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Massive Lotto Has Found Its Winner


The British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced that another lottery millionaire has appeared in Canada. The fact is that the player has won a large Lotto 6/49 prize. According to the Crown agency, the Canadian has become richer by $ 5.8 million. However, the lucky ones will have to contact the corporation to claim their winnings.

Crown said locals win large amounts of Canadian dollars each year. This is not a secret to anyone. As for Lotto 6/49, it is practically the most popular draw game. Prizes are drawn twice a week (Wednesday, Saturday). To purchase tickets, all you have to do is turn to online stores for help. Also, tickets are sold in regular stores, it all depends on the location of the person.

Grand Prize

BCLC has confirmed that a British Columbian resident has won the major prize. The winner is known to have purchased his ticket to Prince Rupert. As a result, the resident managed to hit the real jackpot.

The $ 11.5 million prizes will be split. Part of the money will go to the ticket holder and one lucky man from Ottawa. As a result, each of the winners will receive a prize of $ 5.7 million from Canada. The names of the winners are not known, they will be revealed as soon as the winnings are paid out. They can withdraw their money within 52 weeks.

Crown officials said the $ 70 million prizes were won by a man from the province. The winner lives in the small town of Burnaby. It should be noted that this is the largest lottery win in the history of the region.

Results Of the Current Tuesday

A local has won a jackpot of 70 million Canadian dollars. But on Tuesday, the prize was $ 25 million. However, this drawing did not determine the main prize. Players can now prepare their tickets for the next draw. It is known that the total amount of the prize will reach $ 31 million. Today, tickets are available in land-based stores and online stores. Tickets are also available on gaming platforms for British Columbia and for Ontario.

A Million Is Won By a Man From Richmond

In addition to the main prize in the Lotto Max draw, players can look forward to the opportunity to win the Maxmillion prize. This happened to Eiko Yamase from Richmond, British Columbia, who won a $ 1 million prize. Now, having received the prize, the winner plans to allocate part of the funds for the education of her relatives. She also wants to spend money on traveling around the country.

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