Having lived an extremely short life by modern standards, this young man managed to conquer almost all the lands known to the ancient Greeks in those days! How non-trivial a person he was is shown by a simple fact: in a matter of years after his death, a huge empire collapsed into many separate states, which have never since come together. To please those who sincerely revere Alexander the Great, the EGT team developed The Story of Alexander Slot.

Pros and Cons

Ask any gambler if a beautiful and interesting theme of a slot machine matters – and he will surely answer that it certainly does. Now ask him if he is ready to put up with some of the shortcomings of the gameplay for the sake of a beautiful cover – and the answer will almost certainly be no. The Story of Alexander Slot deserves attention for the fact that the supplier turned on fantasy and presented entertainment with a non-trivial theme, but does this mean that the slot is good in everything else?

Theoretically, the reader should form his own opinion because the taste and colour of markers are different. However, we already foresee, as you say, that there is neither time nor bankroll for independent experiments. And we understand this because there are thousands of slots in modern online casinos, and it is unrealistic to try them all, although the developers pick up each of them. So that you do not plunge into an unknown game blindly, we searched thematic forums to find feedback from real users about The Story of Alexander Slot and highlight the main trends. We succeeded – so let’s start with the criteria that are considered by the general public to be the main trump cards of this slot machine:

  • a non-trivial topic deserves to be mentioned as a dignity again and again – you start to appreciate it especially after it turns out that a good half of all slot machines are devoted to fruits and Cleopatra;
  • fifty pay lines promise good chances of success;
  • there is an opportunity to compete for the jackpot, and double each ordinary win;
  • the mechanics of the game are classic, well known to any player with serious experience, you don’t need to understand it again.

We are all eagerly awaiting the release of a slot that will not cause criticism from anyone. There is, however, a suspicion that this will never happen – the public wants too different things in the broadest sense of the word. So it is with this slot – for example, it is often criticized for the use of card symbols and the standard game scheme, which many allegedly become boring. There are even those who believe that the ancient world is, in principle, too much, and the rejection of Ancient Egypt is not an original approach.

Theme and Graphics

The theme of The Story of Alexander Slot is original, but in terms of the background, it is unfinished. In the background we see some kind of mountain landscape – it is, of course, pleasing to the eye, but it is not clear what relation it has to Alexander the Great. But the developers were not too lazy to come up with a large number of senior symbols – here you have a jug, a helmet, an elephant, a chest with money, a girl, and even Alexander himself. It is noteworthy that the latter is simply the oldest of the “ordinary” symbols, not wild and not a scatter. A black horse was used as a wild symbol, a castle was chosen as a scatter.

Alexander Slot Machine

Traditionally, EGT does not spoil the clientele with pleasant sounds while playing. If you consider yourself a lover of silence, diluted only with individual sounds, then you will like the “soundtrack.”

The Story of Alexander Slot RTP

The developers of gambling software and the administration of online casinos do not do their work on a volunteer basis at all – they receive money for their activities and quite decent ones. The salary of such people is a commission that is charged on the total bankroll spent by all players on a particular game. At the same time, the percentage that developers and the administration can charge is always different, so an advanced visitor will also choose a game taking into account the RTP – the percentage of return.

For The Story of Alexander Slot, this figure barely exceeded 96%. To say that this is shameful or just some kind of low figure is impossible – in fact, it’s still pretty good. It’s another matter that competitors, as well as most of the slot machines from EGT, still have a higher RTP.

How to Win the Story of Alexander Slot

The playing field of The Story of Alexander Slot is distinguished by its impressive dimensions – there are five wheels, like most slot machines, but four rows. This allows you to count on winning at once on fifty pay lines, collected from five identical symbols. Naturally, the combination can be more modest, consisting of four, three, and sometimes two symbols, but the user is not interested in collecting small combinations because they do not promise big wins. In this case, the price tag depends not only on the number of symbols in the combination but also on their value.

Alexander Slot

The wild symbol looks like a black horse that appears only in the three middle rows and can replace all other symbols except the scatter. In other words, the black knight will never be an obstacle to collecting a winning line – on the contrary, it will make it one symbol longer. As for the tower-shaped scatter, it appears only in the first, third, and fifth rows. If he appears in three rows at the same time (not necessarily on the same line), then the player will receive a reward in the form of ten free spins and a wild symbol.

Special Features of the Story of Alexander Slot

In addition, the EGT team decided to stir up the interest of the clientele in their development with the help of a progressive jackpot – more precisely, four at once. Each of them is tied to a specific card suit. The drawing starts randomly – after the next spin of the reel, the system will inform you that it’s time to try to win the main prize.

What needs to be done for this? With three tries, choose three of the same suit out of twelve inverted cards – this will not be easy because there are exactly three cards in a dozen of all suits. If you guess right, your jackpot will be the one that matches the suit that is your lucky one.

The Story of Alexander Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

Free spins in The Story of Alexander Slot are implemented as follows: if there are scatters in the first, third, and fifth rows, the player immediately receives ten free spins and can immediately start using them.

In addition, there is another option for how to win more. The creators of this entertainment logically reasoned that no one would be very happy about a small win – it must either be increased or released. Therefore, when receiving any winnings not exceeding 1750 credits, the player can press Gamble and start an additional game. The point is simple – you have to guess what colour the card is turned face down. If successful, the prize will be doubled, and the test can be repeated or terminated, but an error will lead to the loss of the prize.

Overall Review

If you consider yourself a fan of EGT entertainment and are sincerely happy with their game mechanics, but are a little tired of all these fruits and Ancient Egypt, then The Story of Alexander Slot can be an outlet for you to try something new. The rest of the slot is unremarkable – if you are looking for something unique, then this is not here. Nevertheless, this slot machine is no worse than most others, therefore it has every chance of becoming your favourite.

What is the RTP of The Story of Alexander Slot?

The developer set the return rate of The Story of Alexander Slot at about 96%. Objectively, this is not a lot, but not too much. To prevent the clientele from complaining about the alleged greed of EGT, they were immediately offered 50 pay lines, four jackpots, and a bonus game to double small wins.

What is the biggest win available on The Story of Alexander Slot?

One pay line is capable of bringing the player a prize of 5 times their bet. Considering that there are fifty lines at once, the user can win several times at once based on the results of one spin of the reels.

How volatile is The Story of Alexander Slot?

The dispersion of The Story of Alexander Slot is medium. Entertainment with such an indicator does not spoil the player with constant winnings but still allows you to see them, at least sometimes, without waiting for a happy moment throughout your life. The same story, in general, applies to the winnings – in most cases, they will not be really big, but let’s not forget that they do happen regularly.

Is there a free spins bonus in The Story of Alexander Slot?

Nowadays, entertainment without free spins is generally accepted with hostility by the general public, therefore the developers of The Story of Alexander Slot decided not to risk it and added the possibility of free spins to the game mechanics. As a standard, they are given ten pieces – for this, the must scatter appear simultaneously on the first, third, and fifth reels. Line-up is optional.

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In the past, he worked in the field of identifying weaknesses in casino bonus systems — a participant of the conference in London and Las Vegas. The most sophisticated methods of deception have long been studied by the author.

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