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More Casinos Closed in Australia as New Covid-19 Variants Surface


When the Covid-19 pandemic started some months ago, Australia wasn’t as touched as other parts of the world. This is changing now due to new cases that are emerging. These critical cases have prompted health officials and the government to take extensive safety precautions. The Star Sydney closed last week due to covid-19 increase, and three more casinos will follow suit in the hope that the outbreak will be short-lived.

Lockdown Reinstated in Australia

The Star Sydney closed shops last week due to New South Wales restoring coronavirus safety measures. The casino’s doors will be shut for two weeks. Three other Queensland casinos are also going on a break. The Ville Resort, the Star Gold Coast and the Treasury Brisbane Casino will shut down for3 days beginning from today. At first, the casinos were expected to restrict only the operating capacities.

The government reinstated the anti-corona virus safety measures to counteract an outbreak of critical cases emerging in Bondi. Yesterday afternoon, the cases have surpassed 100, and many more cases are being confirmed all over Australia.

Mindil Beach Casino Resort will shut its doors until the 2nd of July in response to the restriction measures affected in the Northern Territory.

Counteracting Corona Virus Before It Spreads

Health officials and the government hope that the implementation of the short break will give enough time to contact tracers to identify all carriers and infections. Annastacia Palaszczuk of Queensland Premier stated, “With the new strain in Queensland communities, we cannot take chances. The highly contagious virus means that we have no other choice but to implement a three-day lockdown in Palm Island, Townsville and South East Queensland. I’m asking every Queenslander and every person visiting the affected regions to adhere to the safety rules – this is important for our safety.”

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