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An eight-by-eight grid allows for a huge number of different winning combinations
Some multipliers increase the potential winnings many times over
Cscading wins are also involved here
The maximum amount of the winning - 50 thousand times more than the stake
The upper limit of the bet size is set at only 10 pounds


Dragon Fall

Defeating the evil dragon at all times has been honourable and commendable. Everyone benefited from this: the shameless serpent stopped terrorizing the population of the surrounding villages, and the hero covered himself with eternal glory and won wealth, which would be enough for a comfortable old age. In this whole story, there could be only one drawback: the dragon could well defeat the fearless knight and begin to take revenge on people, which initially served as an excellent argument in favour of not trying to get the treasure.

However, times have changed, and today it is not at all necessary to risk your head to try to take away the dragon’s treasures! You probably won’t cover yourself with immortal glory, but who needs it – after all, everyone is chasing after wealth! If the dragon theme is close to you and the desire to take risks for a solid jackpot, then Blueprint’s Dragonfall Slot will be a challenge and a way to have fun!

Pros and Cons

When all the old and proven slot machines are tired, it’s time to choose a new entertainment to your liking, but the question remains about how to do this without wasting time on thousands of boring, similar developments. There is not a single universal slot that would be liked by all players without exception – which means that there is always a risk of regretting the time spent (and money for bets). In order not to be disappointed, we advise you to first read the reviews of other players about those slot machines that you are considering for further play.

In the case of Dragonfall, we have already done everything for you – we searched the thematic forums, found hundreds and thousands of player comments, and chose the most typical ones among them. According to our version, most often the slot machine is praised for the following features:

  • an eight-by-eight grid allows for a huge number of different winning combinations, so a separate intrigue is how much you can win;
  • some multipliers increase the potential winnings many times over;
  • cascading wins popular in recent years are also involved here – there is no need to spend another spin after a successful combination if the empty spaces will be automatically filled with new symbols;
  • the maximum amount of the winning – 50 thousand times more than the stake, but not more than a quarter of a million dollars/pounds/euros.

Probably, even this slot is not perfect – it is guaranteed that there will be demanding players who can find a lot of reasons for criticism. But in practice, there is only one constant claim to Dragon Fall – the upper limit of the bet size is set at only 10 pounds, so the gambling high roller will be boring.

Theme and Graphics

As you might have guessed, we ended up not just anywhere but in the dragon’s lair itself – in its cave with treasures. At the moment of penetration, the owner of the cave is not in place – that is, even theoretically, we can immediately take out part of his treasures, but only on the condition that we can find the most valuable and disenchant him. Dragons sometimes fly over the playing field, but in reality, this is not at all bad – on the contrary, the increased danger gives the player an additional bonus.

All symbols are made in the form of dragon eggs – the cheapest is decorated with thorns, most are painted in different bright colours, and eggs with a dragon are the most valuable. Typical heroic music from fantasy games plays in the background, reinforcing the impression that our activity here and now is not just a pursuit of the jackpot but some kind of feat.

Dragon Fall Slot

Dragon Fall Slot RTP

Dragonfall’s return rate is quite high – 96.43% is an unattainable figure for many competitors. Let’s be objective: no sane dragon would ever give so much of its treasures for anything, but the developers understand that the client wants to win. Given the high percentage of returns, a particularly lucky visitor to an online casino may even dream of beating the casino. You should not rely on such a possibility, but you cannot say that it does not exist.

At the same time, the slot variance is considered high. In the language of dragons, it sounds like this: everyone can try to enter the cave, but you should not expect that you will be able to steal a little bit every day without being noticed – rather, you will either hit the jackpot or be left with nothing. A high percentage of return is provided by rare but solid wins, but a client with a flimsy supply of money or too large bets runs the risk of not reaching him. Therefore, the main recommendation for a successful game is not to pour in all the capital at once, to save it, especially since the maximum multiplier, even so, allows you to hope for a big win. Small wins happen often enough, but they look more like support for hope than real help to keep the game going.

How to Win Dragon Fall Slot?

Many modern slots use the principle that the combination must be collected strictly in one line; in others, it is important that, in principle, a certain number of identical symbols are collected on the screen. Dragonfall does not belong to the first, and this gives relief, and to the second, it physically cannot relate – in the 8 by 8 field, symbols are repeated in large numbers. Therefore, the developers chose the third option – the same symbols must be collected in a cluster, no less than five pieces. A cluster can be distributed between several lines, but it doesn’t matter – if only it would turn out to be an integral “territory” of the same content.

Dragon Fall Slot Machine

The eggs presented in the playing field and collected in combinations have different ranks. The size of the win depends on which eggs the combination is made from and how many of them are involved in it. In this case, the dragon’s eye dropped out with the combination, which is a multiplier that can significantly increase the win.

Special Features of Dragon Fall Slot

The most profitable aspect of this slot is the cascading wins. Just think: here you win after collecting an impressive cluster, and empty spaces are immediately filled with new symbols. Considering a large number of such new symbols, the player may immediately collect another winning combination, and after it, possibly, more and more. In other words, only one spin is spent, and there can be two or more winnings!

Of particular interest to the user is the Mega Fall option – it is easy to identify it by the beautifully animated dragons moving north. Winged creatures leave behind special colossal eggs that can turn all eggs in the playing field, which they reach, into identical ones.

Dragon Fall Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

The main bonus of the game is that the wild symbol (in this case, the dragon’s eye) complements any winning combination but does not disappear along with the rest of the symbols of the combination but simply sags down. Therefore, he can re-participate in collecting the winning combination. As the cascading wins accumulate, it also acts as a multiplier.

If within one rotation, the player managed to collect three dragon eyes on the field at once, this promises a reward in the form of free spins. There are six free spins, and as the reward is used, the dragon’s eyes do not move and do not disappear, increasing your chances of success.

Unusually, free spins can be purchased, but one round will cost a player a hundred times their stake.

Overall Review

Dragonfall is a non-trivial and interesting slot from a top manufacturer that deserves attention from a mass user. His theme is not the most hackneyed, but not too original – everyone wants to try himself in the role of a desperate daredevil. The mechanics of the game are extremely simple – you don’t need to understand complicated rules to figure out how to win. If fantasy is your favourite genre of literature and cinema, then this slot machine should be an advantageous addition to the collection of your favourite pastime.

What is the RTP of Dragon Fall?

Independent experts estimate RTP Dragon Fall at 96.43% – though not sky-high, but a lot. Leaving a little more than 3.5% of the commission, the developer and the playground do not prevent the player from counting on a decent win. At the same time, small wins happen with enviable regularity, but do not cover the costs of the game, therefore a well-thought-out tactic requires you to always have a reserve of money to reach a solid win.

What is the biggest win available on Dragon Fall?

There are two criteria by which the maximum winnings are determined. First of all, your ceiling, which cannot be surpassed, is 250 thousand in the account currency; not millions, but also quite good. However, Blueprint has provided another indicator of the maximum win – 50 thousand times the size of the bet. If you bet at the maximum (10 euros, pounds, or dollars), such a multiplier will not be available, but the more the player is interested in relatively small bets.

How volatile is Dragon Fall?

The dispersion of Dragon Fall is often rated as average. This means that the winnings are not so uncommon here, but in some cases, the amount of the reward may not seem to be worth the bet at all. A simple example: with a minimum bet of 20 pence, the minimum winnings (for five spiked eggs) is only 10 pence. To reach indicators close to self-sufficiency, one should expect a big win, but this is a relatively rare phenomenon.

Is there a free spins bonus in Dragon Fall?

Free spins in Dragon Fall can either fall out of luck or be bought by a player who wants to try this option as well. The trigger for assigning six free spins is wild symbols, of which at least three must appear on the screen at the same time. Considering that in the process of unscrewing the free spins, the dragon’s eyes, acting as wild symbols, do not disappear, this is an additional chance for getting bigger wins since the wild will join the adjacent combination.

Posted by Joshua Mau
Gaming Mathematician

An excellent knowledge of number theory and random number generators led our author to the main advisory board of the largest slot machine providers. In this series of articles, you can find a lot of information about the structure and mechanics of casino games.

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