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This is a classic in its purest form
The developers allow the gambling soul to count on winning according to the results of FORTY winning lines at once
The visitor has the opportunity to fight for one of the four jackpots
If you are lucky, the amount of the bet can be increased immediately 20 000 times
The topic is boring for some players
Free spins are not provided


The gambling public can be conditionally divided into two large groups – let’s call them, again, conditionally, opponents and supporters of the classics. The former believe that the fruit theme, which has been traditional for the gambling industry for many decades, should finally and irrevocably give way to more beautiful new themes, or at least go into the shadows. Fans of the classics believe that the type of video slot, tested by the history of gambling, has its unique charm, and a priori cannot be replaced by anything else. The latter also appeal to the fact that critics of the classics are in favour of changing only one picture – the game mechanics in new slots, as a rule, do not fundamentally change.

40 Super Hot Slot

Judging by the fact that EGT decided to release 40 Super Hot Slot, which is another interpretation of the fruit theme, we conclude: the developer still relies on the fact that eternal values work. And they are still in some demand! If you are one of those who like to collect combinations from fruits, fly in urgently – it will be interesting here!

Pros and Cons

Surprising someone with a fruit slot has been practically impossible for many years now. Every self-respecting developer considers it a duty to include such entertainment in his portfolio. Because of this, perhaps, it is not possible to single out any clear industry leader – simply because almost identical slots steal an audience from each other, in fact, a rather big one.

How can a fruit-themed fan know if he needs this particular slot or not? If you act scientifically and try all fruit slots, you can kill a lot of time and spend a lot of money on bets and still not come to any conclusion regarding which one is better. So that you don’t rack your brains over whether this slot machine is suitable for you, we have collected other people’s comments on this development. Praise her for such features:

  • this is a classic in its purest form – exactly the one that is still considered relevant by tens of millions of people around the world;
  • the developers allow the gambling soul to count on winning according to the results of FORTY winning lines at once – this greatly simplifies the likelihood of collecting a combination;
  • the visitor has the opportunity to fight for one of the four jackpots, and initially, he does not know which of them he will get in case of winning;
  • the funds won can be immediately risked again – if we are talking about a small amount, it can be doubled or lost if luck refuses to smile;
  • if you are lucky, the amount of the bet can be increased immediately 20 thousand times – and this, you see, sounds solid.

A video slot can be perfect in someone’s eyes, but it will never be perfect in the eyes of the entire public at once. Don’t believe me? Look, now we can easily neutralize all the advantages described above. Firstly, the topic is boring – really, how long can you handle with fruit at a time when graphics allow you to draw something much more interesting. Secondly, the theme is implemented as if it was created twenty years ago – seriously, it smells of zero or even the nineties. Thirdly, free spins are not provided, and for many users, they look like a very valuable prize.

Theme and Graphics

You can love or hate the classics, but what you definitely can’t praise 40 Super Hot Slot for is its originality. Our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers tried to combine fruits and sevens, and the cartoon graphics only emphasize the fact that this is something not very modern. The set of fruits itself is also quite typical – pineapples with passionfruit did not appear. The developer does not indulge in the background either – we do not even undertake to assume what it is, but we could experiment with some kind of orchard.

40 Super Hot Slot Machine

With the soundtrack, of course, the situation is similar. Perhaps it would be correct to say that this entertainment does not have a soundtrack at all – only individual sounds and quite primitive ones.

40 Super Hot Slot RTP

For video slots, two tactics can be distinguished, which should lead the development to the final success – it is necessary to interest the clientele either in the gameplay or in material benefits. The gameplay includes everything that is not (objectively) in 40 Super Hot Slot – this is an unconventional design theme, and original game mechanics, and unpredictable plot twists. Nevertheless, we do not exclude that the developers believe that copying the time-tested classics is the emphasis on the gameplay.

As for the material benefit, here you can’t tell right away whether the supplier tried to focus on it or not. The RTP is 95.8%, which seems to be not so small, but far from record indicators – someone from competitors with the same theme and graphics will probably offer more. However, the very size of the maximum allowable payoff suggests that the developer was not entirely greedy after all.

How to Win 40 Super Hot Slot?

We have little or no doubt that most readers, without our prompts, know perfectly well how to play this and win. Nevertheless, the review will not be complete without a detailed description of the gameplay, and it is our duty, as its authors, to make everything clear even for a 100% gambling debutant.

The 40 Super Hot Slot offers five spinning reels and four rows of symbol placement. Symbols are mostly fruits; they must be collected in a combination of three or more. The slot machine offers forty variants of winning lines – that is, the majority of consecutive accumulations of the same symbols will be regarded as a reason for receiving a payout. The size of the payout directly depends both on the number of identical fruits in the line and on their status because they are not equal.

40 Super Hot Slot Game

Where can we go without sevens – they perform the function of a wild symbol, that is, they can turn into any other symbol (except for the scatter, we’ll talk about it later) to complement an almost assembled combination. You can also make combinations of sevens without any other symbols – the winner will be more solid than grapes, the most expensive of the fruits.

As for the scatter, which is played by the star in 40 Super Hot Slots, its peculiarity is that it does not need to be collected in a line. Such symbols appear relatively rarely, and the very fact of their presence on the playing field in an amount of three or more already means a win.

Special Features of 40 Super Hot Slot

What was not present in the original mechanical slots, but is abundantly present in modern video slot machines, is several progressive jackpots at once. 40 Super Hot Slot has them – each is tied to a specific card suit and constantly grows until it is ripped off.

How to rip it off? The offer to claim the jackpot will appear randomly – it cannot be programmed or predicted in any way, although there is a widespread belief that at higher bets the magic jackpot appears more often. The essence of the game itself is as follows: the system “lays out” in front of the player twelve cards face down. You do not see the suits and merits, but you know in advance that there are equal numbers of cards of all suits – three each. With three attempts, you need to draw three cards of the same suit – any, but your jackpot, if successful, will be exactly the suit from which you managed to collect the trio.

40 Super Hot Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

The classic fruit slot is interesting even without free spins – the classics with their mechanical machines did not have any free spins. This is how the EGT developers reasoned when creating their brainchild – otherwise, it is difficult to explain why 40 Super Hot Slot does not provide any possibility of getting free spins.

As for the bonus, it is – more precisely, there is a kind of game that introduces an additional element of risk. The principle is extremely simple: a small win is so negligible that you can risk it if there is a hope that it will double from this. The mechanics are as follows: when crediting winnings less valuable than 1400 credits, the player has the right to press the Gamble button – it appears only at this moment. If you do not press it, you will simply take the well-deserved winnings, but when you press it, a simple bonus game will start. There is only one card in front of you, the suit of which you do not see; you have to guess whether it is red or black. For the correct choice, the administration will double your winnings, an error will mean that you are parting with the winnings.

Overall Review

One should not expect any special conclusion based on the results of considering the classic fruit slot – it will be as commonplace as the gameplay of the considered slot machine. If you are not sick of the classic theme, then this is quite a worthy option to consider. If the player wants something new, truly interesting, and uncommon, then 40 Super Hot Slot is definitely by no means.

What is the RTP of 40 Super Hot Slot?

Independent measurements show that the volatility of this slot machine is about 95.8%. Whether it is a lot or a little, you decide – there are supporters of both points of view.

What is the biggest win available on 40 Super Hot Slot?

Despite the seeming simplicity of the 40 Super Hot Slot game mechanics, the presence of four rows and four jackpots allows you to count on a potentially solid win. The bet made can be increased 20 thousand times – in our opinion, this characterizes the slot machine from the best side.

How volatile is 40 Super Hot Slot?

Dispersion 40 Super Hot Slot – medium. Those who like to win a little after almost every bet will be disappointed, as well as those who are ready to wait half their life for a single win, which will make the lucky one rich. Here, everything is in moderation – not too rare winnings do not spoil with a special frequency, but they are not included in the Red Book and have a certain value.

Is there a free spins bonus in 40 Super Hot Slot?

There are no free spins provided by the creators of 40 Super Hot Slot. The developers suggested that the player should be happy with the average volatility, the relatively high payout percentage, and the high maximum winnings to the bet.

Posted by Joshua Mau
Gaming Mathematician

An excellent knowledge of number theory and random number generators led our author to the main advisory board of the largest slot machine providers. In this series of articles, you can find a lot of information about the structure and mechanics of casino games.

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