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Good old mechanics means there are no unpleasant surprises
Entertainment offers to collect up to ten win lines, allowing you to cut down a lot of money
The maximum size of the jackpot increases the amount of the bet by 10 000 times
The developers offer to compete for 4 variants of the jackpot in the bonus game at once
The most common symbols are ordinary card symbols
The developers also did not bother to create a normal soundtrack
The extremely simple plot


Since the invention of the first slot machines (and this happened about a century ago), the mechanics of most entertainments of this kind have remained practically unchanged. Of course, some developers come up with additional complications for the gameplay, thanks to which, supposedly, it should become more interesting and more fun, and most importantly, you can win more. However, the audience, as a rule, wants primitive and well-known gameplay to confidently navigate the principles of the slot. Another thing is that a boring topic is still boring, therefore it sometimes needs to be changed.

Coral Island Slot

And while competitors are massively practicing the design of classic fruits and the invention of the thousandth version of the slot machine on the theme of Ancient Egypt, the EGT team decided to please fans with something truly unusual. Coral Island is a great opportunity to escape from the gray everyday life and imagine yourself in a completely different world, so different from everyday life. Coral Island Slot successfully plays out such a desire, therefore it deserves special attention.

Pros and Cons

Above, we have already opened the cards – for those who want something fundamentally new from Coral Island Slot, there is nothing to catch. This slot machine plays on themes that are familiar to every gambler, which means that in the pursuit of the public, the developers must offer some special advantages to stand out from the crowd. We cannot say that the main advantage of the slot is its uniqueness, and yet the community of gambling fans left a lot of positive reviews about the entertainment in question. If you, after reading what is written above, doubt whether it is necessary to spend time and money on running the video slot, here is the argument from those who consider it good:

  • good old mechanics means there are no unpleasant surprises – since the classic is still alive and popular, it means that it is time-tested and represents exemplary quality;
  • entertainment offers to collect up to ten win lines, which are also combined, allowing you to cut down a lot of money;
  • the maximum size of the jackpot increases the amount of the bet by 10 thousand times – even if you do not become a millionaire with this video slot, it is capable of improving the financial situation of anyone;
  • the developers offer to compete for four variants of the jackpot in the bonus game at once – this once again increases the degree of excitement.

The main drawback of this slot is the extremely simple plot there is nothing new here, you have practiced the same principles of playing in a different graphical environment a million times. The most common symbols are ordinary card symbols – this somewhat spoils the impression of the thematic nature of the slot. The developers also did not bother to create a normal soundtrack – they have to “enjoy” only the sounds of rotation, which are not very pleasant here.

Theme and Graphics

If you were expecting white sand and palm trees basking in the rays of the tropical sun from the entertainment called Coral Island Slot, then all this is bypassed. Corals are at the bottom, so we go underwater with them. As a result, the corals themselves are very limited in the design – a beautiful picture of the underwater world with a small number of heat-loving bright fish is used as a background. Tropical fish, sea turtles, seahorses, and starfish were used as additional symbols, the role of the wild symbol was given to the common favourite of the dolphin. So where is the island, you ask? It is also present – in the form of a scatter.

Coral Island Slot

The leitmotif of the massive reviews of Coral Island Slot on thematic forums in two opposite thoughts. On the one hand, the developers are praised for the fact that they managed to move away from the hateful canons, on the other hand, the feeling that the game could be worked out in more detail does not leave. Why it was impossible to add any “underwater” sounds as a soundtrack is a big mystery.

Coral Island Slot RTP

Let’s assume that the majority of gamblers are still not guided only by design when choosing a slot machine. You can watch beautiful pictures completely free of charge without risking money, and visitors to online casinos usually expect to win something. The system will inevitably take a percentage of the total bank to compensate for its expenses and earn, however, an experienced player is always interested in the return rate because his chances of ultimate success depend on this.

In the case of Coral Island Slot, the payout percentage is approximately 96.2%. This is not an indicator that should be admired, at the same time, one should not be ashamed of it. We take the liberty of claiming that this is a decent level of RTP – one for which the lack of a soundtrack or “too commonplace” game mechanics can be forgiven.

In this case, the variance of the slot machine is estimated by specialists approximately halfway between medium and high. You won’t be able to win very often here – on the contrary, winning will turn out to be quite rare luck, and you will sincerely rejoice at it. It is clear that with this approach, the administration makes the winnings themselves larger because the promised 96.2% must be returned. However, a user who wants to lose the entire bankroll as quickly as possible runs the risk of simply not making it to the moment when his turn comes to win.

How to Win Coral Island Slot?

An experienced gambler has been familiar with the principles of winning in Coral Island Slot a long time ago – he re-familiarized himself with the rules in half of the slots with different names and from different developers. The bottom line is this: we have five reels and three rows, our goal is to collect combinations of the same symbols. Symbols differ in cost – there are relatively cheap card symbols, and sea ones, more expensive. The wild symbol (here it is a dolphin) can replace any other symbol except the scatter. The innovation from the developers is that the combination with the dolphin is even more valuable than without it!

Coral Island Slot Machine

The size of the combination depends on what symbols it is assembled from – sometimes two are enough, but cheap ones usually require collecting at least three side by side. It is not necessary to form a straight line to win – even zigzags are appropriate. In total, the mechanics of the game allow ten pay lines of five identical symbols.

Since the game is still called Coral Island Slot (the island, not the bottom off its coast!), The island-shaped scatter gives 15 free spins and serves as a threefold multiplier.

Special Features of Coral Island Slot

The main special feature offered by EGT in Coral Island Slot is that spins can be triggered automatically. This is a great option for a user with a large bankroll and who wants to spend it entirely in this video slot by choosing small stakes. The self-timer lets you sit back and watch the fate of your bankroll unfold.

In addition, according to the results of the winnings, the player can additionally test his fate thanks to the Gamble option. You may not use it, but the essence of the additional risk is as follows: the player will get a card face down, and he must guess what colour the suit is – red or black. If he guesses, he will double his winnings, if he loses – well, goodbye, money.

Coral Island Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

The scatter works as follows: for combinations from it, collected in the amount of at least two symbols, a reward in the form of coins is due, but only combinations of three symbols will give the user 15 free spins. A package of free spins can bring various winnings (the prize from each combination during spinning triples). The user can also win another package of free spins during the spinning process, stretching the game indefinitely.

Overall Review

The most objective about Coral Island Slot will be this opinion: this is an unremarkable slot machine, one of hundreds and thousands. He does not claim to be outstanding and is not capable of pushing all the competition, but he also does not have obvious flaws that can scare off a clientele. In other words, this is just another video slot – globally, you will not lose anything if you pass by, but for someone, it will become a favourite.

What is the RTP of Coral Island Slot?

The developers decided to choose the middle ground, deciding what the percentage of return for this slot machine should be. 96.2% is an indicator that deserves to be called solid but does not claim to be a record. Combined with, this RTP promises rare but tasty wins.

What is the biggest win available on Coral Island Slot?

The maximum jackpot set by the development team is estimated at stake multiplied by 10 thousand times. Considering the maximum bet size in this video slot, the player does not encroach on the status of a millionaire, however, once the maximum jackpot is hit, it will be remembered for a long time. Another thing is that with sufficiently high volatility, it is quite difficult to claim not just the maximum jackpot but any win.

How volatile is Coral Island Slot?

Experts disagree as to whether Coral Island Slot’s variance is medium or high. The very fact that you won’t be able to win here after each spin of the reels – on the contrary, you will have to wait for a win. The amount will accumulate during this time, so the success will be truly joyful, but we would still recommend saving your bankroll to be able to make it to this moment.

Is there a free spins bonus in Coral Island Slot?

One and a half dozen free spins are awarded to the player, provided that he managed to collect at least three scatters in a combination. The increased number of islands in the km is not able to increase the number of free spins, but it helps to increase the instant reward.

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