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Huuuge Casino Review & Bonus Offers

3.1 / 5
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Bonuses and Promos
4.3 / 5
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3.9 / 5
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4 / 5
Main rating
3.1 / 5
The institution directly cooperates with Facebook
You can use the services of the institution in several different ways at once
Graphics pleasantly surprise
The administration takes care of the constant replenishment of the range of entertainment
Social casino is different from any other - it does not allow you to win and withdraw real money
The institution does not have any license
A relatively small selection of games


With the advent of online casinos, it has become much easier to gamble for money – it turned out that for this it is not at all necessary to observe a strict dress code and generally go somewhere, because the institution will hospitably receive a gambler at any time of the day, wherever he is in this moment. But just think that everything could be even easier – than you could try your luck without even leaving your favourite social network Facebook! Huuuge Casino provides such a unique opportunity, but it’s okay if you are not a fan of social networks – you can also get access to slots through the independent official site.


Pros and Cons

The concept of a social casino that allows you to play with friends and even makes new acquaintances by sharing various gaming bonuses was not invented by the administration of this institution – there are analogs, and there are even quite a few of them. However, while other offices of this type mostly remain in the shadows, this one became famous and rallied around itself a huge army of fans. This does not happen by chance, so we decided to figure out why the fans value this platform so much. Here are the positive aspects of the institution they most often mention on thematic forums:

  • the institution directly cooperates with Facebook – this already says a lot in terms of compliance with the elementary rules for dealing with clientele;
  • you can use the services of the institution in several different ways at once – through Facebook or on a separate website, or even in mobile applications developed specifically for all the most popular platforms;
  • the set of games is selected in such a way that among them there are the most modern and interesting names;
  • graphics pleasantly surprise – it proves that today we live in the future;
  • the administration takes care of the constant replenishment of the range of entertainment so that the player will never get bored here.

Believe it is the perfect playground? Our goal is not to advertise, but to do an objective review, therefore we have to admit that certain disadvantages of the institution are also mentioned. First of all, a social casino is different from any other – it does not allow you to win and withdraw real money, such an opportunity is in principle excluded. Naturally, with this approach, clientele access is possible from any region of the world, but the institution does not have any license – you cannot know if you are honestly trying your luck, or the administration is simply encouraging you to pour funds into the system more actively. Of the shortcomings, even against the background of other social casinos, a relatively small selection of games is often indicated. Finally, individual users do not like the bonus program – they consider it damp in comparison to the welcome bonus, although, in our opinion, this is a problem for the entire industry as a whole.

Bonuses and Promotions

The entire Huuuge Casino bonus program is based on participation in various lotteries. That is, there is no bonus promised in advance, but there is only an opportunity to win something abstract. For example, at the first visit, they promise to give a chance to win up to a million play coins, but in practice, of course, not everyone is so lucky. There will certainly be a reward since you participate in the lottery, but it will probably be much less.

In fact, there are quite a few lotteries that allow you to win coins in the system – there are daily offers and missions (also daily), and also Betty Bonus, which is available every quarter of an hour. However, you need to understand that the more often you allow winning, the less the possible win will be.

VIP Program

There is no full-fledged VIP program in the sense in which we are used to seeing it at other establishments, but there is still a sense to persistently play and improve your level. From the moment of registration, each player becomes part of a multi-level system, and the transition to each new level is associated with rewards. They can take different forms – these are bonus coins and all the same lottery, which allows you to win even more of them.

In addition, not all slot machines are available from the start at Huuuge Casino, so the player has to be content with what is. But in the future, he will be pleasantly surprised that the range is expanding as the level rises. In the early days, at the initial levels, the player can quickly increase his status without much effort, and then the process simply delays.

Security and Regulation

Huuuge Casino is not a gambling establishment in the full sense of the word – this is obvious at least because it has no material winnings that could be taken away. In fact, this is just another proposal in which you need to invest money without any return that is not virtual in nature. Since this is the tactic the institution has chosen, it does not need a full-fledged gambling license issued by any specialized regulatory body. For the same reason, the institution does not face restrictions in jurisdictions where gambling is prohibited – it is understood that it simply cannot become a cause of addiction for a gambler.

Basically, the platform you play through is responsible for security in the case of Huuuge Casino. If it’s Facebook, all security questions can be directed to Mark Zuckerberg. In the case of mobile applications, the guarantor of security is the official application store, which checked the program and allowed to place it.

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Login Process

Full registration at Huuuge Casino is not required at all – for the simple reason that the system can get all the necessary information about you in other ways. She does not need too much personal data, because the administration will not pay winnings in favour of the client and is not even obliged to strictly observe the principle of weeding out underage players. Therefore, to use the game, it is enough to enter it through your Facebook account or simply download the application from the corresponding official store.

Despite the existence of a separate official site, you still cannot play through it. In fact, this is just a landing page with which you can download a suitable mobile application or go to your Facebook page.

Mobile App

The Huuuge Casino website is conveniently ported to the size of the mobile screen, as you can see in the screenshot below, but the meaning of such convenience remains open, given that in the simplified version, the page does not even have links to download applications – only a section with contacts. The big question is why the administration bothered to create such a site, but for the players, it is more important that the casino still has mobile applications.


Try your luck in separate gaming applications for all leading operating systems – iOS, Android, Kindle. In addition, you can launch slots directly from the Facebook application. Functionally, none of these methods is inferior to a full-fledged desktop site, which means that the entire gambling public can play in any convenient place and at any suitable moment.

Deposit / Withdrawals and Payment Methods

Since the institution is not a full-fledged gambling house, no special gaming account is opened when using it. More precisely, the account owner has a certain amount of game coins, but they are not tied to real money in any way. You can either win them in the system itself or buy them for real money, but you won’t be able to withdraw them – all your winnings are purely virtual in nature and are not transformed into fiat currency!

The purchase of coins is carried out through the payment gateways of the platform that you use to access the slots. In other words, the administration of Facebook, App Store, or Play Market is responsible for the conduct and security of payment transactions. In principle, this is a plus, because these are large platforms that the general public trusts. In this case, the card with which you pay for the purchase can be in any currency – at the time of payment, the funds will be automatically converted.

Games Offered

It is not so easy to objectively assess the amount of entertainment presented on the site. On the one hand, there are more than a hundred slots, as well as the most popular table games from the assortment of any self-respecting casino – in particular, roulette and blackjack, poker, and baccarat. On the other hand, the most experienced gamblers tend to believe that the variety presented is still not enough, and competitors have more entertainment.

In favour of the site, we can say that it seeks to constantly expand the available assortment, especially since you simply get access to individual games as you increase your own level in the system. There is, however, a fly in the ointment – Huuuge Casino has existed since the distant 2014, but even today, seven years after its foundation, it still has not got rid of the glory of the site, which has not yet filled a full-fledged set of entertainment.

It is noteworthy that none of the games presented by the administration can be launched through the official website – there is simply no corresponding section there. If you are faced with this, do not be discouraged – this is not your problem and not your device, but the institution’s problem.

Customer Support

When clicking on the “Contact us” button on the site, the user is redirected to a page that is a very detailed FAQ. It is worth noting the diligence of the administration, which made this page not only in English but also in six others, but it is not too good that the site does not leave direct contacts for communication. The same FAQ offers a form of contact with the administration, but without an address – you just describe the problem and leave your contact. However, it is possible to reach operators through Facebook, and this method should be considered the main one by default.


In pursuit of public interest, the administration of this institution named the gambling house Huuuge Casino, but the result turned out to be exactly the opposite – now everyone and one are trying to throw a stone into the site’s garden, complaining about not the most generous choice of entertainment. However, this online casino has numerous advantages and even a steady clientele that keeps the casino afloat. You should probably start your own account and draw your own conclusions about how practical it is.

Date of foundation

Date of foundation 14.04.2024.
How to Save Your Money Playing at Huuuge
  • Spend some time learning the strategies and understanding the probabilities of the game you have chosen. You will soon be rewarded with a growing account balance.
  • Earn VIP rewards. If you are a regular player who plays large amounts of money, you may be eligible for additional bonuses or cash.
  • In blackjack, casino edge can be reduced to 0.05% with a good blackjack strategy. So, choose games where your skills can give you an edge over the casino.
  • Know your bonus requirements. Most players do not read the bonus terms and conditions. However, you absolutely should.
  • Make sure that you are always playing on legitimate, trusted casino websites. Check out casino reviews on our website for guaranteed security.
Posted by Ashley Robinson
Live Dealer

Acting employee of a live casino. The author manages to combine work as a dealer in a live casino of the largest European brand and authorship in our gambling portal.

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