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The wild symbol provides a guarantee of winning
Tthe multiplier can increase indefinitely
Despite the existence of Minotaurus Slot for many years, its graphics still cannot be called outdated - they still look decent
Average volatility means that the player will sometimes win, and not just spin the reels endlessly in anticipation of a jackpot from the distant future
Players have the opportunity to test Minotaurus Slot in free mode
The development is miraculously devoid of free spins


Minotaurus Slot

For two millennia, ancient Greek mythology has inspired thinkers and creative people in all branches of human activity. Contemporary creators are not only artists and musicians but also gambling developers. The Endorphina team was inspired by the good old story of the Minotaur maze.

If anyone has forgotten or simply did not hear this story, the wife of the Cretan king Minos cheated on her husband with a sea bull (do not be surprised, a typical ancient Greek story). From an unnatural connection, a monster with a human body but a bull’s head was born. The ruler did not think of anything better than to imprison the monster in a specially built labyrinth, bringing seven young men and women every nine years. Only a hero named Theseus managed to defeat a terrible rival in the dark nooks of a large-scale structure the user will try on his mission.

Pros and Cons

The competition among slot machines is so intense these days that even the greatest hits in the industry cannot be considered unshakable. Each smart development has dozens of clones (some completely copy the original, some are 98-99% identical to it), so there is no point in trying everything. Accordingly, a user who is used to wasting time and bankroll thoughtfully prefers not to touch the slot until he receives preliminary information about it from reliable sources. Since every commentator on the thematic forum judges subjectively, the only objective opinion is possible only as a result of summing up particular points of view. We have completed approximately this task, having collected popular opinions about Minotaurus Slot. This video slot is most often praised for:

  • the wild symbol provides a guarantee of winning – repeated spins occur until the user wins;
  • the multiplier can increase indefinitely – that is, until you win, it can grow indefinitely;
  • despite the existence of Minotaurus Slot for many years, its graphics still cannot be called outdated – they still look decent;
  • average volatility means that the player will sometimes win, and not just spin the reels endlessly in anticipation of a jackpot from the distant future;
  • players have the opportunity to test Minotaurus Slot in free mode and make their own opinion about whether it is worth spending money on it.

The critics of Minotaurus Slot are somewhat less than the accolades, but it would be dishonest not to inform readers that negative comments also exist. First of all, the development is miraculously devoid of free spins – a respin, whatever one may say, does not look like a full replacement. In addition, the gameplay may have seemed sensible in 2015, but now it is perceived as primitive – it’s just a restyling of the classic fruit theme, using the annoying card symbols.

Theme and Graphics

In the case of Minotaurus Slot, it would be fair to divide this section into two separate ones – about the graphics and the topic. Let’s start with the graphics because they are good. Take a look at the screenshot below – we won’t claim that it looks cutting edge or stunning, but many would be surprised to learn that this slot machine is many years old. If we judge the development only by the schedule, and even taking into account its venerable age, then this is five out of five.

Minotaurus Slot machine

Unfortunately, it is impossible to praise the topic in the same way. On the one hand, the use of not the banalest plot looks like a clear plus, on the other hand, the creators simply replaced the fruit with the symbolism of the legend of the Minotaur. No one thought to replace card symbols – they are actively used in the game and cover a good half of the playing field at any given time. How this affects the atmosphere, you can guess for yourself – there is no full penetration into the aura of the legend. In fairness, the developers recorded a rather interesting soundtrack, coupled with a gloomy background, giving a slight sense of danger and horror, but again – perhaps the entertainment just needs to be updated.

Minotaurus Slot RTP

The typical visitor to an online casino does not come to an institution for the sake of a legendary atmosphere or a sense of danger – he wants to try his luck by risking money. It is clear that entertainment developers and the administration of the establishment also want to eat and will inevitably take some commission from the total bankroll, but the question is how much the operator will get and how much – the players. The higher the return percentage, the more chances each user has to make a profit.

Several reputable sources agree that the RTP of Minotaurus Slot is approximately 96%. It is impossible to unambiguously praise the developers for such an indicator because it is standard for industry leaders, but the keyword is for leaders. Although the return rate in this entertainment is not a record one, it does not make the manufacturer blush for his brainchild, and this is the main thing.

How to Win Minotaurus Slot?

Remember how we criticized the implementation of the theme above? This is because Minotaurus Slot is not a novelty at all, and even in 2015, it was not. The developers have followed the proven path – since the classic scheme, typical for “fruit” slots, has been successful for many decades, why not reproduce it for a hundred-thousandth time. It must be admitted that this approach has its advantages because users of the older generation often do not want to relearn, they feel nostalgic for the times of their youth and are sincerely happy when they play along. However, modern youth, of course, would like more action and different options for the development of events.

Minotaurus Slot win

The size of the playing field was made one of the smallest in the modern gaming industry – we rotate five reels, but we see only three rows without any additional elements. There are ten winning lines in total, they are formed by lines (straight and zigzags) made up of identical symbols arranged in a row. Each symbol has its value, which affects the size of the win as well as the number of units in the combination. The wild symbol appears only in the middle rows but is traditionally able to replace any other sign to complement the pay line.

Special Features of Minotaurus Slot

The Minotaur itself was chosen as a wild symbol by the developers – its gigantic size against the background of people is emphasized by the fact that it occupies all three rows of its drum. For a player, his loss is a huge plus because a full-sized wild can take part in a huge number of combinations. The falling of the wild symbol is also useful in that after receiving the payments, it launches a bonus game in the form of re-spins – it does not stop until the user receives a new win. At the same time, the Minotaur itself does not move, leaving high chances of winning and even increasing the multiplier.

Minotaurus Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

There are no free spins packages in this entertainment – this is perhaps the main reason for criticism of Minotaurus Slot, which competes even with criticism for its primitive gameplay. The problem of the lack of free spins is partially solved by the respins triggered by the wild symbol, but they usually last for a relatively short time and cannot be won again during the wagering process, therefore they do not cause the same satisfaction for users.

As for the bonus, its role is claimed by the risk game – an updated vision of the bonus game, when you have to guess the colour of the card. Here the player does not guess the colour of the card – he just gets the win and either immediately takes it or prefers to risk it. If Ariadne falls out – great, you managed to double your prize, but the Minotaur for a lost hero is a disaster, he will take all the money. You can double your winnings up to five times in a row, but no more.

Overall Review

Please note that our opinion is also subjective, therefore it can be perceived critically. We would say the following about Minotaurus Slot: we cannot fail to note the outstanding, as in 2015, graphics and appropriate musical accompaniment, we also call the choice of the theme sensible. However, the gameplay and the degree of implementation of the theme raise some doubts – someone likes that the game scheme is extremely simple and understandable, but someone is tired of the monotony of the primitive slot mechanics that have not changed over a hundred years. Thus, this entertainment will appeal to fans of classic gambling, who are ready to accept new graphics, but it is unlikely to be useful for demanding users looking for active gameplay.

What is the RTP of the Minotaurus Slot?

The percentage of returns at Minotaurus Slot is set at about 96% – this is not the ceiling of opportunities, but it is far from the most modest indicator. In other words, the payments here are typical for the most popular slots of our time, which is rather a positive quality. The average user cannot believe that it will turn out to be a plus, but he has such a chance.

What is the biggest win available on Minotaurus Slot?

Own rate can be increased in case of maximum luck 10 thousand times. There have been more, but considering how big the maximum bet in this entertainment can be, theoretically, you can become a millionaire based on the results of one spin. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on this because hitting the jackpot is a one-time success on a lifelong scale, but the very fact that there is a chance is pleasantly warming.

How volatile is Minotaurus Slot?

The average volatility of the Minotaurus Slot allows the player to constantly feel involved in the gameplay. The game is not like thoughtlessly dropping your bankroll down the drain – the user periodically receives winnings. Most often they are not large, but this is normal because we are dealing with a video slot, not an ATM.

Is there a free spins bonus in Minotaurus Slot?

A huge omission of the developers of this video slot is the complete absence of free spins in it. An alternative to free spins is respins, which can be obtained when the wild symbol falls out, but not all players need such a replacement.

Posted by Arthur Clarke
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Arthur Clarke has gained lots of experience in Gambling during his life. He evaluates casinos from the player’s perspective.

Arthur worked for different companies both on the operator side and the provider side. He knows casinos very well. Now Arthur is consulting expert who also likes to play and make gambling session streams.

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