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Difficult gameplay
Unbroken theme
Mobile friendly
The game has a demo mode
The game is "heavy" - even on old PCs it can freeze, and even inexpensive smartphones can simply break
The maximum win is only 2500x


Micro Knights Slot

Nowadays, medieval knightly life is overly romanticized. We somehow forgot that the knights did not have the slightest opportunity to observe personal hygiene, but they constantly fought with each other, risking death or injury for no good reason. However, we are more accustomed to considering knights as such fearless heroes and models of serving the lady, and since some users sincerely would like to be in the role of full-fledged participants in a knightly tournament, the ELK development team provides such an opportunity!

Micro Knights Slot, of course, does not require the player to risk their lives or perform outstanding feats – you are completely safe, play where you want. In the event of a win, all the glory, as in the good old days, will go to the winner, who, in addition, will receive a significant material reward for his efforts.

Pros and Cons

Each provider praises their slots, and each slot machine may have its fans. However, some video slots become universally recognized hits and are respected by millions of players around the world, while others remain unknown for the majority of the global public. This happens for a reason – some slots are significantly better than competitors. A player who cares about his own free time and bankroll would probably like to get recommendations first, and only then go directly to the game, because it may turn out that it is not worth the trouble!

In the case of Micro Knights Slot, we deliberately searched all sorts of forums to gather real user feedback and provide readers with a snapshot of the most important characteristics of the entertainment. For your attention – the information that we have been able to collect. We suggest starting with the advantages of a video slot:

  • difficult gameplay – the very thing that a thinking player, tired of banal and primitive entertainment with fruits and sevens, needs;
  • unbroken theme – usually developers do their best to exploit the culture of distant countries, relatively rarely resorting to penetration into the depths of history, and chivalrous motives in gambling are completely a curiosity;
  • being a modern entertainment, Micro Knights Slot is specially optimized to run on smartphones – try your luck at any free moment;
  • the game has a demo mode – you can try it without risking real money!

However, only a blind person or someone who has spent too little time getting to know the features of the entertainment can not see the shortcomings of this video slot. It is immediately striking that the game is “heavy” – even on old PCs it can freeze, and even inexpensive smartphones can simply break. The complex gameplay, again, also does not seem to be an advantage for everyone – someone would prefer that the definition of the principle of winning was closer to the classic one. In addition, the maximum win is only 2500x – people who are not used to restraining themselves in criticism would say that these are candy wrappers, not gambling.

Theme and Graphics

Micro Knights Slot machine

The background of the playing field in Micro Knights Slot is unprecedentedly large – the playing field itself occupies only a small central part. The purpose of this design option is to convey the essence of the developers’ intention, according to which we have a branded castle with a dragon, where brave knights are on their way, who want to fight with him. The winner’s reward is at least dragon treasures, and maybe a beautiful princess languishing in captivity, but on the way to fame and fortune, you will have to overcome rivers, wade through dense forests and face other trials.

A standard video slot developed by ELK studio is unthinkable without a full soundtrack. These guys understand: the visual component is, of course, important, but you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere only if the “picture” is accompanied by sound. Perhaps, for the chivalric era, the main melody is too thoughtful and “advanced”, but on the whole, it is quite simple, devoid of obvious modern inclusions and supplemented by the sounds of pastoral rural life. In a word, the choice and implementation of the Micro Knights Slot theme are worth praising, and the soundtrack does not spoil the overall impression.

Micro Knights Slot RTP

Coming to an online casino, a player seeks not only to relax and abstract from everyday problems but also to win something. The administrations of establishments en masse insist that gambling should not be perceived as a source of income, but this is normal – if you want to not get a profit, then to maximize your bankroll. Therefore, the indicator of the average payout percentage is of decisive importance for the conscious client – the player simply does not choose the “pocket of holes” in which the bankroll is constantly running out.

ELK creations consistently have an RTP of about 96%, and Micro Knights Slot is no exception to this rule. This is a decent indicator, considering that any developer and any casino strive to make money, therefore they inevitably pay less on average than they receive. However, in the hope of returning at least such a percentage of the money put, one must remember about the variance, which for this entertainment is at a level above the average. This means that the winnings here are rather large because they rarely happen. If so, the user will have to save a bankroll, otherwise, he will not even reach 96% of the return.

How to Win Micro Knights Slot?

Micro Knights Slot win

At first glance, winning Micro Knights Slot is much easier than most other slots. Why? Yes, because the administration considers any form, collected from adjacent figures, to be winning combinations. That is, there is no need to collect straight lines or zigzags, but any squiggle or even a square will become harbingers of victory. Such a mechanic is possible since the slot does not imply the presence of classic reels – the symbols here simply fall out of the sky. The disadvantage, however, is the formation of winning combinations of at least five symbols.

And in all other respects, the gameplay turns out to be much more complex than that of competing solutions. For example, points received for drawing up winning combinations add up to the “thermometer” column located to the right of the playing field. When the bar fills up, the player is randomly given a “flag,” which, depending on the colour, provides completely unpredictable benefits for potential winnings.

Special Features of Micro Knights Slot

Micro Knights Slot has various features, which you can’t tell briefly about all of them – the player needs to specially allocate time, sit down and figure out all the possibilities provided by the developers. Fortunately, the rules of the game are described in the menu in sufficient detail – the basic information can be gleaned from there, the rest can be learned directly in the game process. However, we cannot but tell in more detail about the feature that has already been mentioned above – about flags.

The flag is issued randomly upon filling the scale to the right of the playing field. A detailed explanation of what each flag gives is given in the rules, but we will give only a few juicy examples: a pink banner removes all cheap symbols from the playing field, replacing them with expensive ones, purple adds from 3 to 15 wild symbols, lilac promises a large symbol. Regardless of which flag is received, this, in any case, brings the user closer to a good win.

Micro Knights Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

The principle of receiving bonus-free spins is implemented in the same way as it is done in many other modern video slots. The bonus symbol looks like a golden crown – collect three of these to get a free spins package. To receive a gift, you do not need to place the crowns in a certain order – it is enough that they just fell out at the same time, in any position.

Overall Review

Micro Knights Slot deserves attention with two features at once. The first is a rather original and complex gameplay, thanks to which the entertainment is very different from most competitors and stands out from their background. The second is an original theme, realized with the help of quite beautiful graphics and ELK’s creative approach to creating soundtracks. Despite the obvious advantages, the video slot still lags behind the list of popular ones – the existing shortcomings are reflected. Among them, we especially note the relatively small jackpot and the heavyweight of the software. In addition, some players do not at all strive to find new game mechanics – on the contrary, they find it difficult and too lazy to delve into the new rules.

What is the RTP of Micro Knights Slot?

If you often play ELK slots, then you must have noticed that the studio has a kind of gold standard for the RTP level in its entertainment – 96%. This standard is gold because it leaves the player with the chance of stretching the bankroll as much as possible and even claiming a profit. Another thing is that high variance inevitably makes you save money – visiting a casino for literally a few bets, you run the risk of losing everything on the net.

What is the biggest win available on Micro Knights Slot?

Max Win is the most obvious weakness of Micro Knights Slot. In case of unprecedented luck, the bet made can be increased only 2500 times, which looks extremely modest against the background of the absolute majority of competitors.

How volatile is Micro Knights Slot?

The volatility of Micro Knights Slot is rated above average. Winnings here happen quite often, but it must be remembered that most of them cannot even cover the amount spent on placing a bet. A high percentage of return is achieved due to rare large payments, but you still have to reach for them, diligently saving your bankroll.

Is there a free spins bonus in Micro Knights Slot?

To get free spins, the player must wait until three golden crowns fall out on the playing field at the same time. Their location to each other does not play any role – the gift will still be credited.

Posted by Sandra Bush
Gambling Addiction Specialist

Previously worked at an international psychological clinic. Now she is in private practice, helping individuals and families to get rid of gambling addiction. Excellent knowledge of player psychology makes the author’s articles much more productive for the reader.

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