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This is a typical slot from EGT with simple and well-known rules
Entertainment involves a fairly high percentage of payments
The slot machine has been ported to various platforms
Originality is absent both in the matter of choosing a theme and in cheap card symbols or game mechanics
The functions of the scatter and the wild symbol are performed by the same Cleopatra


Grace of Cleopatra Slot

Perhaps there is no other civilization about which we would know so much and at the same time so little. Ancient Egypt left behind a lot of written evidence, artifacts, and even architectural monuments, but humanity still has not given itself answers to some questions. For example, how did the Egyptians build huge pyramids, because even today, with the presence of advanced technologies, it would not be so easy to repeat the trick? The mystery becomes even more interesting when you consider that the technology, clearly advanced for those times, surprisingly is not described anywhere. Did the Egyptians inherit the pyramids from someone else, or was this ancient civilization many times greater than we used to think?

For gambling, the element of mystery and unpredictability is exactly what you need because the developers of all the leading providers of online casino software touch upon the Egyptian theme in one way or another. EGT employees also could not stand aside, therefore today, we will consider what the Grace of Cleopatra Slot is.

Pros and Cons

The ancient Egyptian theme is rather hackneyed – this means that the average casino visitor has probably tried this type of slot at least once in his life and maybe even tried several of them. The general public probably gets the impression that most of the “Egyptian” entertainment is of the same type, so you don’t want to waste time and money trying all of them. However, the background picture should sometimes be changed for a change – just how to understand which slot machine is worth your attention if you are a fan of Ancient Egypt and its aesthetics?

The best way to save time and money is to read the comments of other users about different slot machines. To get a complete picture, ideally, you would have to re-read many thematic forums, but there is no urgent need for this because we have already done it for you. We offer a summary of the most important information about the Grace of Cleopatra Slot, but let’s start with the advantages:

  • this is a typical slot from EGT with simple and well-known rules, given the opportunity to win a decent amount thanks to the presence of ten winning lines at once;
  • entertainment involves a fairly high percentage of payments – that is, it leaves the user with a lot of chances to beat the establishment;
  • the slot machine has been ported to various platforms, therefore it is not necessary to be tied to a desktop computer – you can try your luck at any free moment using a modern smartphone.

There is also enough criticism of this development, but let’s say right away – it is subjective, therefore, some readers may find it unreasonable. Critical users most often criticize this slot machine for being hackneyed from all sides – originality is absent both in the matter of choosing a theme and in cheap card symbols or game mechanics. In addition, the developers from EGT have successfully deprived the development of the scatter – more precisely, the functions of the scatter and the wild symbol are performed by the same Cleopatra.

Theme and Graphics

There is not much to say about the Grace of Cleopatra Slot theme – it is as banal as possible. In the background, an allegedly ancient Egyptian landscape appears vaguely – a desert with barely guessed ancient buildings in the distance. EGT traditionally does not indulge its clients with music – there are only sounds of drum rotation and pressing of some buttons, everything is implemented quite primitively. The only “trick” of this development is, in fact, Cleopatra, who knows how to smile mysteriously, becoming part of the winning line.

Grace of Cleopatra Slot Machine

A good half of all symbols are card symbols – from nine to ace. Specific “ancient Egyptian” symbols add thematic, which in this game are mainly realized in the form of portraits of prominent figures of Cleopatra’s time, including Cleopatra herself, Mark Antony, and Julius Caesar. Separately, mention should be made of a scarab beetle and a golden statue of a cat – a sacred animal in Ancient Egypt.

Grace of Cleopatra Slot RTP

Any slot provides that gambling is not a way to make money, but just entertainment. Theoretically, one individual user can beat the system, but it will never happen that all users in total won more than they bet. Therefore, everyone should be prepared for the fact that they will never become rich thanks to slot machines. However, it would be wrong to think that all developers charge the same commission from the gambling public!

In the case of Grace of Cleopatra Slot, the commission looks quite small, and the percentage of payments (RTP), accordingly, is pleasing. Judge for yourself – the vendor and the administration of the institution, on average, return to users about 96.23% of the bankroll. This means that luck should only smile at you a little to compensate for less than 4% of the commission and bring the player into a confident plus.

How to Win

The Grace of Cleopatra Slot uses the most common playing field scheme – three rows with five rotating reels. The slot machine assumes the presence of ten pay-lines of five identical symbols, but in fact, you can collect even fewer, just then the winning will be more modest. For more expensive (non-card) symbols, the acceptable size of a winning combination starts with literally two symbols located next to each other, while card symbols must be collected at least three at a time. The exact amount of winning depends not only on the number of components in the combination but also on the value of the symbols from which it is collected.

Grace of Cleopatra Game

Since the slot is dedicated to Cleopatra, she manages to play the role of both the wild symbol and the scatter in this game. As a wild symbol, it replaces any other (except for the scatter), but only on the condition that it helps the player to collect the winning line. As a scatter, it should be located on the playing field in any place in the amount of three or more – if the player manages to collect a set of sufficient size, he will receive a reward in the form of credits, as well as a package of ten free spins.

Special Features of Grace of Cleopatra Slot

The main feature of the Grace of Cleopatra Slot is the presence of four jackpots at once, each of which is dedicated to one of the card suits. The opportunity to compete for one of them is generated randomly – the player cannot contribute to this in any way, although there is a theory that the chance is more often given to users who charge in large quantities. If you have a chance to compete for the jackpot, the bonus game will start after the next spin, and the winnings are credited.

The meaning of the game is as follows: the player sees in front of him a dozen overturned cards, which are known to be equally represented among all suits. The user is given three attempts to choose cards of the same suit. If you succeed in achieving your goal, there is a reason (and money) to celebrate because the jackpot is yours! Which of the four? It directly depends on which suit you turned over!

Grace of Cleopatra Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

It is quite easy to get a dozen free spins – for this, you need to have at least three Cleopatras on the playing field at the same time. It is not necessary to collect a combination of them (although it would bring additional winnings in credits) – the scatter can appear anywhere, it will still provide a bonus.

In addition, the opportunity to play an additional win of up to 340 credits can be considered as a bonus. When the win is confirmed, the Gamble button will appear at the bottom – you can ignore it and spin the reels, then the money will simply go to your account. If you press Gamble, then the system will sequentially offer one inverted card, and your task is to guess what colour it is. For the guessed colour, the winnings will be doubled, but an error is fraught with the loss of the full amount, but the test can be stopped at any time.

Overall Review

The Grace of Cleopatra Slot slot machine is optimal for describing “one of the hundreds of the same.” Let’s be objective – there are a lot of other entertainments that successfully exploit the ancient Egyptian theme, and the game mechanics here do not claim to be unique – at least, many EGT slots work similarly. Nevertheless, this entertainment is no worse than competitors, and this can already be regarded as some achievement and a chance of success.

What is the RTP of the Grace of Cleopatra Slot?

The percentage of returns in the Grace of Cleopatra Slot is approximately equal to 96.2%. This is a pretty good indicator – in some slots, there are more, but you still need to look for them. The developer, turning to a hackneyed topic, clearly hoped to draw additional attention to the slot thanks to its good RTP.

What is the biggest win available on Grace of Cleopatra Slot?

The maximum profit received in the Grace of Cleopatra Slot will be the size of the bet multiplied by 5 thousand times. This is far from the limit of the possibilities of slots in online casinos, but still winning of this size seems very pleasant. At the very least, a jackpot like this would look like a great gift for any player.

How volatile is Grace of Cleopatra Slot?

The variance of the Grace of Cleopatra Slot is assessed as a medium – relatively small wins that occur here relatively often. In our opinion, this is the optimal solution on the part of the developer because the winnings do not become boring commonplace, and at the same time, they do not keep themselves waiting for too long.

Is there a free spins bonus in the Grace of Cleopatra Slot?

Those who value the gameplay almost more than the winnings will surely be glad to have free spins in the Grace of Cleopatra Slot. You can get ten pieces – for this, you need to collect at least three Cleopatras. The bonus can be repeated in the course of clearing the top ten.

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