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Skyrocket Will Release a New Slot – American Gods

American Gods

London-based Skyrocket Entertainment has announced the founding of Skyrocket Studios, an innovative casino game development company, and the first American Gods game to be based on a television show.

Skyrocket Entertainment was founded in 2018 and has managed to turn international films and commercial real estate into income as well as social games. This month, the firm founded Skyrocket Studios, which will focus on creating and releasing dozens of state-of-the-art slots in 12 months. The first product is designated in this new slot.

The new slot was created thanks to the TV show of the same name from Amazon Prime Video and Starz based on the novel by Neil Gaiman in the early 2000s. Now the development process is underway, and the activation of the slot is scheduled for the end of 2021.

New Modern Slot

American Gods will be developed by Skyrocket Studios and integrated with London-based Bang Bang Games. This studio is actively developing interesting video slots, for example, Deal Or No Deal, Dumb And Dumber, and much more.

It is known that the game, like the TV with the book, will be devoted to the clash between the Old and New Gods. The game will include four special options played on a large set of reels, including Mad Sweeney’s coin, Divine Power mega bonus, and modes called Old God and New Gold, these are free spins.

Like most slots of the same type, American Gods will include innovative effects based on TV show characters, including Shadow Moon, Mr. Environment, Mad Sweeney, Bilquis, and Quantum Boy.

Skyrocket’s manager Sean O’Kelly said he is delighted to revitalize Skyrocket Studios, the world’s first gaming company to specialize in top-tier slots. American Gods are loved by a large audience, and the project manager is genuinely happy to create something interesting for his audience in the global market. After a while, it will be a very recognizable trademark.

A large number of video slots have appeared on the international market under this sign. Many studios have released a sufficient number of licensed slot machines, including Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, Guns N Roses, Jumanji, Narcos, and others. Playtech has also created many licensed slots, including the DC and Marvel series of slot machines inspired by comics.

European Gaming specialists noted that Skyrocket Studios will release licensed slots based on TV shows, films, music, and sports brands. It is not yet clear in which jurisdictions Skyrocket Studios will launch its content, but additional information may appear very soon.

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