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iGaming Ontario Began to Criticize

iGaming Ontario

One of the region’s chief auditors, Bonnie Lisick, spoke out about the new Ontario gambling market. In particular, the specialist published a report in which he showed the upcoming game model, its launch is scheduled for early next year. As a result, the market will start working from the moment of the Super Bowl.

The head of the Canadian Gaming Association, Paul Burns, also spoke about the Ontario gaming market. He said that this sports betting market will open in 2022, from which time private operators will start working. Several organizations are working on the launch of the market at once – the Gambling Commission in Ontario and iGaming Ontario.

Lysyk in her research showed that the game mode of the Ontario market complies with the established by the law of the country. Also in order is the real-time gaming governance structure, as well as the fairness and integrity of the bets. However, the auditor also spoke about the problems of the model. Lysyk advised the government to consider all problem areas before starting the market launch.

The Auditor General recommends that all legal risks be eliminated. Local authorities should take specific steps to ensure compliance with the law before launching a market. In turn, Ontario market organizers and the government responded that they will take steps to address any legal regulations if the region deems it necessary.

The auditor also wants the regional authorities to assess all the risks of managing market regulation and the new game model. In this regard, Lisik proposes that the attorney general exclude the management and responsible new market from AGCO if the game model meets all the rules to generate a timely report.

According to Lysyk, the new game model has its responsibilities to maintain honesty and fairness, which the state has entrusted to private operators. Also, the gaming market will have to test gaming systems on the network, work on design, determine winnings and fix errors on its own.

At the same time, the auditor expressed some concern about the management structure of iGaming Ontario. In particular, he is worried about the regulator, which will ensure the fairness and transparency of online games. It turns out that AGCO has already set standards for a new gaming market.

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