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Ontario Racetrack to Demand Proof of Vaccination

Ontario Racetrack

This innovation was announced on September 9 by Woodbine Entertainment, citing the need to ensure the safety of both visitors and its own staff. The administration explains that the new security measures will be observed when entering “some closed rooms”, but which ones have not yet been specified. From September 15th, guests and employees of the nearby casino, as well as jockeys participating in the races, will have to comply with the conditions.

From September 22, the new rules will be finally introduced – from this moment, guests without a vaccination certificate will not be able to enter any closed premises of the complex. Hippodromes, casinos, a TV theater, and a bar will all be inaccessible to those who are not immunized. For the staff, the principle works as follows: if you have not been vaccinated and have not been ill, be ready to be constantly tested for the presence of antigen, otherwise, you will not get access to work. This also applies to jockeys.

Woodbine Entertainment said they understand the importance of Ontario’s security policy. The hippodrome management stated that it had not introduced such measures before only because it was looking closely at the possibilities of their practical implementation. Now the tactics of restrictions for the non-immunized have been found and worked out – it’s time to give it a start.

Given the difficult economic situation over the past year and a half, in particular, in the gambling and mass entertainment industry, Woodbine Entertainment is considering the possibility of cooperation with bookmaker companies. This will become possible thanks to the liberalization of Canadian legislation, which from now on does not consider the state as an uncontested legal operator of sports betting.

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