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Lucy Powell and Alex Davies-Jones Were Welcomed Into New Roles


According to the latest information, Lucy Powell received a new position, that is, she became Labor’s secretary for information technology, culture, publishing, and sports. This position was previously held by Joe Stephens, but he was offered a job as Secretary of State for Wales.

Simultaneously with these events, Alex Davis-Jones was also transferred to another department. She got the post of Minister of Shadow Gambling. We will remind you that earlier, in this position was Alexa Sobel.

In this regard, the head of the Betting and Gambling Council, Michael Dugher, expressed gratitude to both and also welcomed them to their new positions.

According to Dugher, the members of the professional team and employees of this structure, and their 119,000 people, who generate £ 4.5 billion in tax revenues and contribute £ 7.7 billion to the country’s economic development in the form of GDP, want to congratulate Lucy and Alex with new posts. Michael Dugher notes that he knows these specialists, they are incredibly talented. Now they will have to take on a lot of responsibility during difficult times. They are expected to publish a white paper on gambling.

Dugher also said that he would like to thank Joe Stevens and Alex Sobel for their professional communication and interaction with other members of the system in the past. It was they who supported and provided assistance to the terrestrial sector, which faced big problems during the quarantine and pandemic.

It is known that over the past year, the total number of shadow gambling has dropped to 0.3 percent. In this regard, representatives of BGC play an important role in the positive dynamics, which support modern bookmaker organizations, as well as hotels, recreation, and tourism places.

Moreover, Dugher said that the gaming industry, during the coronavirus and international isolation, continues to provide support to the people in Britain, as well as to have a positive impact on the economy and finances of the state.

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