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The potential amount of payments is up to 250 thousand dollars
The theme of the diamond mine is fascinating in itself
Win multipliers are practically unlimited
There is a round with free spins, according to the results of which you can win
The provider allows users to play in demo mode to get acquainted with the possibilities of the slot and work out winning tactics
The lack of a progressive jackpot
The volatility of the toy is quite high


Diamond Mine

Providers strive to regularly release new and new entertainment so that the old ones do not become boring to customers, provoking the overflow of the public to competitors. However, the most successful developers cover their name with glory, once they released a really good creation that could not lose popularity for several years. If we talk about BluePrint, which is well known to many fans of gambling entertainment, then in its portfolio Diamond Mine is rightly considered one of the most valuable assets. Think for yourself: 2018, when this slot machine was released, is long gone, but this particular toy remains one of the most pleasant memories of that time for an ordinary gambler.

Pros and Cons

If suddenly you are not familiar with the Megaways franchise and do not want to form your own opinion about this slot, wanting to play exciting and interesting right away, then before starting the game, you should read the reviews that other players left about this slot machine. Considering the several years of existence of the Diamond Mine and its popularity, there are many of them. Here are what users typically cite as key entertainment benefits:

  • the potential amount of payments is up to 250 thousand dollars – in the understanding of many, this is already a solid jackpot;
  • the theme of the diamond mine is fascinating in itself, enhances the player’s excitement;
  • win multipliers are practically unlimited – you can bet a few cents and still claim a huge win;
  • there is a round with free spins, according to the results of which you can win;
  • the provider allows users to play in demo mode to get acquainted with the possibilities of the slot and work out winning tactics.

For all its advantages, Diamond Mine Megaways has a couple of disadvantages in the eyes of many gamblers. The lack of a progressive jackpot is called the main one – although the maximum win is rather big, it is impossible to become a millionaire based on the results of playing with such a machine. In addition, the volatility of the toy is quite high – it gives out winnings “rarely, but accurately,” and a player with a small bankroll risks losing everything without waiting for a solid prize.

Theme and Graphics

The Diamond Mine Megaways theme is, as the name suggests, the theme of the diamond mine. Like a miner in search of precious stones, the player tries to get wealth, only there are no shovels or a pickaxe in his hands – it is enough to spin the reels to claim a win. The main background, respectively, is made in the form of a mine on a hill.

The graphics of the slot are relatively simple – they have a cartoon character to create a feeling of lightness and unobtrusiveness. Such graphics allow not to overload the “hardware” while leaving the symbols on the reels colourful and attractive.

For some reason, motives typical of the Wild West were chosen as a soundtrack – they contribute to a pleasant feeling of cowboy adventures, but in general, they are not entirely appropriate, given that diamonds were never found in that region.

As symbols, playing cards are used, but without lower (below 9) values. The assortment of symbols is complemented by the miner’s tools (lamp, ax, shovel) and, in fact, the miner himself. Additional symbols include scatter, wild, mystery. The exact payoff depends on how many points the player can use to make a line.

The Diamond Mine Slot

Considering the general simplicity of graphics and gameplay, the slot can also be launched on mobile devices – smartphones or tablets. The main condition is the mandatory support of the HTML5 technology used by the browser.

The Diamond Mine Slot RTP

The RTP is estimated by the developer and neutral evaluators at 96.43%. At the same time, the high volatility of the slot means that the player will need a solid bankroll to hold out until the moment of winning. In this context, experienced players recommend making relatively small bets, otherwise, there is a risk that “your” winnings will remain at the disposal of the system.

There are no rigid requirements that would mean that the rate should be really large. On the contrary, the system allows you to bet little by little – literally from 20 cents or pence (depending on what currency you have in your gaming account). Thus, a bankroll of several tens of dollars, euros, or pounds may be enough to get a taste of victory with the Megaways Diamond Mine. The maximum charge, in this case, is limited to 100 dollars/euros/pounds, but the question remains whether it is worth betting that much. Why? Because by doing this, you cut the maximum winnings multiplier – it will no longer be 10 thousand times larger than the bet since it is limited to 250 thousand.

How to Win The Diamond Mine Slot

The principle of the game is as follows: you need to collect at least three (and ideally six) symbols in a line to win and qualify for payments. The only exception is the diamond – this is the most valuable symbol in the game, two of them in a row are enough to rightly consider yourself a winner. At the same time, there are more than 117 thousand winning combinations in total, and the exact amount of winning in each case is determined individually – depending on what came out with the winning symbols.

Diamond Mine Slot Machine

In the settings of the slot, as in the picture above, detailed multipliers are shown for everything that can appear in a slot machine at all. The potential multiplier may turn out to be cosmic and multiply the bet made ten thousand times, but there is a ceiling that cannot be exceeded – the size of the win cannot exceed 250 thousand dollars.

Special Features of Diamond Mine Megaways

The key feature, thanks to which this slot has achieved success, is the additional factors of winning, besides collecting a full-fledged combination. Let’s take a quick look at what else the developer offers:

  • in case of a winning combination, instead of it immediately, without a new bet, new symbols appear, which may also be winning – this continues until the new row turns out to be no-win;
  • TNT can turn into other symbols of almost any kind, except for scattering;
  • four scatters in one row means that the player has got hold of a dozen free spins; if the size of the combination consists of more than four scatters, then for each additional (fifth and subsequent), the player receives five more free spins!

Free Spins and Bonuses

Free spins were mentioned above, so let’s dwell on how much money you can win at Megaways Diamond Mine. The winning ceiling is set as 250 thousand – most often it is indicated that dollars, but in fact, this amount is equivalent in other currencies. If your account is in pounds sterling, then the ceiling of 250 thousand remains, although the exchange rate turns out to be a much more solid amount. This is far from the limit on the scale of the entire gaming industry, but there are many slots where they do not even offer such winnings.

What is not there are jackpots. Good or bad – you decide: on the one hand, the bank does not accumulate, which means that the excitement is not additionally heated, but at the same time, there is a possibility of winning quite a lot on the move.

Overall Review

Diamond Mine, it seems, does not offer anything fundamentally new, but everything “old” is combined in it as harmoniously as possible, creating coherent and interesting gameplay. There are all the classic attributes of gambling – we “extract” diamonds in the mine, and it is the diamond as a symbol that promises the most solid winnings. In the background, pleasant music from westerns plays, adding an indescribable flavour.

If you are willing to wait patiently for your winnings in the hope that it will turn out to be solid enough, then this is a good option for you. To be honest, we are surprised how it happened that you are still not familiar with the capabilities of Megaways Diamond Mine. Amicably, this omission must be corrected immediately!

What is the RTP of Diamond Mine?

The return rates for this slot are estimated at 96.43%. This indicator is comparable to the RTP of most other popular slot machines – such a return cannot be called sky-high, but it is not small. However, you will have to make allowances for the significant volatility of the slot machine.

What is the biggest win available on Diamond Mine?

Several numbers describe how big a player’s potential winnings can be on this slot. Given its high volatility, many will bet small amounts – for such bets, the profit ceiling is x10,000 compared to the contribution. At the same time, there is an “unbreakable” winnings ceiling of 250 thousand in the currency of your gaming account (dollars, euros, pounds sterling). Taking into account that the maximum allowed bet is 100 dollars/euro/pounds, it turns out that the multiplier of ten thousand will not be available to the high roller.

How volatile is Diamond Mine?

Most sources estimate the volatility of this slot machine as high, although we have come across the point of view that it is rather average. In any case, this means that you do not have to rely on regular small winnings – on the contrary, the administration considers it right to reward the player with rare but large payments. High volatility inevitably affects the tactics of playing with this slot – an online casino visitor will have to make small bets if he expects to make it to the victory. In addition, it is pointless to bet a lot of money – the upper winnings ceiling is spelled out in such a way that the maximum multiplier is not available for a large bet.

Is there a free spins bonus in Diamond Mine?

Of course, yes. To qualify for a free bet, you need to collect scatters – you need at least four, but the more, the better. For four bags of gold, the slot machine will offer the client twelve free spins, while each additional scatter will mean an increase in the size of the reward by another five free spins.

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