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The topic has been worked out in great detail
Great number of winning combinations
The maximum winning is the size of your bet multiplied by 2500 times
The lack of a multiplier


Ecuador Gold Slot

Modern scientists do not doubt that some civilizations of pre-Columbian America in certain aspects could give odds to any European competitors of that time. The Incas, for example, had a developed social structure and social structure, and their state was also considered very rich. The empire’s only problem was that in terms of military technology, it was far behind the Spaniards who arrived at its borders five centuries ago. As a result, we forever lost the opportunity to study a unique culture that was plundered, and for several centuries to come we got a new world leader charged with endless streams of gold.

It so happens that the typical romantic gold digger in the global view is a cowboy of the 19th century, traveling through the Wild West and fighting the Indians. However, there were warlike gold diggers before, and instead of prairies, they had to master impassable jungles. The adventures of conquistadors in Latin America took place too long ago and are poorly documented, therefore they are not so popular, but thanks to the Ecuador Gold Slot they will come to life!

Pros and Cons

Modern developers delight fans of gambling with numerous and varied slots, but how many of them are not always an advantage. Imagine that you are tired of your old favorite slot and want something new – chances are great that the entertainment you place a bet on will end up disappointing when time and bankroll are already lost. To avoid such phenomena, the user is forced to resort to the experience of comrades who leave feedback on their impressions after the game on thematic forums. In the case of Ecuador Gold Slot, we have already collected such comments, and are ready to submit them to your judgment. That is why this slot machine is in demand by the public:

  • the topic has been worked out in great detail, it could serve as a good popularizer of pre-Columbian culture;
  • winning combinations, as written in our screenshot – 4096, but this is with four lines, and after winning, the playing field can increase up to eight lines, and the number of potential combinations will exceed a quarter of a million, increasing the player’s chances of success;
  • the creators came up with an unusual phenomenon in the form of a ghostly wild symbol that moves across the playing field, leaving behind several wild symbols in unpredictable places;
  • the maximum winning is the size of your bet multiplied by 2500 times – this is not cosmic much, but some competitors do not even reach this level.

Some customers complain about the lack of a multiplier. Also, high volatility cannot be considered an unambiguous advantage – someone likes it, someone is its unambiguous opponent. Otherwise, the Ecuador Gold Slot looks like a balanced and interesting entertainment that should draw the player in.

Theme and Graphics

Because the Inca culture is not promoted, like the ancient Egyptians, most of the symbols used by the developers will not say anything to the average man in the street. However, the symbolism was unambiguously chosen pre-Columbian, and it is so unlike anything else that it is impossible to confuse it with the aesthetics of other cultures. In addition, the creators of Ecuador Gold Slot have solved an eternal problem – this entertainment completely lacks card symbols, which in itself is commendable and deserves only respect!

Ecuador Gold Slot Game

The background image was also done well – it takes up a significant part of the screen and successfully copes with the task of ensuring an even deeper immersion of the player in an unfamiliar civilization. It is based on some kind of majestic pagan temple with lush columns, decorated with ornate drawings. All this is flavoured with music, accompanied by which you just want to go on an expedition somewhere to the ends of the earth, in the dense tropical jungle, to the lost cities.

Ecuador Gold Slot RTP

The theme is a theme, however, for any user, it is important not only to spend time in the game interface but also to have a chance to stay in the black. Even if you think objectively, realizing that you will hardly be able to outplay the office, you probably want the standard bankroll size to last for a longer period. That is why the payout percentage is of fundamental importance for the user – it is associated with the chances of success.

Ecuador Gold Slot has everything in order with RTP – the developers have laid down a return rate of about 96.1%. In the world of gambling, this is not a record figure, but the supplier certainly would not have to blush for him because he certainly does not look greedy.

At the same time, the user should take into account an important nuance: the volatility of the slot is quite high, so the payout is a matter of the distant future. Even if you believe in your infallibility and the final output is a plus, do not rush to lower your entire bankroll at once because the jackpot will happen no sooner than someday later.

How to Win Ecuador Gold Slot?

Composing combinations of the same symbols is a rule common to almost all modern slot machines. Another thing is what exactly the developer counts as the winning line. In the case of Ecuador Gold Slot, the winning combination does not have to be a line – the screenshot below shows that the only important thing is how many reels in a row there are symbols of a particular type. The principle is also preserved, according to which the win is counted on the condition of a combination of no more modest than three components, but the more, the better. In addition, the cost of a line is highly dependent on the type of symbols from which it is collected.

Ecuador Gold Slot Win

There are several slots in the “golden” ELK line with different storylines, and I must admit that the Ecuador Gold Slot is not the most difficult of them. However, the developers still took care to come up with additional features that complicate the gameplay.

Special Features of Ecuador Gold Slot

The most original element of the game is the so-called Ghosting Wild. We are talking about a wild symbol that appears only on reels from the third to the sixth (in the central or right side of the playing field). After it, wild symbols remain in random places that can participate in the formation of winning combinations.

The avalanche effect is also present, and this is the most important detail that contributes to the receipt of wins on several lines after one spin. The bottom line is this: when the symbols are assembled in a line, all the elements involved explode. However, it is too early for the next spin – instead of the disappeared symbols, new ones will appear, with the participation of which, possibly, a new winning line will be formed. In other words, money is not spent on the re-spin, but this does not negate the possibility of a re-win! Among other things, after winning, the client also receives an additional row as a gift, which also increases the likelihood of a sensible combination.

Another feature is large symbols, up to the size of 4 by 4. Along with small ones, they can participate in the formation of combinations and then, disappearing, free up much more space to fill with an avalanche, increasing the chances of re-winning.

Ecuador Gold Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

Free spins have not yet become a prerequisite for all slots, without exception, but even today, their absence would be perceived as a clear lack of entertainment. The creators of Ecuador Gold Slot made sure that there were free spins, and the package issued could vary significantly in size. Collect three bonus symbols on the playing field at the same time (anywhere) to get ten free spins. If possible, chase the maximum number of bonuses – if there are six of them, the lucky player will immediately receive 25 free spins.

Overall Review

In our opinion, the Ecuador Gold Slot stands out from the general row of thousands of identical slots, if only by the fact that it offers a completely unused theme. The developers did without fruits, pharaohs, card symbols – that is, without everything that is perceived by the mass player as an unacceptable banality and bad manners. At the same time, it cannot be said that the gameplay has lost its excitement. We cannot say that this entertainment is guaranteed to please you, but we are sure that every self-respecting player is simply obliged to try it himself to form his own opinion.

What is the RTP of Ecuador Gold Slot?

The total commission from the general bank of players in favour of the developers and administrators of the casino is less than 4% – the RTP is estimated at 96.1%. This is not the most impressive indicator in the scale of the gambling industry, but it deserves to be praised for the supplier’s desire to make money on the flow of users and not on each player. However, jackpots in Ecuador Gold Slot are relatively rare, so the player should not expect that he will win back quickly – for the final success, it is important to correctly distribute the bankroll.

What is the biggest win available on Ecuador Gold Slot?

The maximum multiplier by which the bet amount is multiplied, in the case of Ecuador Gold Slot, is 2500x. On the one hand, this is not so much – many competitors theoretically have much more solid gains. On the other hand, this video slot implements a relatively simple scheme of collecting a pay line, in which there is no need to arrange symbols in a row. This somewhat increases the likelihood of hitting the maximum jackpot, while it remains practically unattainable among competitors.

How volatile is Ecuador Gold Slot?

The dispersion of the Ecuador Gold Slot is rated high. Winnings are not uncommon here – on the contrary, they happen quite often, fueling the excitement of the player. Another thing is that the size of a typical win is very modest – they will not be able to cover even the winning bet, let alone the neighbouring losing bets. To gain profit or approach zero, be prepared to play for a long time.

Is there a free spins bonus in Ecuador Gold Slot?

Free spins are one of the key benefits of Ecuador Gold Slot – you can get them on the condition that at least three bonus symbols appear on the playing field at the same time. The more, the better – in total, the user can win a package of up to 25 free spins.

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