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Novomatic Casinos software firm is an Austrian gaming machine manufacturer that was founded in 1980 and is the largest provider of land-based casinos. Today, it has more than 70 countries around the world benefit from its products. In September 2011, this firm set out to replicate the success of its web gaming machines and took over the Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions company, founded in 1998 and with extensive knowledge of web gaming.

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Since then, Novomatic has experienced much of the same success as when they were offline. Consequently, it has become a pioneer in cutting-edge gaming solutions and web casino game development. Novomatic is classified as a provider with a long experience in the market for online casino games. There are very few companies that can compare with the quality and safety that Novomatic has.

Novomatic positions itself among the best providers of software for casinos due to the quality of its services. Its success resulted from the company’s exhaustive research strategies, which has endeavored to develop an association of technology centers specialized in different areas.

Facts and Figures

The excellent services of this company are noted with the presentation of the graphics and design of the casino platform, and the lighting and music system in the games. This most innovative provider of casino software offers an unrivaled security system such as an absolute vision that makes it look like real casinos. It meets the modular management, a biometric system in physical casinos that detects minors.

Moreover, it develops the best games of chance and sports betting. Novomatic has high omnichannel technology, where it offers its customers live games, different table games, available for both computers and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android) that have an HTML5 format.

Besides, it is a responsible provider that supports its customers, offering the best security in all varieties of its games. At the beginning of 2010, Novomatic rose exponentially, as it began to offer its version for online casinos, advancing through emerging spaces in America, Australia, and Asia.

The company operates more than 2000 online and physical casino rooms and generates around 5 billion in revenue annually that makes it one of the most successful of its kind. With offices on all continents, this firm has more than 20,000 hard-working employees.

The top-rated online casinos are those that have the software of this trusted provider. Among them, we can name Betsson, Energy Casino, Slots Million Casino, Hex, and others. Therefore, when choosing your casino games, be sure to choose the one with the safest and most reliable provider Novomatic.

Best Novomatic Casinos

The game provider’s list of the best Novomatic casinos in the online gambling market shares many common traits. Below, you can see those most prominent features. The best Novomatic casinos will meet most of these traits:

  1. Casinos accept players from an overwhelming number of countries
  2. Online platforms enjoy a good reputation
  3. The body that regulates them is of recognized prestige
  4. Reasonably high earnings-related amounts played and withdrawal limits.
  5. Each gambling house offers a wide portfolio of games.
  6. Players can communicate in native languages
  7. Customer services are fast and convenient
  8. Bonuses are attractive and practical
  9. Websites are intuitive and nice in design
  10. There is support to play with mobile devices
  11. Variety of deposit/withdrawal options and fees

Best Novomatic Bonuses

Best Novomatic bonuses and offers are the first things bettors check out. Get to know the available offer in the best Novomatic bonuses and promotions below.

Welcome Bonus

It is given to new users who have just registered at an online casino and after they make their first deposit to play for real money. For example, register a new account and win a welcome bonus at Royal Vegas Casino.

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Bonus Spins

It consists of awarding bonus-free spins. These can be for new players or long-time members.

Loyalty Bonus

They are always awarded to loyal members of the sites. People who frequently play with the sites of this brand can accumulate some points that they later exchange for bonuses.

Reload Bonus

This bonus is awarded for deposits made to play at the casino. Its goal is to encourage people to keep depositing money.

Mobile Casino Bonus

To keep your players excited to keep playing, this special bonus has been created. It is reserved only for people who use mobile devices.

Match Bonus

Through Match Bonus, the online casino offers players the opportunity to match the amount they have deposited. There are even some that offer double what the players have invested.

Novomatic Games

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Novomatic online games can be played instantly with no download required. At the same time, all games are compatible to play on devices Android or iOS. The company has a remote game option that offers players to have short gambling periods, to please those who have little time to play.

This giant provider has implemented an information policy to offer its customers the best quality games through online services. One of the game types that are undoubtedly among the favorites and of which Novomatic is a specialist are the most famous and sought-after slot machines. Slots offer high chances of winning. The design in its graphics and the music environment make the player feel like in Las Vegas.

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The characteristics of the machines are based on bonuses and promotions, game platform design, RTP of 96%, minigames, access to downloading and online games, availability to play for free. Novomatic slots typically contain 3 to 8 reels thematically based on Egyptian culture designs.

Novomatic slot games are included in an extensive catalog with hundreds of machines along with video versions of different technological designs, many reels, and lines. The catalog also presents traditional games like the legendary slot machine Sizzling Hot and Lucky Lady. The offer of this company is abundant, but slots are their specialty. They have around 40 different slot titles, including classic 3-reel, multi payline slots, up to 25 reels.

Some of the designs are shown below:

  • Interactive line: offers up to 50 pay lines and 70 types of versions
  • Concurve Interactive Line: this alternative has 7 games, with extra bonuses and promotions
  • Octo Interactive Line: it includes 8 machines of up to 5 reels, with promotions, bonuses, and Wild icons
  • Impera Line: up to 50 games with 81 pay lines
  • Coolfire: a variety of slots, poker, roulette, and bingo

Besides, Novomatic offers different varieties of Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Video Poker, Roulette, and Bingo. To enjoy these games, you will not have to download any application on your PC or device, much less register. You can just play directly on the casino platform.

Also, in online casinos, you can find more than four different options of Poker, live dealer, Las Vegas-style roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. You can easily enter through the Novo Line Unity II option.

Novomatic Related Software

Playing with Novomatic Related software brings great benefits to online casinos and their players. In principle, the most veteran players at one time were fans of the old brick-and-mortar casino. However, as happens in this life with all consumer products, the physical environment begins to lose to digital alternatives.

This is because the digital field allows for certain functions that simply cannot be compared to their physical counterparts. Here are some things that this developer’s casinos offer players that other casinos cannot. Not even land casinos can offer it.

Game Variants For All Tastes

As an old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. This phrase fits perfectly into what Novomatic signature casinos offer. There is something for everyone, themed games from popular 90s movies like From Dusk Till Dawn and princesses kissing frogs like Sticky Frog. There are so many amazing themes that you never imagined that you could get stuck playing them.

High Safety Standards

The long history and wide scope of Novomatic software mean that it owns a huge number of gambling and gaming licenses from many countries. This software provider is continually audited for safety and fairness: Testing agencies like eCOGRA are tasked with doing this, meaning you can rest assured when you play. Additionally, there are periodic tests to the random number generator (RNG). All of this ensures that the software works properly and keeps things fair for all players.

Guaranteed Anonymity

This is one of the golden rules of web casinos. When registering, while you will need to show proof of address and identity, there are no rules about your username. You can be James Bond, Julia Roberts or Ricky Martin. If you want to keep your identity a secret, Novomatic casinos will support you, whatever your fake name is.

Additional Benefits

Casinos of this brand offer all kinds of bonuses, so there is no need to worry about a one-size-fits-all approach. What’s more, they have some of the best bonuses, benefits, and loyalty schemes available in casinos today. Interested already? Earn substantial bonuses by playing at Gaming Club.

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Many advanced players are aware of Novomatic Related software, having played their advanced slot games. The company’s products serve more than 70 countries in some way, from RNG game development to fitness games and platform solutions.

The market is constantly developing, and presented information can change almost every day. However, one thing is for sure — this developer company is at the top. Its developers are quietly manufacturing the resources necessary to become one of, if not the world’s leading software providers. Novomatic will have a lot to talk about from now until many more years to come.

Novomatic Software Casinos list

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