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During Coronavirus, Casinos Get Permission to Change Rooms


For safe operation at the level of danger – two, several casinos requested permission to make some changes in the documentation.

Just note that these issues are handled by the Gambling Commission. It was in this commission that addressed the Christchurch Casino and SkyCity Hamilton. They were asked to allow them to use temporary offices. That is the total number – 3 offices, one for Hamilton and two – for Christchurch.

Playgrounds planned to open with a warning – two, but needed the approval of special structures to make the necessary changes to ensure compliance with social standards. distance and capacity of institutions.

To crank up the case, it had to be approved by 2 temporary offices. It was necessary for self-sufficiency in certain areas of the institution.

Next Casino formed a statement, which noted that the temporary offices can minimize the movement of the players, as well as reduce the spread of the virus.

Temporary offices make it possible to block the movement of the hall infection. After all, people will not move chaotically in the zones at the casino. This means that the spread of the virus Covid-19 – regulated institution.

In its reply, the Gambling Commission observed that the additional cash items do not cause any problems. Regulatory authorities have given their go-ahead to request a casino.

Access to cash in an institution calls for a thorough examination by specialists.
Option Covid-19 Delta – was immediately approved. But the facilities are approved on an interim basis.

SkyCity Hamilton representatives requested permission for the development of several separate zones in their premises. In addition, each zone must have specific entry points/output boards and temporary types.

In one area will only be tables and machines, in the other – slot machines.
Regarding the approval of warning level – two.

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