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Originality of the theme
The implementation of the theme is also at its best
Additional opportunities in the form of a risk game and free spins allow you to potentially squeeze more winnings
The slot machine is adapted for mobile gambling
The entertainment is interesting both for economical players and for high rollers
The maximum jackpot - multiplying the bet by 1,000 times seems not the most generous decision


Voodoo Slot Machine

Let’s be frank: gambling is not the most profitable occupation, and it is not for nothing that honest establishments place special emphasis on the fact that one should come to them, not for a win, but emotions. Becoming a client of the office, the user just wants to abstract from everyday life, switch his brain to solving some new problems, and the money won for him is just a bonus, potentially possible, but not at all guaranteed. And if a few decades ago, even reels with fruit symbols and sevens were enough for complete abstraction (even this was cool from a technology point of view), today developers should seriously think about the plot and atmosphere of the slots.

From this point of view, Voodoo Slot looks like a very worthy example of what the capabilities of modern developers are. The topic of voodoo is not as popular now as it was some time ago, but it still excites the masses – in the age of technology, we are still afraid of otherworldly forces. From the point of view of graphics and soundtrack, the video slot is made for the top five – even an inveterate materialist will doubt and feel a slight fear.

Pros and Cons

Voodoo is not the most popular topic for creating gambling, but at the same time, it is wrong to say that it is completely original and that Voodoo Slot has no alternatives. In addition, a typical visit to an online casino needs not only a theme but also other characteristics – after all, he is not in the cinema to enjoy the “picture” and not claim other advantages of video slots. Therefore, most of the site’s clients are picky and suspicious people, they rarely dare to experience entertainment at their own expense without first making inquiries – what kind of game is, how to play, how much can you win, and so on. To make it easier for you, we decided to save readers from the need to look for truthful comments but found them ourselves and chose the most typical statements. It turned out that Voodoo Slot can be praised for the following qualities:

  • although there are alternatives to the voodoo theme, it still cannot be considered hackneyed, therefore we put the first plus for the originality of the theme;
  • the implementation of the theme is also at its best – the player may think that he is watching a good horror movie, and from the first person, being the main character;
  • additional opportunities in the form of a risk game and free spins allow you to potentially squeeze more winnings from Voodoo Slot;
  • the slot machine was born in the era of advanced smartphones. Therefore it is adapted for mobile gambling;
  • the entertainment is interesting both for economical players, betting from 1 cent, and for high rollers, in whom each spin costs up to 25 dollars, euros or pounds sterling.

Voodoo Slot has relatively few drawbacks – this is not an entertainment that is easy to find fault with. Slight bewilderment is caused only by the maximum jackpot – multiplying the bet by 1,000 times seems not the most generous decision, although it is not subject to harsh criticism for the excessive greed of the developers.

Theme and Graphics

It is hardly necessary for a wide circle of readers to tell in detail what voodoo is, but we will still allow ourselves a short excursion. The voodoo movement originated during the time of slavery among black immigrants from Africa – there was a merger of religious beliefs from different parts of the continent. The system of beliefs turned out to be complex and multifaceted, but sorcerers, whom it is customary to fear because of their practically unlimited power over people, played a significant role in it. In pop culture, a voodoo doll has become a popular symbol – a symbolically executed charmed figurine of a person made using his body parts (usually hair). It is believed that inflicting pain on a doll (piercing with needles, burning with fire) brings similar sensations to the person she portrays. Voodoo followers still exist in some Caribbean countries.

Voodoo Slot

The developers from Endorphina decided to play with this theme in their horror slot. Agree, it sounds both tempting and scary – to try to take away the treasures from an evil sorcerer who can inflict hellish pain on the enemy from a distance. Naturally, the graphics and music of the slot are in the horror genre. Let’s not argue: perhaps it could have been made worse, but the team’s task was not to scare away the entire clientele. Therefore, it remains to be noted that the graphics look very aesthetically pleasing and go well with the soundtrack.

Voodoo Slot RTP

If the player has outgrown the age of all-consuming naivety, then he probably understands: online casinos do not work for free – they exist at the expense of their customers. By collecting all the bets, they accumulate capital, from which they charge a small commission in their favour and on deductions to providers, and pay the rest (less than 100% of the amount) in the form of winnings. Thus, a situation is impossible in which all players gain profit or at least simply save their money – especially since some lucky ones will still manage to make a profit. Considering that the money is returned and so less than it was invested, the size of the commission is fundamentally important – the chances of success of each player depend on it.

The average RTP level in Voodoo Slot is 96.04 %. Please note: we are talking about the average indicator – that is, no one guarantees that you will have that much, specifically, you can gain profit or lose to smithereens. However, only 3.96% of the commission is a decent indicator for the modern industry, leaving the client a real chance of winning or just playing for time.

How to Win Voodoo Slot?

The principle of winning in Voodoo Slot is not fundamentally different from the conditions for winning in other entertainments of the same kind. Various symbols appear on the playing field (three rows, five reels), each of which has its price. The winnings, however, are not counted as the symbols appear on the screen, but only if they add up in a line – the winning combinations provided by the administration. Cheap card symbols make a combination, provided that at least three units participate in it, expensive thematic symbols are profitable even when two units are combined, but they fall out much less often. The larger the combination and the more important the symbols in its composition, the more solid the win.

Voodoo Slot Game

The wild symbol in the form of a sorcerer in a top hat has unique abilities. First of all, it can replace any other symbol, helping to create a winning combination or simply make it larger. In addition, you can make your lines from wild symbols, and the same sorcerer gives free spins.

Special Features of Voodoo Slot

The main feature of Voodoo Slot is that you can take additional risks with a large win to double your profit or lose all your money. The principle is as follows: upon winning, the player can take his money or take a risk. If the user agrees, he must beat the cards laid out by the dealer one by one with his card. Such a confrontation can have up to five rounds – each victory brings a doubling of the win, but the very first loss leads to its complete loss. The user can stop the risk game and withdraw money at any time until he loses.

Voodoo Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

The sorcerer is responsible for free spins in Voodoo Slot – a wild symbol, which, when combined, is also a scatter. To get free spins, three such symbols must appear on the playing field at the same time – you can randomly, without forming a winning line. If you are lucky, it means that the player will receive ten free spins. During the free spins, three scatters may appear again, then the user will again receive the ten free spins due.

Overall Review

Voodoo Slot leaves a sense of balanced entertainment that is not easy to claim. It has no obvious weaknesses – perhaps some of the critics will find flaws, but one cannot say that they are crude and completely spoil the impression of the slot machine. The developers also chose not the most popular topic, have managed to implement it at a fairly high level. Thus, we tend to compliment this development, pointing out that the vendor may have lacked the zeal to promote it properly.

What is the RTP of Voodoo Slot?

The return percentage of Voodoo Slot is unremarkable – at the level of 96%. However, the commonality of such a payout percentage is fixed only against the background of the best competitors because the lesser-known entertainment companies usually assume a higher commission and less profit for the user. Therefore, RTP does not make Voodoo Slot a unique leader in the gambling industry, but it is not a shame for it.

What is the biggest win available on Voodoo Slot?

The only relatively weak point of Voodoo Slot is its relatively low potential winnings at its maximum value. Although the maximum allowable bet is not that high, the limiting multiplier of 1000x will not make the user a millionaire, and this is what many casino customers dream about. However, such a multiplier is not the lowest.

How volatile is Voodoo Slot?

The volatility of the Voodoo Slot is usually rated between medium and high. On the one hand, here you win quite often – the cash prize will not be a gimmick, it happens every few spins, so you can count on it. Another thing is that usually, the amount of the reward is negligible – it does not always cover the cost of the bet. Therefore it does not bring the player to a profit but only slows down the spending of the bankroll. If a client sincerely expects a big win, which is also possible here, then he will have to save money because this is already a much rarer phenomenon.

Is there a free spins bonus in Voodoo Slot?

Free spins are triggered if three wizards appear on the playing field at the same time, who are both wild symbols and scatters. The position of the sorcerers on the playing field does not matter – as long as there are at least three of them. The lucky one who gets such a set of symbols gets ten free spins and claims another ten if he collects three more scatters during the spin.

Posted by Sandra Bush
Gambling Addiction Specialist

Previously worked at an international psychological clinic. Now she is in private practice, helping individuals and families to get rid of gambling addiction. Excellent knowledge of player psychology makes the author’s articles much more productive for the reader.

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