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The gameplay does not look complicated
The maximum jackpot increases the bet amount by 5 000 times
The percentage of payments of 96.8% should be considered quite high
Extreme overuse of the topic - ancient Egypt
Some of the public consider this video slot simple-minded


Book of Sun

A close acquaintance with books has always been useful for a person – it allowed him to gain more knowledge, and, using it correctly, gradually convert valuable experience into an improved material condition. If the “book” is a video slot, then you won’t have to wait long for it to make a profit – such entertainment in recent years has been considered one of the most successful.

Book of Sun is a slot with a playing field of five by three. The rules of the game presuppose the formation of a winning combination of three, four, or five symbols in a row (diagonal is also possible), while some symbols bring a win even if there are only two of them in a row. Collecting three books in a row triggers a dozen free spins, allowing the player to claim even bigger winnings.

Pros and Cons

Let’s imagine a situation: for a long time you have been intensively exploiting your favorite slot, but now you are tired of it, and you want something new. Any self-respecting online casino offers hundreds and thousands of alternatives, but how to choose a worthy solution among them? You can, of course, form your own opinion about each option, but keep in mind that not only time will be spent, but also the bankroll. If one of the options that you are considering is Book of Sun, then we recommend not guessing and not risking time and money, but using someone else’s experience. Judging by what other players write on thematic forums, the main advantages of this slot machine are as follows:

  • the gameplay does not look complicated – if you are far from a beginner in gambling entertainment, then there is nothing to understand, but even a one hundred percent debutant will quickly understand what is needed here to win;
  • the maximum jackpot increases the bet amount by five thousand times – it can be, of course, larger, but still, such a multiplier is quite enough to tickle your nerves;
  • the percentage of payments of 96.8% should be considered quite high – even if it fails to gain profit, the client, at least, will be able to exploit a small bankroll for as long as possible.

However, we will be lying when we say that Book of Sun is a flawless slot machine, which there can be no complaints about it. The main remark on it, actively mentioned on the forums, is the extreme overuse of the topic: you won’t surprise anyone with ancient Egypt for a long time, on the contrary, in our time it already seems to be a sign of bad taste. In addition, some of the public consider this video slot simple-minded – in their opinion, the game would only benefit from some complication of the gameplay.

Theme and Graphics

We have already said above that the Book of Sun theme is a potential cause for criticism of the developers. Against the background, the pyramids, the desert, and ancient columns are slightly visible, among the symbols, there is a pharaoh in a traditional headdress and a god with a bird’s head. As you might have guessed, we are back in Ancient Egypt – just like in a thousand other modern slots.

Book of Sun Slot

It cannot be said that the developers from Booongo did not succeed – on the contrary, the slot machine turned out to be quite foldable, and it has its audience. Another thing is that the ancient Egyptian theme in recent years has become a really bad manner – someone is sick of it. This does not mean that it should finally be given up on it, it is just that the supplier today is obliged to come up with something truly original to count on the deafening success of his brainchild. Booongo was not marked with anything like that – that is, we have another good video slot that does not pretend to be unique at all.

Book of Sun RTP

Booongo is characterized by a tactic according to which the supplier rarely pleases with truly original developments but attracts the general public with its attitude to the payment policy. Slot returns 96.8% on average in the form of winnings – this is an indicator for which one cannot be ashamed. Thanks to this policy, the player has a slightly increased chance of beating the system, and even if this fails, it becomes possible to play for a long time without replenishing the account.

It is also important that the variance is low here. In other words, you will win very often – another thing is that many winnings will not even cover the amount of one bet. In other words, this is a slot for the impatient – if you are not ready to wait your whole life for one big win but strive to cut at least a little here and now, then it is precisely such slot machines that should be emphasized.

How to Win Book of Sun RTP?

The principle of winning in Book of Sun is no different from the mechanics of other slot machines. The player’s task is to collect a combination of three or more identical symbols, with some exceptions, which ensure a win even if two symbols appear next to each other. The more symbols there are in the combination, the more winnings it will bring, however, the size of the reward also depends on the value of the symbols from which the combination is assembled. In this case, there are ten options for how the “line” might look. It can be a curve or even a wedge.

Book of Sun Slot Machine

In the slot called “Book of the Sun,” the symbol of the book acts as a scatter. You can also collect winning combinations from books, while a similar symbol “attaches” to any other line, replacing the missing symbols. In addition, the “library” of three books gives the player the right to get a dozen free spins, so the probability of winning money only increases.

Special Features of Book of Sun

There are no fundamental special features in this game – Book of Sun does not offer any additional winning options other than free spins. Since there is a separate section for this type of reward in our article, let’s go straight to it.

Book of Sun Free Spins and Bonuses

Nowadays, no video slot claiming massive public attention can do without the free spins option. The developers of Booongo, knowing this, have built a corresponding feature into the gameplay – to get twelve free spins, you need to land three books. It is noteworthy that their obligatory landing in a row is not even mentioned – if only they were simply present on the playing field at the same time.

It is noteworthy that the rule of landing three scatters and a batch of free spins for this is relevant even during the unwinding of the free spins themselves. In other words, one or more may be added to the existing dozen in the process.

Overall Review

To be objective, we are torn between two opposite conclusions about the Book of Sun. First: this is a completely banal and unremarkable video slot on the theme of Ancient Egypt, which has its advantages but does not stand out against the background of competitors. Second, it is a smart slot machine dedicated to a popular topic, offering a good percentage of payments with low variance. While the conclusions seem to be mutually exclusive, they are both correct. Choose for yourself the one that seems more appropriate.

What is the RTP of the Book of Sun?

As a developer, Booongo is renowned for its willingness to keep bankroll fees to a minimum while delivering high payout rates. In the case of Book of Sun, the RTP is a decent 96.8% – we can safely say that this is not a leader’s figure but very close to that status. This is great news for those who, remembering the purely entertaining nature of gambling, still believe deep down in the possibility of profit. In addition, the low variance allows even those who cannot boast of a strong bankroll to break into the game.

What is the biggest win available on Book of Sun?

The abundance of various symbols and combinations at five reels allows the player to count on the maximum win in the amount of his bet multiplied by five thousand times. To achieve such success, however, there is only one way – the pharaohs must fill the entire playing field to provide the player with ten winning combinations at once. This is great luck and an incredible rarity, but much more often you will receive smaller winnings, which is also nice.

How volatile is the Book of Sun?

The Book of Sun is characterized by low volatility. Here you don’t have to wait half your life for a win – on the contrary, you will win every few minutes. A gambler cannot be lucky so often on a fabulous scale because most of the wins are relatively small some of them will not even cover the size of the bet. Nevertheless, they provide a constant flow of money into the bankroll, allowing you to partially restore it for further play.

Is there a free spins bonus in Book of Sun?

Book of Sun provides the opportunity to receive a package of free spins in the amount of twelve pieces. Moreover, such packages can be repeated – that is, by unscrewing the previously received free spins, you can get the same reward again! Winning free spins happens not so rarely – to get the right to free spin, you just need to land three books. There is no mandatory requirement that they form any shape – that is, the task looks quite feasible.

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