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Harm From Gambling

Harm From Gambling

It is no secret that many New Zealanders enjoy playing lotteries, gambling, or betting on horse races. Nevertheless, many people suffer from gambling and lose their last money on it. This activity is addictive and damages family, finances, work, and even friendships. If a user often plays video slots and places bets on sports, then he is at risk.

Science has proven that gambling is addictive, so actions can get out of hand at any time. This situation can significantly worsen health, lead to emotional and psychological burnout, and cause financial damage. Also, gambling addiction can negatively affect academic performance at work or school. It is not uncommon for avid gamblers to spoil relations with relatives or commit crimes at all.

Since gambling is addictive, it is very difficult to solve the problem on your own. But now you can get timely help and protect your relatives and friends from negative actions. However, some players refuse to admit their gambling addiction, this is a common thing. It is best to seek help from a highly qualified specialist who can competently advise and explain the best options for solving the problem.

People who frequently gamble and bet on sports also suffer from other psychological problems. For example, a player may be overcome by depression or anxiety. At the same time, addiction also hurts loved ones who are worried about the player’s condition. According to research, one player affects the fate of 5-10 people.

Everyone is at risk, but the players are at greater risk. The risk increases if:

  • There are psychological disorders.
  • Sports betting.
  • Several gambling products are used.
  • If you are Maori, Chinese, or Korean.
  • If you are an international student.
  • Isolated from New Zealand culture.
  • The second language is English.
  • More than $ 500 is spent on gambling.
  • Bets are made on foreign sites.
  • There are drug and alcohol problems.
Posted by Ronald Curry
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He worked in the divisions of ePayments. He has an excellent knowledge of the topic of currency transactions and gambling mechanisms.

Sees the future of casino payment systems in the crypto industry. He worked in the team developing cryptocurrencies and bringing them to ICO. The excellent strategic vision of gambling topics and various payment methods.

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