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The gameplay of the slot is much more complicated and interesting than that of most competitors
The supplier was not afraid to make a non-trivial move, deviating from the theme of fruits, Ancient Egypt and similar annoying trends
The study of the topic evokes only positive emotions
The maximum winnings in the amount of the bet, multiplied by 5,000 times
There is no bonus game and multipliers


Tahiti Gold

Gambling is always an adventure with a certain probability of getting rich. If it were not a game, but a film, the script’s “recipe” would look as simple as possible: you need dense tropical forests, a mysterious civilization, and, of course, its wealth. Developers from ELK managed to delight the audience with a thematic slot on the theme of gold of pre-Columbian civilizations, but as soon as this story began to bore players little by little, a sensible alternative was released in the form of Tahiti Gold Slot.

Indeed, what do we know about Tahiti? Even if there was no advanced civilization that stood out from the rest of the world, it cannot be said that the local population was completely undeveloped savages – they had their state with an interesting culture and customs. Many of us will never reach this magical island – so let’s get to know it at least in the game interface.

Pros and Cons

A wide range of gambling entertainment available to a modern gambler directly from a PC or smartphone screen is both good and bad. Why it is good is understandable: as soon as you want something new and truly interesting, it will not be difficult to find a worthy alternative to boring games. And it’s bad – because some of the games inevitably do not reach a certain level, and while a beginner figures out that he does not like entertainment, a lot of time and money can be lost. If you make a mistake like this several times in a row, you might end up falling out of love with online casinos!

In order not to be disappointed in the gambling industry, you should choose your new favourite entertainment taking into account the opinions of other users. On thematic forums, they leave their impressions of playing with different slots, and Tahiti Gold Slot is no exception. We have read hundreds of positive and negative comments about this video slot and concluded that its key advantages are as follows:

  • The mechanics of the game will seem familiar and familiar to everyone who considers himself a fan of the “golden” series of slots developed by ELK;
  • The gameplay of the slot is much more complicated and interesting than that of most competitors. The game contains several symbols, the purpose of which is less commonplace than a simple collection of lines;
  • The supplier was not afraid to make a non-trivial move, deviating from the theme of fruits, Ancient Egypt and similar annoying trends, and choosing the history of a small Pacific island;
  • The study of the topic evokes only positive emotions;
  • The maximum winnings in the amount of the bet, multiplied by 5,000 times, can warm the soul and open up new perspectives in life.

There is practically no criticism of this slot – some users only complain that there is no bonus game and multipliers. What do you think – does this entertainment suffer without them, or has it turned out so exciting and exciting?

Theme and Graphics

As conceived by the creators, the player is a brave traveller and adventurer, who was blown to Tahiti by a favourable wind. Here he finds himself in the full power of the local king, on the one hand, endowed with unlimited power, on the other, lacking modern knowledge and technology. With cunning and courage, the traveller can win over the king or outwit him, win the respect of the people or simply rob him. Be that as it may, the final goal is to get rich because our hero is precisely an adventurer, not a vagrant.

Let’s be honest: even if the developers did not delve too deeply into the original Tahitian culture, it would be extremely difficult to catch them on this. Most players are not a priori familiar with it, so they will not criticize the supplier for using inauthentic symbols. However, a demanding visitor is simply obliged to note something else for himself – ELK did not use card symbols in the gameplay, and this is already a big breakthrough in terms of the originality of the design.

Tahiti Gold Slot

Traditionally, the company that created this slot paid attention to the soundtrack of the slot. Again, we will not confidently assert that modern Tahitians would have caught in the motives used something close to their culture, but we also cannot say that the soundtrack is alien or inappropriate.

Tahiti Gold Slot RTP

In adventure films, they never show a gold digger who would easily let go of his profit because only the one who will not miss his gains. A visitor to an online casino should reason in the same way: if you generously distribute interest from your winnings to the right and left, in the end, you can never get a profit. This is an already difficult task, therefore it is reasonable to look for an institution with a minimum commission and choose slots for which the creators have provided a high percentage of payments.

In the case of Tahiti Gold Slot, the RTP is quite high – on average, players are paid 96.1% of the amount of all wagered bankrolls. Keep in mind that this percentage is not guaranteed: someone will hit the jackpot and come out on top, someone, on the contrary, will not be lucky, and he will lose all the money. This is especially important to remember in the context of the fact that the volatility of this slot is high, so the player should take care of his bankroll because he cannot count on a quick big win.

How to Win Tahiti Gold Slot?

If you have visited an online casino at least once and have experience of preliminary wins, we will not have to explain for a long time how this video slot works. The scheme is extremely simple: to win, you need to collect the same symbols on different reels – at least three symbols on adjacent reels, but preferably six, across the entire width of the playing field. The administration does not require the player to place the symbols collected by him strictly in a line – it is only important that they are located exactly on the adjacent reels.

Tahiti Gold Slot Win

The game also provides large symbols, thanks to which it will be possible to use a larger number of reels. The collection of solid winning combinations is also facilitated by wild symbols, the main task of which is to turn into any other, except for bonus ones, if it is beneficial for the player.

Initially, the symbols are arranged in four rows, providing just over 4 thousand pay lines. As soon as the combination is collected, an additional row is added, which increases the player’s chances of getting another win as the number of winning lines increases.

Special Features of Tahiti Gold Slot

The Tahiti Gold Slot looks like a treasure trove of special features. Let’s start with the wild forge – a specific symbol that “freezes” in the place where it originally fell but never ends up in the first and second rows. The peculiarity of such a symbol is its ability to fill the empty spaces under it with wild symbols, increasing the player’s chances of winning. The forge works thanks to the avalanche effect – as soon as the player manages to collect a combination, its components immediately disappear, and in their place, other symbols appear, thanks to which you can win again without an additional spin.

It is worth mentioning the Eye of Tiki symbol, vaguely reminiscent of the Masonic symbol. If there are at least two of them on the playing field, they burn out the space between themselves, and at the same time, add rows, helping to increase the chances of winning.

Tahiti Gold Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

In a situation where it would seem that nothing can save the adventurer, a natural disaster comes to the rescue, forcing the indigenous people with primitive ideas about the world to interpret it as a sign from above. In Tahiti Gold Slot, the bonus symbol is indicated as a volcanic eruption. If there are three or more of them on the playing field at the same time, this means that the player will receive a free spins package as a gift. For three eruptions they give 10 free spins, and for six you can get a quarter of a hundred at once, so try to knock out as many bonus symbols as possible.

Overall Review

Everything new is well forgotten old, therefore Tahiti Gold Slot should be considered as a natural continuation of the “golden” ELK series, which has proven itself to be truly sensible entertainment. The developer changed the subject, transferring the adventurer to a new location – to the paradise Pacific island of Tahiti. It seems small, but it is fraught with great treasures – so come and take them!

Posted by Joshua Mau
Gaming Mathematician

An excellent knowledge of number theory and random number generators led our author to the main advisory board of the largest slot machine providers. In this series of articles, you can find a lot of information about the structure and mechanics of casino games.

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