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House of Fun Casino Casino Review & Bonus Offers

3 / 5
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Bonuses and Promos
3.5 / 5
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4.4 / 5
Games and Providers
4 / 5
Main rating
3 / 5
More than 200 different slots
Large number of applications for various operating systems
Simple login process using your Facebook account
Beautiful graphics
The administration focuses on the use of ONLY free slots to play
You will not be able to win real money
Only slots to play
Bonuses are not material


While some online casinos struggle with licensing issues and face criticism for slow payouts (or even lack of them), some sites do it much easier. They declare themselves to be social – that is, those in which a priori material benefit cannot be obtained. Winnings there are paid in some virtual coins, which can only be re-bet, but not withdrawn. From the point of view of the law, then this is no longer gambling – which means that such an institution turns out to be completely legal in any country, no different from other software with in-app purchases. The administration of House of Fun has followed a similar path, and the business seems to be going well – at least 4 million likes were given to the institution on Facebook.

House of Fun Casino

House of Fun Casino Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Considering how popular the casino is on the largest social network in the world, there is no problem finding a huge amount of real user reviews about this casino. We deliberately re-read a huge number of them to try to form some kind of objective picture. Here’s what we got:

  • more than 200 different slots allow you to spend time interesting and varied because everyone will find something interesting for themselves;
  • fans of the game on the go using a mobile phone will be pleased to know that the administration has taken care of the release of a large number of applications for various operating systems;
  • starting the game is extremely simple – you do not need to fill out any questionnaires, because you can simply log in using your own Facebook account;
  • beautiful graphics make the gameplay even more vivid and enticing;
  • recently, the administration has been focusing on the use of ONLY free slots to play in which you do not need to replenish your account at all.

But for all its merits, House of Fun also faces a lot of criticism, and criticism from other gamblers can be a useful warning for a potential player. We already talked about this above, but we will repeat: here you will not be able to win real money, and you cannot count on any significant winnings suitable for spending in real life. In addition, the administration positions its institution exclusively as a location with slots – there are no table games typical for casinos, no keno, no bingo. Finally, even with bonuses that, as we remember, are not material, House of Fun is not generous – you can see how many users complain that competitors are more generous in this regard.

Bonuses and Promotions

The House of Fun administration kindly invites the new user to decide on their own what kind of welcome bonus they want. You can choose 100 free spins or a bonus that in real online casinos would be called a deposit bonus – it looks like a thousand game coins. Compared to competitors, who often lure clientele with bonuses in the form of millions of coins, such an offer may seem quite beggarly. However, the minimum bet limit, predictably, has been reduced. Despite this, some users still subconsciously feel left out.

In general, the bonus program does not look impressive, but it is there, and this is the main thing. The site owners focus not on some permanent bonuses but on short-term promotions that need to be caught. A gambler who spends a lot of time at House of Fun will not be left behind.

VIP Program

Since House of Fun does not offer to play for real money, there is no real need for its loyalty program. The institution retains customers due to its other advantages without offering additional material benefits.

However, there is a Facebook page signed as House of Fun VIP. It is administered by Playtika, the owner of the HoF site and the constant supplier of all the software presented there. The page on the social network offers to go to another gaming site, where you can already buy in-game coins in addition to those that gradually accumulate for free over time. However, this is a different site that does not contain the House of Fun logo, although it is very similar in some design details.

House of Fun Vip Program

Some users see it as the VIP version of House of Fun, although access to this site is completely free for everyone.

Security and Regulation

Considering that Playtika, the official developer of this establishment, seeks not to position itself as an operator of a gambling establishment, it is not surprising that it does not have anything similar to a full-fledged license. Despite its legal affiliation to the UK, House of Fun does not have the famous British gambling license – it is simply not needed, since this is not a casino in the classical sense of the word. Since the players won nothing, the legislation had nothing to protect.

By the same logic, the player’s account is protected from interference from third parties. In theory, no scammers are interested in hacking you – they will not receive any material benefit from this. For this reason, you should not rely on any special encryption, but the risk of becoming a victim of a hack is minimal.

Login Process

The registration procedure at this institution will please all users who do not want to provide their data, and even more so – with their full verification by photo. To register or log in to an account, you only need an account on the social network Facebook. They did not forget about those who do not even have one or simply do not want to “shine” the page. In this case, authorization by e-mail address is provided.

House of fun login process

Using several different devices for the game, the player does not need separate accounts for each occasion. One account will be enough – just use the authorization form.

Mobile App

No mobile applications are even required to access the online casino functionality because the site is successfully opened as a light version, even on devices with a small screen. However, not all slots may work in this case due to the specifics of both the games themselves and a particular browser on a particular phone.

However, the administration has not forgotten about those who need mobile applications – on the contrary, it has released a lot of them, and even with an eye on a variety of operating systems. The software is developed not only for all the usual Android and iOS but also for Amazon Digital, which expands the list of devices that support the full functionality of the institution. Be that as it may, you can play your favourite free slots wherever you want, and thanks for that should be said to the administration.

House of fun mobile app

Deposit / Withdrawals and Payment Methods

House of Fun today focuses on free slots that don’t need to be charged in their classic form. More precisely, we have already mentioned above that such an opportunity is left on a separate site, marked as VIP +, but the deposit of funds to the gaming account is not required for the game. Free game coins appear on the account by themselves, over time – that is, the player just needs to regularly log into the account, collect them and spend.

If you think there are not enough free coins, and you want to play more often and more, you can purchase such coins for real money, using the standard Facebook functionality for payment applications. However, we remind you again that such deposits are a priori irrevocable – no matter how pronounced your luck, you will still not be able to convert the winnings back into fiat money.

Although it is not forbidden to give coins to friends, Playtika emphasizes the inadmissibility of selling coins or other game bonuses without the permission of the institution’s administration. Such behaviour can be regarded as illegal, violating the non-gambling status of the site, and will lead to sanctions against the violator.

Games Offered

The only provider of House of Fun Casino is the British company Playtika, which founded and maintains the casino. It offers its visitors about two hundred different entertainments, thanks to which you can while away your free minutes, wherever you are.

A feature of this establishment, like many other social casinos, is the maximum focus on slots – so much so that there is simply no room for other entertainments. In the eyes of many potential customers, this is a big disadvantage, but recall that House of Fun is not a full-fledged casino. Therefore it can afford some deviations from generally accepted standards.

Again, having slots alone does not mean that they are monotonous. At a minimum, the thematic areas differ. In addition, the assortment includes, in addition to the classic ones, video slots with improved graphics. 3D slots with increased realism are also interesting. Not all of them are available for mobile phones, but the vast majority are presented in mobile applications released by the developer Playtika under the House of Fun brand.

Customer Support

It is difficult to count on the existence of a full-fledged support service at an institution that is not formally gambling and does not offer real winnings. You will not find direct contacts of anyone from the administration on the site because it is assumed that House of Fun is just another simple game for the phone or PC.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to contact the developers because they maintain the official pages of the game on Facebook and Instagram. However, even the profiles themselves cannot be called very actively because it is not a fact that you will receive a quick answer to an exciting question.


House of Fun will disappoint real gamblers looking for opportunities not only to try their luck but also to win some real money. Nevertheless, this is not the worst pastime option for those who do not believe in money falling from the sky and play with slots just for their entertainment. If you belong to the latter category of users, then the administration’s offer will certainly be liked because no expenses will be required for a pleasant pastime.

Date of foundation

Date of foundation 19.05.2024.

Current bonuses

100% up to 100 SEK House of Fun Casino
100% up to 100 SEK House of Fun Casino
Welcome Casino Bonus
100% up to £/$/€ 123 House of Fun Casino
100% up to £/$/€ 123 House of Fun Casino
Welcome Casino Bonus
How to Save Your Money Playing at House of Fun Casino
  • Spend some time learning the strategies and understanding the probabilities of the game you have chosen. You will soon be rewarded with a growing account balance.
  • Earn VIP rewards. If you are a regular player who plays large amounts of money, you may be eligible for additional bonuses or cash.
  • In blackjack, casino edge can be reduced to 0.05% with a good blackjack strategy. So, choose games where your skills can give you an edge over the casino.
  • Know your bonus requirements. Most players do not read the bonus terms and conditions. However, you absolutely should.
  • Make sure that you are always playing on legitimate, trusted casino websites. Check out casino reviews on our website for guaranteed security.
Posted by George Hansen
Live Games Promoter

Started his carrier as a casino dealer and was promoted to managerial positions. He is currently working as a consultant for different brands and advises how to promote their live games portfolio.

Now George Hansen also collaborates with us to help players make their best choice. He evaluates portfolios and operations and trying to find the most convenient brands where our players can start playing.

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