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DLV Gaming

The general public has not heard of DLV Gaming, and some of the ignorant players may mistakenly think that we are talking about a newly created company in the form of a local studio that does not solve big problems. However, it is fundamentally wrong to reason in this way, because in fact, the brand has been tracing its history for almost three decades. The company has existed since 1994, and at first, it really could not boast of the scope of its activities – initially, it considered itself a purely national operator, operating in its tiny native Latvia. Today it is already an international giant of the industry, hardly planning to give up its positions.

Facts and Figures

DLV Gaming’s history looks typical for most new markets. Until the early 90s of the last decade, Latvia was part of the Soviet Union, where the gaming industry, and even more so private casinos, was strictly prohibited. After gaining independence, general liberalization took place in the country, and the gambling industry was allowed, but local providers had no idea where to get equipment and parts for it. Relations with foreign suppliers had not yet been established, and foreign investors did not seek to enter a small country that existed for a few years at that time.

In a word, a demand has matured in society to create its manufacturer of slot machines – at that time, of course, offline, not online. The newly created DLV Gaming, which mastered the production of cases and boards, undertook to solve the problem. An important feature of the enterprise was its attitude to business – the guys not only copied what others were doing but also tried to introduce a piece of their innovations. This helped the company grow and expand far beyond Europe.

Today, the company employs more than 400 employees, and one of their areas of activity is already playing games for online casinos. The brand does not yet have deafening success in this area but does not forget that online gambling appeared not so long ago. The path to the heights is thorny, but the DLV team has repeatedly proved that it is not afraid of difficulties!

Best Casinos

Despite the far from being the poorest portfolio, at the moment, DLV cannot boast that it cooperates with a huge number of establishments. We easily discovered more than a dozen, which is not so much compared to the market leaders represented in hundreds of casinos. Nevertheless, there are providers whose games have to be searched for during the day with fire, and in the case of DLV, a client from any country in the world even has the opportunity to choose from several proposed options. To make this choice more likely to be good, consider several sites with high user ratings.


  • Casinoin is a small institution but international, focusing on the widest possible international markets. Most likely your native language is here. Fans of the mandatory availability of mobile applications will be able to get what they want, and sports betting will not interfere – they are not here. The administration allows visitors to open gambling accounts in bitcoins.
  • 1xSlots Casino is also an international casino and is already on a larger scale. High rollers should get here because the administration did not introduce any withdrawal limits – take as much as you won! You can try your luck with the help of a huge amount of gambling entertainment from all more or less well-known providers – it is not surprising that DLV is on the list.
  • Casino-Z is a typical gambling hub for users who prefer to place cryptocurrency bets and withdraw winnings in the form of bitcoins and other virtual coins. An abundance of language versions of the interface and round-the-clock chat with support is included, but in general, this is a small platform for which one of the most important trump cards is precisely a solid reputation.
  • Betmaster Casino – a platform whose founders from childhood loved to collect foreign money and play with it; at least, this is the feeling when you see how many currencies you can open a game account in. The multilingual interface makes the office available all over the world, and the administration will gladly accept bitcoin, which you do not know what to do with. The picture is complemented by a very good reputation of the institution, but we are obliged to warn the reader about the pitfall – when withdrawing money, they take a commission in favor of the site.
  • Bongo Casino is a classic casino option for players who do not believe that the age of an online casino somehow affects its reputation and honesty. This is a relatively new platform, the very good reputation of which is largely due to the “youth” of the brand – maybe there is simply no one to complain to yet. However, there are no complaints, and instead, there is an excellent selection of games, including an excellent live casino section. There is also a very tempting welcome bonus, forcing one to cast aside all doubts, but the administration should translate the full terms of cooperation with the client into all interface languages.

Best Bonuses

There is a rather large segment of gamblers who choose a new establishment for themselves according to a single criterion – if only there was an attractive welcome bonus there. Such a player can be understood – he prefers to draw his conclusions rather than blindly trust someone else’s experience. As for the bonus, it will be a great help in order not to lose too much of your own money in the process of getting acquainted with the features of the site. Especially for our readers, we have selected a casino with DLV slots and a generous bonus program.

  • Bongo Casino is the unambiguous leader of this rating, behaving typically of the site, which so far is only luring clientele. Make the first deposit of at least 10 euros, and the office will generously reward the player by adding 120% of the amount to the bonus account. The upper limit of reward size is a solid € 800, so the high rollers will be thrilled. But that’s not all! In addition to the deposit bonus, free spins are also given – there are only 40 of them and only on Troll Haven, but together with real money, it looks very powerful!
  • SupraBets Casino gives less deposit bonus (the first deposit “only” doubles, and only up to 500 euros), but there are more free spins here, and they are issued not for unknown games but everyone’s favorite Starburst. True, to begin with, you will have to deposit at least 20 euros into the account, the wager is biting (35x, but for the bonus together with the deposit), and you cannot withdraw more than four times the size of the bonus. Nevertheless, these conditions are enough to get acquainted with the functionality of the institution.
  • Oppa888 Casino, at first glance, may not attract a client with its welcome bonus, but it is enough to read the terms and conditions to understand: this is almost the best of the current offers! The description sounds relatively modest: we double the first deposit to 500 bucks, we don’t offer free spins, you need to deposit at least 10 dollars. If you are interested in the amount, in the detailed conditions, we see amazing things: you need to wager both the bonus and the deposit, but the wager is only 10x!
  • SapphireBet Casino attracts with the wager, which in the gaming industry is usually considered to be the smallest – 35x if it is necessary to wager only the bonus. You will probably want to win back the reward because its maximum size is limited to a good 390 euros with a minimum replenishment of 10 euros. An additional bonus looks like 30 free spins – not so much, but for Book of Gold: Classic, which is loved by many gamblers.


For 300-350 euros and the same 30 free spins for different games, several other establishments offer Melbet Casino, JVSpin Casino, 1xSlots Casino, Casino-Z.

Best Games

The developer’s website contains descriptions of about fifty different games, but here’s the point: many of them are produced for the company’s slot machines. Nevertheless, the provider also cooperates with online casinos, offering them its leading developments with the possibility of remote gaming for clients.

The main emphasis in the production of software is made by the company on slot machines of various subjects. Each player will find something to their liking. After all, the company’s portfolio is far from the smallest, even against the background of eminent competitors. Another thing is that RTP can vary significantly – somewhere, this figure is equal to a pleasant 98%, but somewhere it sinks to 92%. To consider the acquaintance with the work of DLV valid, it is imperative to try out the following games:

  • Lucky Witch 777,
  • Alchemy’s Mystery,
  • Cool Gambling,
  • Animal Power,
  • Golden Fleece 2 Waves,
  • Chica Gato,
  • Sticker Life,
  • Magic Sunrise,
  • Temptation Of Gambling.

Among other things, the developer is also proud of the progressive jackpot games. This is a great pastime for a person who knows for sure: now I will almost certainly lose my money, but there will come a time when all expenses will be more than repaid. For this to happen, be sure to try your luck at Zooshenk, Nectar’s Treasury, Fruits Jackpot, and more.

DLV Games

Related Software

In addition to games, the company is developing other software that can be briefly described as operating systems for multi-game machines. This refers to the classic slots that are in land-based casinos and require the physical presence of a gambler next to them. DLV developers can shove up to two dozen different games into one such slot – therefore, a kind of environment is needed that allows you to choose between entertainment.

But there is no other software in the brand’s portfolio – the company is not engaged in the development of a user environment or design for an online casino. Perhaps this is correct – thanks to this approach, specialists can not be sprayed on many tasks, instead of focusing on an area of activity in which they have already achieved some success.


DLV has yet to boast of resounding success in developing its online casino games, but many providers have stopped at an earlier stage. Latvians are ready to work further to show that they know a lot about their business and are ready to pleasantly surprise the client. At least the guys already have a well-functioning scheme of work with a stable release of dozens of games over several years. Quantity tends to grow into quality sooner or later, so the forecast for the future of the brand is positive.

DLV Casinos list

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