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The release of the slot looks simply stunningly beautiful
There is nothing complicated in the gameplay
The developers have taken care of introducing an element of unpredictability into the gameplay
There are no multipliers here - that is, it will not be easy to hit a really big jackpot


Gods Temple Deluxe Slot

The principle of operation of most modern slot machines is approximately the same – the most talented developers sometimes manage to introduce some novelty into the gameplay, but a thousand copies immediately breakthrough after the pioneer. Therefore, one of the main ways that software vendors make their way to the hearts of the public is through theme design. After the classic theme with fruits and sevens, perhaps the second most overused is Ancient Egypt with its mysterious gods. Many players consider it beneath their dignity to test another slot machine of this theme, but Gods Temple Deluxe Slot looks like a real breakthrough.

Firstly, this sample of virtual gambling entertainment is drawn surprisingly beautifully – it should not be taken as a copy, because it was created as a masterpiece. Secondly, six reels rotate here at once, but for each of them, a different number of vertical positions is available. In a word, not everything is so simple here, and this slot deserves more detailed consideration.

Pros and Cons

Come on, this is yet another Ancient Egypt – we hear how some of the readers are skeptical about the game, about which they know almost nothing yet. We even understand skeptics who are not ready to spend their own time and money on entertainment, which, perhaps, will not cause any emotions, except for annoyance and disappointment. However, we are not suggesting blind testing of all existing entertainment – it really would be too expensive. Instead, there is another way – read the comments from players who have tried Gods Temple Deluxe Slot before yours.
To do this, you don’t even have to visit thematic forums, because we have already collected comments from real people from different sites. It looks like Gods Temple Deluxe Slot has a number of its undeniable advantages:

  • the release of the slot in 2019 affects – against the background of many earlier predecessors, it looks simply stunningly beautiful, but you must admit that it is more pleasant to play a slot that pleases the eye;
  • there is nothing complicated in the gameplay of Gods Temple Deluxe Slot – even a 100% newbie in gambling will quickly figure out how to win here, although the mechanics of the game cannot be called too commonplace;
  • the developers have taken care of introducing an element of unpredictability into the gameplay – scatters and wild symbols are responsible for this.

We are far from over-praising any slot – no one knows better than us how polar the opinions of online casino visitors have always been about absolutely any slot machine. So here too – there is always a place for criticism. In total, users have made a lot of small accusations against Gods Temple Deluxe Slot, but the most noticeable is this: there are no multipliers here – that is, it will not be easy to hit a really big jackpot.

Theme and Graphics

We have already partially discussed the topic of this slot above – it is closely related to the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt. Due to the position as if on its side, it is not immediately evident, however, even the arrangement of the drums partially imitates a pyramid. The scatter and the wild symbol in the form of ancient Egyptian gods add authenticity.

Gods Temple Deluxe Slot Machine

It is impossible to call the musical accompaniment aesthetically perfect, artistically complex, or simply memorable – rather, these are some sounds that accompany the gameplay. However, it can be assumed that in Ancient Egypt music was not yet developed properly, therefore, again, the developers can be praised – their soundtrack looks believable and does not overload the brains.

God's Temple Deluxe Slot RTP

In slots, the role of the gods is played on by the developers and the administration – whatever one may say, they always win, while users like to remind that this is a game and not a way of stable income. However, it’s not a secret for anyone that a single person is still able to make a profit. Different slot machines are not equally profitable in this regard, therefore the RTP indicator is of great importance. It clearly shows what percentage of the total amount of money earned is eventually returned to users minus the commission.

For Gods Temple Deluxe Slot, this figure is quite solid – we are talking about 96.84%. Only an inexperienced player may think that a little over 3% is a large reward for the administration because, in fact, developers usually take a little more for themselves. Considering the above, we would say that one of the key advantages of Gods Temple Deluxe Slot is the adequacy of the supplier’s team, which sets an adequate price for the use of its development.

How to Win God's Temple Deluxe Slot?

The victory condition can be called standard for most modern slots – a player can celebrate if he is lucky enough to collect at least three identical symbols in a row. Considering that six reels are involved in this game at once, the maximum combined size has been increased to six units – therefore, the total winnings may be larger. At the same time, not only the number of components in the combination but also their quality has a direct impact on the amount of the win: card symbols are quoted much lower than non-card ones.

Gods Temple Deluxe Slot Game

Apart from the main symbols, the scatter deserves special attention. The main purpose of such symbols is to gather in combinations to delight the player with a free spins package. How many such free spins are there will depend on the number of scatters dropped. However, six scatters cannot fall out at once, their maximum number is five, for which they will give a dozen free spins.

The wild symbol has a different purpose – it can replace any other symbols, helping to collect winning combinations. The only thing that the wild symbol cannot turn into is the scatter. In addition, wild symbols themselves can be collected in combinations of up to six pieces, and get a decent win for this.

Special Features of God's Temple Deluxe Slot

The extreme simplicity of the gameplay, which allows even a 100% beginner to quickly navigate the rules, makes its edits in the perception of the game. So, there are no features provided here that could be considered as a complicating element of unpredictability. Some of our readers will probably regard this as a reason for criticism of the slot machine, and, perhaps, they will be right, although, by the rest of the criteria, you won’t find fault with it.

God's Temple Deluxe Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

The developers did not bother much with bonuses – they reasonably figured that in a relatively simple game, the only way to reward the player is to let him continue playing without additional costs. Therefore, the main bonus is free spins, especially since a certain element of excitement also brings in the unpredictability of their exact number.

A relatively quick way to get free spins is to collect at least three scatters on the playing field, or better – four or five at once. Such luck could theoretically befall the player with each next spin of the reels. Three scatters provide six free spins, four symbols will give eight free spins, and five will get you a dozen at once!

There is also an alternative, slower way to get free spins. The point is to collect scatters – not in the form of a combination or specific positions, but simply by quantity. As soon as the player manages to collect 999 scatters, he will immediately be given 12 free spins – this prize requires patience, but it is guaranteed.

Overall Review

Gods Temple Deluxe Slot is not one of the really popular ones – there are a lot of slot machines that are in much more widespread demand. These include even some competitors with an ancient Egyptian gaming theme. Nevertheless, in our opinion, users somewhat unreasonably ignore this slot because it captivates with its aestheticism and good graphics. This is exactly the case when blind faith in the exclusivity of the classics should not put an end to the prospects for new developments.

What is the RTP of God’s Temple Deluxe Slot?

Gods Temple Deluxe Slot should be praised for one of the most profitable return rates. We know of examples of how developers set an even higher RTP for their creations, but it differed for the better only slightly. Here the payout rate is stuck at 96.84%, and believe me, this is quite generous!

What is the biggest win available on God's Temple Deluxe Slot?

The most advantageous combination of combinations can bring a particularly lucky player a profit that is 90 thousand times the size of his bet. This is a really powerful indicator – so much so that for the sake of it, it would be worth trying your luck in this game. Of course, many users will never be faced with a win of this magnitude, but that’s the point of testing luck.

How volatile is God’s Temple Deluxe Slot?

The variance of God’s Temple Deluxe Slot is average. In other words, the winnings here are neither every day nor very rare, they usually do not shock with the millions of monetary units won, but they do not seem to be minuscule either. A user claiming a certain degree of success should carefully consider planning a bankroll because when spending money in a few spins, it may turn out that you simply did not reach compensation.

Is there a free spins bonus in God's Temple Deluxe Slot?

Free spins in this game are not just there – there are two ways to earn them at once. The simplest way is, of course, to collect a combination of scatters; you do not in any way affect the likelihood that it will fall out, but you do not make any effort to do this. Alternatively, you can play for a long time, collecting a total of 999 scatters – they will also bring the user a dozen free spins.

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