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The slot machine fascinates with the detailed elaboration
A large number of winning lines
Game mechanics are full of interesting features
The maximum winnings are tied to the size of the bet, but a 5000x multiplier allows you to count on a solid prize
High volatility


Black River Gold Slot

Each of us in childhood dreamed of at least for a short while plunging into the atmosphere of real adventures, depicted by numerous westerns. Waking up to work every morning, riding a crowded public transport, listening to a disgruntled boss in a dusty office? Who needs it – it is better to risk your life every day, admiring the stunning nature, enjoying the freedom, and realizing that every day can suddenly bring enormous wealth! Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Objectively, of course, most modern inhabitants would refuse the outlined perspective because the risk of dying for cowboys is too great, and the chances of getting rich are scanty. However, Black River Gold Slot makes you reconsider your dream once again because this entertainment allows you to feel like a free person, risk every day, but not your life, and most importantly, it leaves a chance to get rich!

Pros and Cons

The huge variety of modern slot machines is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, a casino visitor at any time can change boring entertainment for a new one, on the other hand, he cannot afford to waste time and bankroll on second-rate toys. Therefore, an advanced user should know in advance what opportunities this or that video slot offers. The most complete and honest source of information is the comments of other users, but they would have to be searched for a long time in various thematic forums. Fortunately, in the case of Black River Gold Slot, we have already done this for you, collecting the most typical positive statements and offering them in the form of theses:

  • the slot machine fascinates with the detailed elaboration – there is a beautiful background, interestingly selected symbols, even the soundtrack helps to fully immerse oneself in the atmosphere of the century before last;
  • the number of winning lines in most reviews is indicated as 4096, but this is for four rows, and their number increases after the combination are collected;
  • game mechanics are full of interesting features, such as a revolver that can collect symbols under it, or a wild compass that turns neighbouring symbols into wild ones;
  • the maximum winnings are tied to the size of the bet, but a 5000x multiplier allows you to count on a solid prize that would be enough for any cowboy.

The only drawback of this slot lies in its high volatility, and even then, not every user would perceive this feature as a disadvantage. Winnings do not happen so rarely here, but in most cases, they do not even cover the amount of the winning bet. The player can get a profit, but for this, it is necessary to “endure,” stretching the bankroll. But the patient player will at some point be rewarded with a jackpot that significantly bulges his pocket.

Theme and Graphics

The ELK developers failed to make card symbols not appear in the gameplay at all, but otherwise, there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Just look at what the background of the slot machine looks like – what a stunning landscape opens up before us! Realizing its charm, the creators deliberately did not limit the background to narrow frames at the edges of the screen – instead, excellent details are provided at the recommended resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

Black River Gold Slot Machine

Symbols older than cards are chosen to match the cowboy theme as much as possible. There are medallions and a five-pointed sheriff’s star, a revolver and a glass of whiskey, gold, and two kinds of precious stones. The most expensive symbol turned out to be the adventurer himself – as expected, with long hair, a beard, and a hat.

The Audience Choice Award is legitimately awarded to the soundtrack. While competitors “delight” users with a characteristic chime of money during a winning combination without a permanent soundtrack, here the creators have done their best. Nice music accompanies the player throughout the entire gameplay, making it much easier to turn on your imagination and imagine yourself as a classic gold digger.

Black River Gold Slot RTP

Developers can create a stunningly beautiful and interesting slot, but do not forget that this is not a movie or a classic computer game. People come to the casino hoping that they will be able to win back some of the money, and ideally, they will even be able to outplay the office. The latter, of course, is possible only for some of the most successful clients, but if the return rate is high, this increases the chances.

The provider from ELK has set an adequate percentage of payments on its stunningly beautiful slot – it is estimated at 96.1%. Less than 4% of the total commission in favour of the developer and the institution is a penny by modern standards, and it won’t be so difficult to get a profit. What we should not forget is the high variance: in the Black River Gold Slot, only those who have taken up the business seriously and have no plans to throw it after several unsuccessful spins win globally.

How to Win Black River Gold Slot?

If you have played at least some video slot before, it will not be difficult to understand the principles of playing in Black River Gold Slot. The client’s task is to collect combinations of the same symbols that can be diluted with wild ones because the latter can turn into any. It is noteworthy how the winning line is determined – there is no straight line, the combination is valid for the player, provided that the matching symbols are present in any rows on several consecutive reels.

Black River Gold Slot symbol payout

The scale of the win depends both on the value of the symbols involved and on their number. Like most modern slots, the wild symbol (in this case, the rose) adjusts to the surrounding circumstances to replace any other symbol except the wild compass and the scatter bonus. These features should be considered in more detail.

Special Features of Black River Gold Slot

There are so many features to win even more at Black River Gold Slot that we are sure to miss something. Therefore, we will set ourselves an initial goal – to touch upon as many unusual, interesting features of the machine as possible.

The first thing that catches your eye is the revolver. He absorbs the underlying symbols, like cartridges, and can “give” them back to form a combination. Upon reaching the bottom, the revolver turns into a wild symbol, a priori participating in any potential winning combinations.

Another notable feature is the wild compass. The principle of its operation is simple: the two symbols next to it, which are indicated by its arrows, will necessarily be wild. This significantly increases the likelihood of collecting a winning combination because wild symbols replace any others.

In addition, any symbols come in different sizes – from the standard one by one to the giant four by four. Large symbols drop out randomly and participate in creating combinations according to the general rules. There is also an avalanche effect when the empty spaces vacated after collecting the winning line are immediately filled with new symbols without using the next spin so that the winnings can become multiple.

Black River Gold Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

While competitors are bothering to invent names and symbols for scatters in their games, in Black River Gold Slot, the scatter is called very simply – Bonus, in the form of an inscription by the size of the symbol. To receive the relying package of free spins, at least three bonus symbols must be present on the playing field – for this they will give 10 free spins. It is better, of course, to increase the number of bonuses, because the size of the reward directly depends on this. For example, 6 bonus symbols provide the player with 25 free spins already!

If, while scrolling free spins, it turns out that the bonus combination falls out again, the new free spins will be added to the old ones.

Overall Review

Tired of the same type of slot machines with banal gameplay? Can’t look at boring fruits and bored ancient Egyptian symbols anymore? Do you think slots could be much more interesting in the 21st century? Then you have come to the right place because Black River Gold Slot is the embodiment of all the best that developers could give customers. Considering that this is a relatively new slot machine that was released in 2020, we are dealing with the flagship of the modern gaming industry.

What is the RTP of Black River Gold Slot?

The return rate in the Black River Gold Slot is set at 96.1%. This is a very respectable figure, characteristic only of the best slot machines in the entire industry. This approach of the developer to the issue will only further increase audience engagement, but we should not forget that high variance forces users to play for a long time.

What is the biggest win available on Black River Gold Slot?

Potentially the largest payout in the Black River Gold Slot is your stake multiplied by five thousand times. We must say right away that not everyone will be able to achieve such solid success, even if we are talking about a truly inveterate player. However, experienced users also point out that the math of the slot is peculiar – while consistently giving out modest and even ridiculous winnings, it is simultaneously capable of dazzling with prizes that look like a jackpot.

How volatile is Black River Gold Slot?

The variance of the Black River Gold Slot is rated high but with some nuances. Winnings are not such a rarity here, they just do not bring the player to a profit at all, acting, rather, as a partial refinancing of a lost bet. To keep up with the real winnings, not to mention the jackpots, you will have to save your bankroll, because otherwise you simply will not make it to success. On the other hand, the longer the path to success, the more it is appreciated!

Is there a free spins bonus in the Black River Gold Slot?

Free spins are among the rewards a player can receive to increase their chances of ultimate success. The minimum package in the form of ten free spins is given out, provided that there are at least three symbols with the word “bonus” on the field at the same time. The more such symbols are present on the playing field, the better for you because six bonuses do not even double the minimum set – they promise the player 25 free spins at once!

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