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New Zealand Slots Secret Information Revealed

Loves Data

Wellington-based DOT Loves Data said it recently conducted a study on gaming habits. In this regard, the company formed its research results and made conclusions.

To substantiate its positions, the company used specific numbers. Some evidence suggests that casinos and gambling establishments prey on the poor. It is also a paternalistic and intrusive opposition.

Collection of Information

DOT Loves Data collected the data and arrived at its results. To achieve its goals, the company collected information on the profits of poker establishments in New Zealand. Then the specialists created special grid blocks of gambling establishments to overlay demographic data on them. Coverage area – 5 km.

As a result, the company was able to see the regions of the country with the highest gambling expenses. At the same time, the data made it possible to analyze the economic state of these areas.


According to the obtained data, the residents of the country spend about $ 1 billion a year on slot games. In addition, 13 percent of this amount is spent by the poor – about 10 percent.

More than sixty percent of this annual amount is accounted for by fifty percent of the poor in the country. It is also known that the rich, and 10 percent of them, spend 45 million dollars every year on slot machines, which is almost five percent of the total.

Research shows that the poorest play poker machines and spend $ 380 a year. Although the rich spend only $ 129.

If we analyze the obtained data, we can conclude that the regions of the country with low gambling expenses belong to the places with a high level of poverty. The following regions can be distinguished here: Kawakawa, Rotorua, Whakatane, Opotiki, Wairoa.

For example, residents of Kawakawa earn an average of $ 23,000 a year. And although they spend more on gambling than anyone else in the country, they are very likely to be unemployed.

It is worth noting that as soon as the data was released, the situation around slot machines began to change. Justin Lester of Dot Loves Data said that the information suggests that slot machines are aimed at the most vulnerable segments of the population. The poor spend a lot of money on gambling, and it can be expensive. You have to do something about this.

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