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This slot should be praised at least for the uniqueness of the theme
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They were afraid to reveal the topic to the end - card symbols are present on the playing field, albeit disguised as musical instruments
The maximum win is limited by your bet multiplied by 2500 times


In Jazz Slot

There is a widespread point of view that video slots have nothing to do with education, art, culture, and the like. Critics are sure that modern visitors to online casinos are still spinning the reels, on which only fruits and sevens are still drawn. At best, critics believe, the developer will replace standard symbols with thematic ones, dedicated to any civilization, and this will provoke minimal interest in studying the topic. To be fair, such criticism is not far-fetched – intellectuals, as a rule, are bored in online casinos, or they perceive it as a complete abstraction from their everyday cultural life. However, there is an exception to the ordinary – In Jazz Slot from Endorphina.

We don’t know how the guys came up with the idea of using such an unusual theme to create a gambling game, but we can only applaud. Among thousands of monotonous video slots of our time, the supplier managed to create something unique and memorable. We admit that such entertainment is not for everyone, but you certainly will not forget it and will not confuse it with anything.

Pros and Cons

Above, we touched on the uniqueness of the topic, but you need to understand that the average visitor to an online casino comes to an institution, not at all for the topic but for the gameplay and winnings. But if the theme in In Jazz Slot is guaranteed to stand out, then the gameplay is not enough to say that it is something unique. In other words, a standard visitor who is not fond of jazz may theoretically not like this slot, so the player seeks to get maximum information about it in advance, without wasting his money and time. To understand what such a slot machine is, we studied the opinions of numerous users who left their comments on the Internet. It turned out that In Jazz Slot has the following advantages:

  • theme, theme, and again theme – this slot should be praised at least for the uniqueness of the theme because everything else in the gaming industry that claims to be “unique” is quite pop;
  • musical accompaniment – it would be strange to praise jazz entertainment if it did not have an adequate soundtrack keeping you in the subject;
  • high return rate – even if you do not like jazz as a style of music, the return rate of 96% should be of interest;
  • high maximum bet – this video slot is perfect for users who like to charge a lot of money into the system in the hope of a real jackpot.

Unfortunately, humanity has not yet come up with impeccable online gambling entertainment, and In Jazz Slot also has its drawbacks. First of all, you can find fault with the fact that they were afraid to reveal the topic to the end – card symbols are present on the playing field, albeit disguised as musical instruments. In addition, the maximum win is limited by your bet multiplied by 2500 times – most competitors offer more, and after all, the main message of gambling is to dream of cosmic profit.

Theme and Graphics

In Jazz Slot developers in any situation, when they are criticized, can get an unbreakable trump card – we have done what no one else has done before! Indeed, all the other original plots for gambling look like shameless copy-paste against the background of what the guys from Endorphina did! No civilizations, no treasures – only music, in its most elite form, with the enchanting brilliance of the early electric era! All this happens, of course, to the accompaniment of a soundtrack sustained in the same jazz style – such a slot is categorically contraindicated to be mute, it must sound.

in jazz slot machine

Theoretically, you can kick the developers for the fact that, while working on the topic, they did not bother to remove the card symbols, replacing them with thematic ones. In this case, the creators also have an answer – they did not leave boring symbols of queens and aces but tried to stylize them so that they look like musical instruments. This approach has a charm of its own and could be a good example for lazy competitors.

Jazz Slot RTP

Praising In Jazz Slot for its sensible choice of theme, graphics, and musical accompaniment, we run the risk of running into criticism – do we remember that this is not a film or a theatrical performance but a game of chance? In gambling, the main thing is winning, and everything else is nuances that complement the experience of the opportunity to win. The overwhelming majority of online casino clientele is looking for exactly this, while everything else is secondary.

Like other gambling entertainments, In Jazz Slot should not be perceived as a “Money” button – not every player will be able to make a profit here, especially if we take into account the heterogeneity of success over a long distance. However, the return rate is set quite well here – 96%, like in most good video slots. Again, this does not give any guarantees that you will be profitable, much less significantly, but the chances of success in this order increase.

How to Win Jazz Slot?

As for the gameplay, here the guys from Endorphina have finished their fantasy, and it’s good that they have provided 25 variants of winning lines on a relatively small playing field. And the field is really small – with five reels it is limited to only three rows and cannot grow, there are no additional zones for displaying symbols either. The principle of the game, which is typical for most slots, remains the same – the player seeks to collect a line of three or more identical symbols, while the combination does not have to be a straight line – bends, zigzags, and other geometric shapes are allowed.

in jazz win

The cost of winning combinations is variable – it is not only tied to the size of the bet made but also depends on the number of participating symbols. The denomination of the symbol also matters – cheaper cards, actually, jazz ones, will bring increased profits. Collecting a combination is simplified by the use of a wild symbol that can attach itself to a payline and lengthen it. It is not difficult to identify the wild symbol – it is designed in the form of a treble clef with a large WILD inscription.

Special Features of In Jazz Slot

The only feature of In Jazz Slot is the risk game – a banal one, but with a touch of novelty. The principle itself is banal and painfully familiar – a player can additionally risk his winnings to double it, but in case of defeat, any benefit is lost; you can also double your winnings in a row. The game is based on guessing the card – this is also nothing new, and then the unusual begins: you must not guess the suit but beat the dealer’s card with your own. In some ways, this principle of the game is reminiscent of the legendary and simple game 21.

Jazz Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

Free spins in In Jazz Slot are not just there – they are also quite interesting. To start a package of ten free spins, you need to make sure that at least three scatters appear on the playing field at the same time – in this game, they are simply signed as In Jazz. Succeeded? Great – the curtain rises, and the player participates in the bonus game. Its peculiarity is the possibility of joker symbols falling out – a saxophonist, a double bass player, and a white female vocalist. Joker has the function of a wild symbol – it can turn into other symbols if it helps to collect a combination; without the possibility of collecting combinations, they will not even be shown – it will remain behind the curtain.

The peculiarity of jokers is that they also act as multipliers. If the saxophonist does not affect the amount in any way, then the double bass player doubles and the girl with the microphone increases it three times. If two jokers are involved in a winning combination at once, the odds can be added up. Therefore, in the end, you can win five times more money than from a similar combination in a regular game.

Overall Review

Jazz Slot has what the competing video slots lack – an elusive charm. Just think: the developers not only made the soundtrack truly jazzily but also accompanied the combinations with appropriate sound effects! Because of this, after playing on such a slot machine, you get the feeling that you have touched something beautiful – for example, you have gone to a good concert of live music. To be honest, it is worth a lot and is strikingly different from the same type of online casino entertainment, which is not able to stand out in any way among thousands of the same ones.

What is the RTP of In Jazz Slot?

The average return on most of the good slots is around 96%. The developers at Endorphina reasoned this way: we create great entertainment that will stand out from the crowd – do we need people to point their fingers at a low percentage of wagering? Perhaps not – and if so, we must try to make the gambling game for the user, if not profitable, then at least preserving good chances of success. That is why In Jazz Slot offers an RTP rate of 96%.

What is the biggest win available on In Jazz Slot?

What? Did you want to get to a sensible jazz concert, and so that YOU were also paid for it? Okay, okay, we are joking – you can, of course, win in In Jazz Slot, but the maximum multiplier was chosen rather modest – you can increase your own bet “only” by 2500 times. Considering how well you’re having your time, this probably doesn’t qualify as a real problem.

How volatile is In Jazz Slot?

The variance of In Jazz Slot is average. This means that there is nothing out of the ordinary in winning this game – on the contrary, small wins that do not reach the size of the bet made happen every few spins. Where you can win back is on free spins – there the jokers do their job.

Is there a free spins bonus in In Jazz Slot?

There are free spins in In Jazz Slot, and they provide, perhaps, even more, interesting gameplay than the main game. The highlight is in jokers, full-length images of jazz musicians who know how to attach themselves to any combination like a wild symbol and even additionally multiply the winnings.

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In the past, he worked in the field of identifying weaknesses in casino bonus systems — a participant of the conference in London and Las Vegas. The most sophisticated methods of deception have long been studied by the author.

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