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The jackpot allows you to get a win that is a thousand times larger than the bet amount
Here they do not just give free spins - they completely lack "cheap" symbols
The developer added a bonus game to the gameplay that promises players immediate prizes
Users scold the hackneyed topic


Dragon Pearls Slot

Modern slots often make your eyes run wild – so much so that fans of the good old classics do not want to delve into complex rules and combinations at all. It is much easier and more pleasant for them to once again trust something extremely simple and familiar – such as Dragon Pearls Slot from Booongo. Pfft, only three rows – say fans of huge playing fields, on which a six-digit number of different combinations can appear; So this is what you need – the players will answer, tired of the fact that it takes too long to understand the rules!

We will not argue that this slot machine will inevitably please everyone and everyone – no one cancelled individual preferences. Nevertheless, this slot deserves attention, including in the form of a review.

Pros and Cons

Perhaps Dragon Pearls is not a slot that could boast of an incredible uniqueness of the plot because part of the target audience never gets to it. Most experienced players know a lot of similar but other slot machines and do not consider it necessary to try everything, although small nuances can completely determine the impression of the game. We do not urge you to waste your own time, aiming to replay all those thousands of slots that have been presented by developers over the past decade – instead, you can use someone else’s experience. We will even help with this – by searching thematic forums, we were able to find numerous comments from real users about the experience of playing with this slot machine. Let’s start with what almost everyone likes:

  • the jackpot allows you to get a win that is a thousand times larger than the bet amount – such a multiplier rarely appears, but it allows you to recoup all previous failures;
  • here they do not just give free spins – they completely lack “cheap” symbols, because a too modest gift is sometimes perceived as worse than a complete absence of a gift;
  • the developer added a bonus game to the gameplay that promises players immediate prizes.

Unfortunately, gamblers are still unlucky enough to find a slot to which they would not have the slightest complaints – and it will always be so until the tastes of all people are completely the same. Dragon Pearls, of course, cannot be called sinless either – it is not difficult to find criticism against him. Users, in particular, scold the hackneyed topic – here you don’t have to rely on originality at all. For the game, commonplace playing cards are used, and the situation could be better with multipliers. Nevertheless, it is the simplicity and the absence of “unnecessary” delights that largely determine the popularity of this slot machine.

Theme and Graphics

The creators of this slot machine have an obvious problem with imagination, or they simply did not consider it necessary to turn it on. Nobody even thought to bother with the background – the presence of dragons in the name of the slot machine was not considered a sufficient reason to place them as the main cover. Ordinary symbols also look like ordinary playing cards, there is only one dragon symbol, otherwise, the eastern entourage is added only by a wild symbol in the form of a yin-yang sign and a scatter in the form of a neighbour with an inscription in hieroglyphs.

Dragon Pearls Slot Machine

We are not criticizing this approach – it also has a right to exist, and the owners of the old “hardware” will probably only be glad that the slot creates a minimum load on the equipment. However, it must be admitted that a modern visitor to an online casino spoiled by beautiful graphics may not appreciate the tactics of maximum simplification.

Dragon Pearls Slot RTP

Dragon Pearls has an estimated payout percentage of 95.01%. Is it a lot or a little? It depends on what to compare – some top slots offer an even higher rate, but some slot machines are not ready to provide the client with such a return. In general, it would be correct to say that the RTP of this slot machine is not perfect, but also not bad.

Separately, it should be noted that the volatility of the slot is estimated as average. This is good enough news for those who do not believe in the possibility of hitting the jackpot once in a lifetime and prefer to get theirs often, albeit in small portions. This principle of the game is good from the point of view that it does not require a huge bankroll.

How to Win Dragon Pearls Slot?

Nothing new: to win, the client needs to collect at least three identical symbols in one row. To do this, he is given three rows (combinations can be collected in any) and five reels – that is, there is room for maneuver in the form of collecting four or even five symbols.

Symbols, of course, are unequal – ordinary card ones bring a minimum of winning, therefore it is much more useful to collect combinations of coins, golden trees, and other special symbols. Collect three scatters and, in addition to your cash winnings, you will also receive a package of eight free spins. The wild yin-yang symbol is useful as a replacement for any other symbol.

Dragon Pearls Slot Game

A feature of Dragon Pearls is a solid run-up in the size of the allowed bet. A thrifty player can charge a modest 25p, but especially for high rollers, the maximum price tag for one spin was set at 60 pounds.

Special Features of Dragon Pearls

Additional features are the very zest, thanks to which a “regular” game can turn into a non-trivial and interesting, and most importantly – bring a noticeably larger win than expected. The Booongo developers knew about this, so they added two additional options.

The first one is that six scatters, dropped out, as it becomes clear by their number, in different rows, start the bonus game. The bonus game works on the principle of respins – if you use this opportunity, the scatters on the screen will not disappear, only all other symbols will change.

Drop-down scatters are needed for a reason because the player’s task is to collect all three rows from such symbols. It is not easy to do this, but it is the fulfillment of the described task that will bring the client a jackpot in the form of a thousandfold increase in the bet made. If you fail to collect the full screen of scatters, do not worry – you will not be left without a win anyway, just its exact amount will depend on the number of bonus symbols dropped out.

Free Spins and Bonuses

Free spins are another opportunity to stir up the bank, especially since the developers of Dragon Pearls reacted to the formation of the conditions for receiving the bonus with sufficient generosity. To qualify for free spins, you need to land three scatters on the central reels – those that cannot be described as extreme. For this, they give eight free spins, but not easy ones – card trifles do not fall out during their use! Therefore, you have two options: either complete failure will befall, and you will have to remain without a win, or the latter will turn out to be very solid!

Overall Review

If you look at this slot machine objectively, then two emotions remain. On the one hand, it is supposedly “raw” – neither you have impressive graphics, nor any non-trivial gameplay, and the win is not cosmic. On the other hand, how much does a gambler need – if only the wheels are spinning, and complex rules are sometimes very confusing and only interfere with a productive game. Therefore, we would say that Dragon Pearls is neither a good nor a bad video slot; rather, he is an amateur. If simplicity is important to you and not uniqueness, then this kind of entertainment is sure to please.

What is the RTP of Dragon Pearls?

The percentage of payments in the case of Dragon Pearls does not cause either stormy delight or any particular disappointment – we have a fairly solid, though not top-end, an indicator of 95%. Demanding players would rightly point out that the commission in favour of developers and sites is sometimes lower, but it is fair to remind that especially greedy suppliers pocket a more significant percentage. To forgive a relatively low RTP follows the average variance – Booongo puts payments on stream, so it risks its profit.

What is the biggest win available on Dragon Pearls?

The maximum multiplier of this slot will seem rather low to many, especially demanding players – the bet is increased by a maximum of a thousand times. On the one hand, competitors have much higher indicators, on the other – what are the real chances of a player to snatch the jackpot there? But here at Dragon Pearls, you can compete for it and claim it. We do not play for the sake of beautiful promises, but for the winnings, right?

How volatile is Dragon Pearls?

The dispersion of Dragon Pearls is close to the average level – the administration does not torment the player with excessive waiting times. Here one does not have to count on cosmic-scale gains, but they happen relatively often. In other words, this video slot is poorly suited to harshly provoke a player, but it is optimal for a participant who does not have a large bankroll and hopes to replenish it by winning.

Is there a free spins bonus in Dragon Pearls?

The lack of a video slot to earn free spins is tantamount to a developer shooting himself in the foot. Booongo does not do this because their creation Dragon Pearls has free spins. It is not so easy to get them – three must scatter fall out exactly in the middle. However, the won spins, in addition to being free, will promise additional benefits since during their use, the minor (card) symbols do not drop out!

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