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Gambling Commission Issues Warnings to Operators

Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission issued a warning against an unlicensed gambling operator and internet portal after they were launched in the country. was launched in the United Kingdom earlier this year. The playground offers SO5, a game that allows registered players to collect digital cards from photos of professional football players with blockchain tokens and create a team. Then users compete with other system participants using their cards for money, and the results of tournaments depend on the results of each user’s card.

In this regard, the regulator stated that the accessible gambling site was not licensed by the Gambling Commission. This means that any actions that are performed on the portal by system participants go beyond the established rules and conditions.

It was then told that users should consider all the data before deciding whether to interact with the portal or not. The regulator has confirmed that it will investigate to establish several aspects. And then it will be clear whether she needs an operating license or whether her services are not gambling.

After that, Sorare posted his answer. In this statement, the company has warned the regulator that its games are not gambling. According to site representatives, fans can uniquely express their feelings. Users are allowed to collect rare cards and play the global version of football. A certain connection is established between the operator and the players. Representatives added that the site does not offer to gamble. This fact has been confirmed by lawyers at all stages since the foundation of the company, including during a series of fundraising rounds.

Also, the portal staff said that the site’s management is always ready to discuss questions and problems with local authorities. That is, the resource is ready for an open dialogue.

As a reminder, the Gambling Commission has recently been criticized for regulating the UK gambling industry. This led the Parliamentary Group on Betting and Gambling to launch an investigation into the Gambling Commission. The elements of effectiveness and competence of the organization will be considered. This factor is because a large number of complaints against the regulatory body have accumulated recently.

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