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Extremely simple, but at the same time aesthetic graphics are addictive
The gameplay cannot be called stupidly simple
The maximum multiplier is quite substantial, due to which you can get a serious win from a relatively small bet
The allowed bet size is up to a thousand dollars, euros, or pounds sterling
No shortcomings


burning hot slot machine

A hundred years ago, at the dawn of the era of slot machines, developers did not think about any “topic.”  Most of the slots were decorated with symbols that were understandable to everyone – for example, fruits. To unconditionally distinguish between them, the player does not need to be in the subject or be able to read because any fool can tell a cherry from an orange. Although today the situation with education looks fundamentally different, and many casino visitors deliberately choose themed slots, fruits are so ingrained in the minds of a typical gambler that it is no longer possible to “evict” them from there. Therefore, the developers are still intensively exploiting the fruit theme, especially since the fruits are distinguished by bright and colourful colours.

Any highly specific topic poses a risk for the supplier – his brainchild will not be liked by users. However, it is almost impossible to miss the fruit slot – yes, it is experiencing fierce competition from colleagues, but it certainly does not alienate anyone. With this in mind, EGT launched their fruity brainchild.

Pros and Cons

Fruit slots are so proliferating these days that the player does not have a single chance to try them all. Only at first glance do they seem to be approximately the same each development has its advantages and disadvantages, therefore the time spent on acquaintance can be regarded by the player as wasted. In order not to be disappointed, we advise you not to rush into the game without preliminary information preparation. Instead, you can read the reviews of colleagues who have already tested the slot. Moreover, we are ready to help with this – you don’t have to search the forums because we have already done it for you.

Thus, Burning Hot 5 lines Slot is notable for the following advantages:

  • extremely simple, but at the same time aesthetic graphics are addictive – who would have thought that a fruit slot could be so charming;
  • the gameplay cannot be called stupidly simple – the game provides two different scatters at once, thanks to which the most unpredictable combinations can be collected;
  • the maximum multiplier is quite substantial, due to which you can get a serious win from a relatively small bet;
  • the allowed bet size is up to a thousand dollars, euros, or pounds sterling, that is, the user can get rich.

Against the background of all of the above, the situation looks like any shortcomings are nothing more than nit-picking. Someone thinks that the multiplier could be even more solid, someone is tired of the classic theme with fruits. We will not argue with anything – this is a matter of taste, however, the slot, in our opinion, deserves positive comments more than negative ones.

Theme and Graphics

burning hot 5 game

One gets the feeling that the developers, having chosen a rather banal topic, decided to concentrate as much as possible on taking the best from it. A calm green colour was chosen as the background – its calming properties will be very useful in a situation when the game does not develop the way you would like. The main symbols are colorful fruits, the bulk of which are equivalent to each other, but more expensive watermelons and grapes are knocked out of the general row. Bells also deserve special attention, but more valuable than the rest of the sevens – what kind of casino would it be if a combination of sevens is absent in the rules of the game?

There are two scatters in the game at once – both stars and dollar signs play such a role. However, the most valuable thing is the four-leaf clover, which in this case plays the role of a wild symbol. There is nothing to explain to a player who has extensive experience in entertainment like an online casino – he will not find any radical innovations here.

Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot RTP

The percentage of returns in Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot is rightly called quite high – not every developer is ready to return almost 96.5% of the total bankroll to clients, taking only 3.5% as a commission for himself and the institution. This generosity of the vendor should be considered among other development merits, and it is also one of the key factors in the success of a slot that does not stand out among the millions of analogs.

At the same time, experts estimate the degree of risk for the player somewhere in the middle between low and medium. This means that it is not necessary to stock up on a huge bankroll – the winnings will not overtake the player after the first spin, but you will reach him almost exactly. Another thing is that in low-risk entertainment, you usually don’t have to count on big wins, so luck may not be so profitable. However, this game is one of those that will most likely allow you to roll your original bankroll several times in a row.

How to Win Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot?

No incredible tactics are required to play Burning Hot 5 Lines – the principle of winning is completely similar to what is needed in other slots. The ideal combination for the user is to collect five of the same symbols. They should not be located anywhere on the screen but strictly in a line or a zigzag pattern. At the same time, more modest combinations are allowed – from three identical symbols in a row, but then the winnings will be much smaller.

Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot

The wild symbol (four-leaf clover) serves as a replacement for any missing symbol. If such a symbol “breaks” a valuable combination, there is nothing to be said about it – the four-leafed leaf will turn into the desired fruit and provide the user with the necessary winnings. As for scatters, they act as additional multipliers.

If your bankroll allows you not to save money and spin the reels over and over again, you can not bother yourself with this task by launching automatic spins. Thanks to them, the program will spin the reels over and over again – as long as there is at least something on the account.

Special Features of Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot

The peculiarity of Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot is that small winning can be automatically played additionally. The bottom line is this: as soon as your income is received and is no more than 175, the player is offered a choice of red or black. All you have to do is hit the Gamble button and guess the colour. The risk is quite large – if you don’t guess, you risk being left without a win at all, but the correct answer will double the benefit!

In addition, an additional condition of the game is the mysterious jackpot, divided into four levels by the classic card suits. Taking part in it is not so easy – a special jackpot symbol should fall out, but the player should try to catch his luck by the tail.

Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot is one of the few slot machines that cannot surprisingly win free spins. Someone will consider this a serious omission on the part of the developers, but we are not so critical. EGT offered customers so many options to get their winnings that it would be overkill to find fault with her for not having such an opportunity.

Overall Review

Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot does not exploit specific themes, so sometimes it runs into criticism from users who consider it too boring. Come on guys, aren’t you still tired of the endless “books” and “Egypt”? Against their background, the forgotten fruit classics are already beginning to acquire some signs of originality, therefore they deserve only praise. In addition, it is impossible not to cancel the really beautiful design – the supplier was not too lazy to find talented artists. After all, there are two scatters here at once – so do you need anything else?

What is the RTP of Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot?

The payout percentage is set by the developer Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot at almost 96.5%. As seasoned slot reviewers, we know for sure that this is not an extremely high rate, but it would be unfair to consider it low. Some of the clients, of course, will remain in the red, but a relatively small commission in favour of a software provider and a casino significantly increases your chances of outplaying the office here and now. Even if not – at least you will be spinning the reels long enough, even with a relatively small supply of money.

What is the biggest win available on Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot?

The maximum winning amount is three thousand times the player’s bet. As in the case of RTP, this is not some unique indicator, but this slot has another advantage – there is no hard cap on the maximum bet. In other words, a decent amount of zeros can appear in the number of legal winnings.

How volatile is Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot?

This slot provides variance somewhere between low and medium. This means that there is no point in saving a bankroll – wins happen quite often, you will probably get some kind of reward already on the first spins. Of course, a high payout frequency inevitably means a relatively small scale, but you are protected from the common situation when your turn to win still does not come.

Is there a free spins bonus in Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot?

The developers of Burning Hot 5 Lines Slot forgot to please the fans of this slot with free spins. This is the only major drawback of branded entertainment.

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